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Octopus Energy joins forces.  Time of use tariffs will be put under the microscope. Can they really change customers’ energy use?

Octopus Energy leads the way in smart tariffs.

Octopus Energy and Ohme have partnered for quite some time. They offer EV customers some great incentives to charge at home outside peak times with smart tariffs such as Octopus Agile and Octopus Go. Being ahead of their time this duo has helped customers to shift their energy and as a result, save money.

Now Octopus Energy and Ohme are joining forces with National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)  for the UK’s largest-ever home energy flexibility study.

What’s the study about?

CrowFlex” will start in June and see 25,000 homes take part in the study. The study will focus on how incentivising customers through pricing can help to change user behaviors. This is nothing new for those who have been on the Octopus Energy Agile tariff for some time. The price peaks and drops most definitely focus your mind. The difficulty has been encouraging customers on traditional tariffs to take the leap.  This study will help. Time of use tariffs are most definitely the way to go. To help balance the grid we all need to think about how we consume energy. There is a long way to go.

Hopefully, the findings will show how changes in energy price and demand affect consumer behavior. Plus highlight the impact that has on the National Grid. This study will provide some helpful data, so it’s a wonderful idea.

Carolina Tortora, head of innovation strategy and digital transformation at National Grid ESO, said:

“This project will give us some really exciting insight into how smart tariffs and technologies can influence the way people consume electricity and help us balance the grid.”

James Eddison, CTO, and co-founder of Octopus Energy Group said:

“This research project will help us demonstrate how we can use energy storage in our homes and flexible energy demand to exploit renewable energy and bring about the clean, green grid of the future, globally.”

David Watson, CEO, and founder of Ohme, said:

“We believe that by working in partnership across the entire mobility-energy value chain and sharing these valuable insights, we can transform energy use in the UK.”

Stewart Reid, head of future networks at SSEN, said:

“CrowdFlex is an exciting project which will support the unlocking of domestic flexibility. As we move to a smarter energy system utilising flexibility can help delay and avoid network reinforcement, and creates opportunities for households and businesses to play an active role in the energy system that serves them. This will be key in delivering a cost-effective, secure, and inclusive transition to net zero.

Octopus Energy keeping the ball in the air as always!

I am really pleased to see this study underway. Octopus Energy has been very passionate about the time of use tariffs not wavered in their commitment to them. I really appreciate Octopus Energy’s commitment to net zero. The planet is in crisis and we need companies like Octopus Energy to trailblaze these ideas. Well done Octopus Energy.

You can read more on the National Grids website HERE.

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