I know what I hold dear to me but can my actions really make a difference?

This is how the conversation started last week with a friend. She is 37 years old and a super busy mum to 2 small children. She really wants to make a difference but her voice, her actions alone she fears are not enough and I am sure she is not alone.

I have always been quite vocal about what I believe. From quite a young age I have taken an interest in politics and became a vegetarian at the age of 8. I will happily defend my reasons for not eating meat or taking a particular stance that goes against the norm but for many, I know it isn’t easy.  I missed this one too in part. I failed to act to help our planet.

Climate change is now firmly in the news and on the agenda. Not everyone can protest and camp out on the street but we all need to make changes.

The reasons we don’t put our carbon footprint first.

I think in a busy world where technology and life can disconnect us from nature it is easy to forget.  To ignore the problem with other pressing issues in your life.  The problem is it won’t go away and action is needed.octopus energy cashback

There are lots of ways you can help. Take fewer car journeys, eat less meat, preserve water, shop locally. The list goes on but one of the biggest impacts you can have is to switch to renewable energy.  My husband was a little cynical about the whole green switch but now he is well and truly a convert.  We need to reach out to more people to make the change.

How do I know if my energy is really renewable?

It is a question I hear a lot from people who haven’t made the switch.  How can you tell if your energy company is really providing you with renewable energy? It is true all your home energy comes down the same pipes as your neighbours who may not be on renewable energy.  It most likely comes from the same source too but the difference is when you switch to a green energy provider they have to replace every kWh of energy you take from the national grid with 100% renewable energy.  The more people that switch to renewable energy the more is fed into the national grid and the clearer it becomes. 

Which green energy provider should you use?

In the UK there are now several green energy providers. The most recommended provider is Octopus Energy. It is, however, a personal choice. The most important decision is to make sure it is a green supplier.  We switched from British Gas to Octopus Energy as they provide 100% renewable energy and offset the gas with carbon reduction projects.  I am staggered I stuck with them for so long and didn’t go over to a renewable supplier! Like many, we were just stuck in our ways but we have made the move now and are delighted.

switch to octopus energyOctopus Energy offers a fixed rate tariff. Unlike other providers, such as Bulb, they offer a variety of tariffs which you can swop and change to as your circumstances change. (Bulb offers just one tariff)

If you want to reduce your consumption during peak times and reduce your bill, Octopus Agile is a great option. It rewards you for using energy when there is less demand on the national grid making is cleaner energy.  There is Octopus Go for those who have electric vehicles (it is on my bucket list to get an EV) and of course the standard variable rate which has just dropped in price from the 1st May 2019.

Make the switch today to renewable energy. You can switch in two minutes.

If you are thinking of switching to Octopus Energy please use my link for £50 credit on your bill.

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