What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps have been around for quite some time but in recent months they have hit the news as more people in the UK look for greener ways to heat their water and keep their homes warm.

An air-source heat pump sits outside your property and works like a fridge but in reverse. Pulling in the air the heat pump converts it to a higher temperature using a compressor.  This compressed warm air is then passed through to your home heating system.  All that is needed is electricity and a water connection for it to work.

As a country, we spend 13.5 billion pounds a year on heating our homes. That’s a massive amount of energy. It’s also a gigantic amount of gas that we are burning every day in the UK.

Air source heat pump – Government Grants.

The UK government has set aside 3.5 billion pounds to help UK homeowners make the switch to a heat pump. The grants should be available from April 2022 and will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. The government scheme will partially fund 30,000 heat pumps a year for 3 years.

Octopus Energy has already thrown its hat into the ring to say it will supply and install heat pumps when the grants start to roll in 2022. You can read further information and express an interest in an Octopus heat pump by taking a look at my earlier blog post.

I’ll share further information and news about heat pumps in the UK over the next few months.