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Here comes the sun – my first spring with Octopus solar panels and battery storage.

Octopus Energy solar and battery installation review May 2024.

Reviewed by Sarah Chambers.

I had 15 solar panels and a home battery installed by Octopus Energy in October 2023. I now pull the curtains back with delight and get excited about generating energy.

My decision to start electrifying my home has been nothing short of a triumph. Thanks to my Octopus solar panels and battery storage making my own energy at home is a doddle.

Why would anyone want an installation in October? Isn’t it better to wait for the spring? My reply after experiencing my first winter with solar panels and battery storage is to say no. Go for it whenever you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed. The sun is in the sky all year round so don’t hang around.

Since the Octopus installation I have seen my bills come down considerably.  You’ll never totally wipe them out 365 days of the year but my Octopus Energy bill has just landed and I have earned more than I have spent on electricty this month. This includes the standing charging. (Billing period 11th April to 11th May 2024)

Picking the right Octopus tariff helps with your home solar and battery storage.

I have just checked the Octopus Energy app and this month so far, up until the 13th of May 2024 I have imported 171 kWh and I have exported 227 kWh. Finding these figures is simple.  You log into your Octopus dashboard and the figures are there.

After your solar installation, it takes a few weeks to get your export tariff approved but once this is done an additional section pops up on your Octopus app showing your electricty, gas (if you have any) and export figures.

Finding the right Octopus tariff to make the most of your new green tech is key but there isn’t one tariff that suits everyone. It all depends on how you use energy and how flexible and hands-on you want to be considering your energy use.

There are set-and-forget Octopus tariffs that will take care of everything, such as Intelligent Octopus Flux but they won’t suit everyone and it’s well worth considering all of your options in terms of import and export tariffs with Octopus.

I’ve done a review of Octopus Battery storage tariffs and Octopus export tariffs which I hope will help. Finding the cheapest Octopus Energy tariff will be different for everyone. So take your time and make sure it’s one you are happy with.

Summary of Octopus Tariffs

You will get more savings on your energy bill if you keep an eye on your solar generation, but you can install your solar panels and in part forget about them. You should occasionally check that it’s all doing what it should be doing, this is quick and easy to do in a dedicated app.  If your system goes down and you want to know about it an occasional glance is a must.

If anything goes wrong with your solar panels or battery there is a dedicated Octopus solar helpline, so don’t worry.

Seriously if I can work this tech out anyone can.

There’s a helpful group of Octopus solar customers on X if you need help.

Once you have solar panels and battery storage installed it is a game-changer. You spot opportunities where they could go everywhere, even on a leisurely day out with the kids. Why hasn’t xx got solar panels on their roof? :-0

My solar production is getting better each day as the summer approaches.

So far in the early morning and evening, I have been running my home off my home battery. I charge it overnight at 7.5p per kWh on the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff.

When the sun isn’t shining I keep my costs low by utilising my home battery. But sunrise is getting earlier and sunset is getting later each day. I hope to build up a healthy credit for the winter whilst also fueling my home for free this summer.

octopus solar installation.

Over the winter my 13.5 kWh battery has served us very well.

In January we made a credit of about £150 after our energy costs were covered. This was due to Octopus Saving Sessions which allowed us to export energy from my home battery to the National Grid at times of high demand. During one session we were paid a whopping £4.25 per kWh! (Our usual rate is 15p per kWh)

You can set and forget your solar and home battery – Octopus installation. 

You may like the idea of having a solar installation. Some people, like me, may feel optimism combined with a feeling of dread.  I was worried about making the wrong decisions and not having the technical know-how to operate my home power station but fear not. Octopus Energy held my hand through the entire process and they will do the same for you too.

I am very geeky so I enjoy looking at my solar apps. Now my installation is working it’s like magic, with free energy generated from the sun on my roof.

The sun will keep coming up and your solar panels will do their thing you’ll just need the right energy tariff for you.

Sarah Chambers

About the author:  I’ve Been a Happy Octopus Energy Customer for 6 Years and the cherry on the cake is they installed my solar panels and battery storage too.

You can find me on X and TikTok where I connect with around 7,000 followers looking for practical ways to electrify their homes and reduce energy bills.

Feel free to follow me Sarah_Go_Green and join the conversation – I’d love to hear from you!

I’m also featured on the Octopus website and their YouTube channel as a solar customer. I’ve been on BBC News, Radio Wales, published in the Telegraph for owning part of a wind turbine and had a feature in Bloomberg.

Even if your only aim is to lower your household bills and find the cheapest Octopus tariff I help there too.

Customer review.

My website is not managed or owned by Octopus Energy. It is just a website created by me, Sarah Go Green, a mum,  home energy geek and a very happy Octopus Energy customer.

I didn’t get paid for this review. Should you decide to have Octopus install solar panels we can split £200. Just quote code 9546o to Octopus. Let them know any time before you sign the final sales agreement. This has not influenced my review, it’s just a perk I would be delighted to share.

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