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I hate being cold but I try and stay cozy without it costing the earth. Quite literally I try and save money while also being aware of my energy consumption.   With a young family, this isn’t always that easy but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you are taking care of your bills and your carbon footprint.


Use Thermostats Appropriately

This may sound obvious but being aware of how your thermostat works and knowing how to turn down the heat automatically at times when you are not home can save you a small fortune. I recently moved into a new house and assumed I understood my thermostat. I was wrong!!  The times that I assumed my heating was off it was in fact still on. All be it at a reduced temperature but it was on.  Thanks to a service engineer I reworked my times and dramatically reduced my bill.  I was so excited that I knocked on my neighbours door to explain how the thermostat controls work. (just in case they had been misguided too 🙂 So just a quick check or adjustment could make a big difference!

I also found that I could get away with having my hot water on for considerably less time. If you have a fairly new tank it should take just and hour to heat up a full tank of water. It should also stay warm most of the day. I did a test and halved my hot water heating time and we saw NO difference in access to hot water. Another fab saving for the family budget.

With tech in mind you can take this to another level with Hive for instance and make it much more specific.

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Layer up

It may sound obvious but dancing around in your shorts and t-shirt may keep you warm but once you sit down you will feel the chill. We love wool sweaters and cozy socks.  I also leave a few wooly blankets on the sofa to snuggle up within the evening.

Stop the draft

If you can feel a draft block it. It doesn’t have to be a fancy draft excluder. We love Home Bargains (which is a little like the “old” Woolworths) and Dunelm. You can get lots of fun draft excluders and most are under £5. Keeping the heat you have paid for is the key.

My biggest nag at home is closing doors! I keep all doors closed in the rooms we use the most. The kitchen especially is a little haven if you keep doors closed after cooking dinner.

Open and Close Curtains

Another great green way to keep your house warm is simply to open your curtains when the sun is shining and close them at night when it gets dark.  It isn’t rocket science but if you have blinds as well as curtains it is something you may overlook.  Doing this allows the sun to heat the room in the day whilst retaining heat that may escape at night.

Switch to Green Energy

This is something you can easily overlook but the biggest impact you can have to your carbon footprint is to switch to green energy. You can wear woolies all winter long and open and close curtains but the biggest impact you can have is to make sure your energy is green.octopus energy switch

We switched from British gas to Octopus Energy in early 2018. I had been with them for 10 years!!  Not only did we save money but we now use 100% green energy. In my defense ten years ago 80% of Britain’s energy came from coal and gas. Times have now changed and green energy can be accessed far easier.   It can be confusing however when you are researching green energy. How can gas associated with central heating be green? The answer is simply by using biogas or using a company that offset the carbon emotions.

We now have 100% green energy and we couldn’t be happier. Nothing has changed except our supplier and our energy bills, which have gone down!

Our advice

Grab some great wooly sweaters, stock up on a few bottles of red wine and get ready to hibernate. Don’t feel guilty about using the heating when you have to. It is vital for us with a young family but try and make some considered choices when turning the heat on.

Keep safe and warm.

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Octopus Energy meter reading – Spin to win!

switch to octopus energy

switch to octopus energy


Switching to a green energy provider like Octopus Energy takes away that element of chance. The chance that all will be ok if we just keep on burning fossil fuel.  The biggest impact an individual can have on their carbon footprint is to switch to renewable energy!  Octopus Energy has helped us make that switch as a family and also save money.


Octopus energy reviewIf you’re not yet an Octopus Energy customer you will wonder why a monthly meter reading causes existing customers such excitement.  Well for us we now enter our Octopus meter readings on time whilst getting a small thrill from spinning the wheel of fortune. The pop-up appears on your screen after you have submitted your Octopus Energy reading.  I have yet to win but it’s fun all the same.  As a result of these small quirks, Octopus Energy really does stand out. They try to make energy supply far more of an experience than any other supplier I have used.

You can still play if you are on a smart tariff like Octopus Go or Octopus Agile. Just contact customer service and they will give you a link to your free spin!!

Happy spinning and please consider going green.


