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deciding what os the cheapest octopus energy tariff in 2024


Octopus Energy has a multitude of energy tariffs to choose from but what’s the cheapest Octopus Energy tariff in 2024?

There are several Octopus tariffs which range from your traditional fixed and flexible tariffs to smart tariffs. Some are designed to change with the availability of energy on the national grid whilst others help you reap the benefits of green technology but which one is the cheapest?

It’s a bit like asking what’s the cheapest mobile or broadband package. It all depends on your home energy use and setup. Someone working from home, for example, may have more flexibility than a colleague who doesn’t get home until 5 pm and needs to cook the kids’ tea.

Should there be just one tariff that’s easy to understand or does Octopus offer something different for everyone?

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Are cheaper prices reserved for Octopus customers with green tech such as solar panels and Electric Vehicles?

Octopus Energy has a fixed rate 6% below the April 2024 Energy Price Cap.  It has no early exit fees and there’s more requirement to have a smart meter installed. You can switch to this tariff as a new or existing customer.

If you have a smart meter you can save a substantial sum on the Octopus Tracker or Octopus Agile tariffs.  There’s no need for any green tech. However, there are Octopus tariffs if you have some too.

You’ll have to be prepared to ride the wholesale wave to make the most of these time-of-use tariffs but the doors are not closed if all you have is a smart meter.

Octopus smart meter customers can also sign up for Octoplus rewards and offers.

Paul commented on this video when I posted it on X.

Paul has a smart meter and is an Octopus Energy customer. He has no solar panels, battery storage or EV nonetheless he’s saved 40% on his energy bill in 2024.

I live in an apartment so the only smart tariff that works for me is “tracker” Early days but in the first 6 weeks my bills are about 40% less. Not time of use obvs but a very SMART tariff. – Paul Giles, 8th May on X.(Previously known as Twitter)

How did someone only pay 7.22p per kWh for his electricty in April 2024?

Firstly, you’ll need a smart meter. But with no battery storage, solar panel or EV just a smart tariff one of my followers on X got his average price per kWh to 7.22p in May 2024. The Energy Price Cap is around 24p per kWh! He did this by shifting his energy use to cheaper half-hourly slots on the Octopus Agile tariff.

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