Octopus Agile Price Increase.

Yesterday, at 4 pm the Octopus increased the maximum price you will pay on the Agile tariff. The cap on the Agile tariff increased from 55p per kWh to an eye-watering 78p per kWh.

The Octopus Tracker tariff also increased to a maximum price of 78p per kWh for electricity and a whopping 22p per kWh for gas.

Wholesale energy prices have been increasing at unprecedented levels and this month has been no exception. It isn’t really a surprise to see the maximum price increase but non the less it does feel like a wake-up call!  The energy market seems to be getting a whole lot worse!

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As ever Greg Jackson, the CEO of Octopus Energy isn’t holding back and has urged the government to take action and keep the energy price cap as it stands.

I feel relieved to be with Octopus even though prices are increasing. They are forward-thinking and even visionary in their approach to energy. The government really needs to take a leaf out of its book and start implementing change!