Since switching to Octopus Energy we have been really impressed with the amount of customer engagement! Octopus Energy doesn’t forget you once you have joined, it’s quite the opposite! During the lockdown, Octopus even organised a couple of virtual pub quizzes!! Molly from Octopus hosted the event and made sure winners got their free Octopus beer delivered to their door! I’m not a pub quiz enthusiast but I liked the idea of free beer!! 🥳

octopus energy are they any goodTHEY JUST KEEP GIVING!

This is the one competition I would have liked to have won!! An electric VW Beetle. Even the kids had their fingers crossed as it was so cool. It wasn’t to be but we live in hope of winning something another day. There seem to be lots of opportunities to win and get involved with Octopus. They reward EXISTING customers rather than try to simply drag you in with a promotion and then forget about you! It’s quite refreshing!!


octopus energy tariffs

We made the switch to Octopus Energy when they had less than 300,000 customers. It was a leap of faith as they were such a new supplier but we sensed that had the right balance between youth, tech, and the passion for change to really disrupt the energy market. Octopus now has over 2 million customers and is the fastest-growing energy provider in the UK. So they definitely have something to offer to customers who want to switch to 100% green energy!!

If you are considering a switch to Octopus please take a look around my website. I have covered all the new smart tariffs and incentives that Octopus has on offer. You can also claim £50 credit when you use my Octopus referral link. I’ll get £50 too so if you decide to switch and use my link, THANK YOU! 💚


octopus energy free

How can I get a free cuddly Octopus from Octopus Energy?

octopus energy cashbackOnce you have signed up to Octopus Energy if you want to get your hands on a free cuddly Octopus they will send you one in the post, although it can take a few weeks depending on stock. Her name is Constantine. (I am not joking)

Borrow a free thermal imaging camera from Octopus Energy.

If you would like to borrow a thermal imaging camera to find out where the heat is escaping from your home or workplace you can request it one free of charge.


The Green Friday prize draw to win a funky green electric VW Beatle has now ended but keep an eye on their social media for more competitions. (The big competitions usually appear in your Octopus Energy dashboard)

Refer a friend.

Once you have chosen to switch to Octopus Energy as a new customer using a referral link, you’ll be given £50 credit on your first bill and your own personal referral code to share with friends and families. For every person that switches with your code, you both get £50 credited towards your next bill. It takes just two minutes to switch and your code is effective immediately. (I would be delighted if you use mine to get you started, thank you!)

Octopus Energy Podcast.

Octopus entered the market with a desire to disrupt the status quo with energy that’s good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul. Listen to their journey, vision, and tech discussions on this free podcast series. (I have really enjoyed them – but I am a bit of a geek) They really are the Silicon Valley of the energy market.

If you are interested in switching to Octopus Energy take a look around my blog and see if they could be the right energy provider for you. I track energy prices so it’s easier to know when is the right time to switch. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on Octopus Energy tariffs if you want to fix a new deal in 2022.

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octopus switch
ripple energy referral code.
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Octopus Energy Switch – Can your actions make a difference to climate change?

octopus energy cashback


I know what I hold dear to me but can my actions really make a difference?

This is how the conversation started last week with a friend. She is 37 years old and a super busy mum to 2 small children. She really wants to make a difference but her voice, her actions alone she fears are not enough and I am sure she is not alone.

I have always been quite vocal about what I believe. From quite a young age I have taken an interest in politics and became a vegetarian at the age of 8. I will happily defend my reasons for not eating meat or taking a particular stance that goes against the norm but for many, I know it isn’t easy.  I missed this one too in part. I failed to act to help our planet.

Climate change is now firmly in the news and on the agenda. Not everyone can protest and camp out on the street but we all need to make changes.

The reasons we don’t put our carbon footprint first.

I think in a busy world where technology and life can disconnect us from nature it is easy to forget.  To ignore the problem with other pressing issues in your life.  The problem is it won’t go away and action is needed.octopus energy cashback

There are lots of ways you can help. Take fewer car journeys, eat less meat, preserve water, shop locally. The list goes on but one of the biggest impacts you can have is to switch to renewable energy.  My husband was a little cynical about the whole green switch but now he is well and truly a convert.  We need to reach out to more people to make the change.

How do I know if my energy is really renewable?

It is a question I hear a lot from people who haven’t made the switch.  How can you tell if your energy company is really providing you with renewable energy? It is true all your home energy comes down the same pipes as your neighbours who may not be on renewable energy.  It most likely comes from the same source too but the difference is when you switch to a green energy provider they have to replace every kWh of energy you take from the national grid with 100% renewable energy.  The more people that switch to renewable energy the more is fed into the national grid and the clearer it becomes. 

Which green energy provider should you use?

In the UK there are now several green energy providers. The most recommended provider is Octopus Energy. It is, however, a personal choice. The most important decision is to make sure it is a green supplier.  We switched from British Gas to Octopus Energy as they provide 100% renewable energy and offset the gas with carbon reduction projects.  I am staggered I stuck with them for so long and didn’t go over to a renewable supplier! Like many, we were just stuck in our ways but we have made the move now and are delighted.

switch to octopus energyOctopus Energy offers a fixed rate tariff. Unlike other providers, such as Bulb, they offer a variety of tariffs which you can swop and change to as your circumstances change. (Bulb offers just one tariff)

If you want to reduce your consumption during peak times and reduce your bill, Octopus Agile is a great option. It rewards you for using energy when there is less demand on the national grid making is cleaner energy.  There is Octopus Go for those who have electric vehicles (it is on my bucket list to get an EV) and of course the standard variable rate which has just dropped in price from the 1st May 2019.

Make the switch today to renewable energy. You can switch in two minutes.

If you are thinking of switching to Octopus Energy please use my link for £50 credit on your bill.

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Can you save money by switching to renewable energy?

Sometimes the thought of switching to renewable energy can sound costly.  I was one of those people. I dreamt of solar panels. The thought of creating my own energy was and still is so appealing but with a growing family and limited budget, it is out of my reach. Times have thankfully changed  I can’t create my own renewable energy but I can certainly use it and within budget too!

In early 2018 we switched to a green energy supplier, Octopus Energy. We have saved money by switching from British Gas and now use 100% renewable energy. In this post, I will explain how.

Green energy can be low-cost energy.

After doing lots of research, (I google rather too much) reading reviews, comparing tariffs, and looking at social media posts we decided that Octopus Energy was the way to go! Octopus Energy was not the cheapest supplier (for both gas and electricity) but they provide low cost, 100% renewable energy and their social media and reviews are outstanding. It’s transparent and we really like their ethics  Even the CEO seems to get involved directly if you tweet them.

By switching we were able to reduce our energy bill by £268 and we got £50 credit on our first bill.

To get £50 credit with Octopus Energy I would be delighted if you used our referral link.

Log Burner

octopus energy using renewable energy
Not the most attractive but living the dream;-0

We invested in a log burner this year and it was a great decision. It creates a really homely atmosphere and when the children are in bed I can really relax by the fire and unwind. We were lucky and had the log burner for free and only had to pay for installation.  We source lots of free wood from friends and also from freecycle. Someone always seems to be trimming branches and even though it does take some effort collecting free wood is really satisfying.

LED Light bulbs

Another great way we have saved money is by switching all our home lighting to LED. It is quite an investment as the LED bulbs are slightly more expensive but they significantly reduce our energy bill and just as importantly reduce our carbon footprint.  They cost less than a tenth to run than a standard equivalent light bulb.

We have the Philips Hue LED lightbulbs in most of the lamps at home. They are more expensive but we have them on a timer and the children are told not to touch them.  Sounds crazy but I am sure we have made back the cost of the bulbs already. The children previously left lights on day and night regardless if they were needed. It also saves my sanity a little :-0

So my dream of living on a smallholding happily creating our own energy whilst replicating scenes from The Sound of Music is a little way off but we have realised over the last year that it is possible to use green energy in our home without breaking the bank.

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switch to octopus energy

Octopus Energy USwitch winner 2019

After reading lots of customer reviews I switched to Octopus Energy because they offer amazing customer service, have the green credential, and transparent prices.  It seems I am not alone!  In a survey of over 17,000 people, Octopus Energy came out top in the category of Most likely to be recommended supplier.


At the moment it has to be a combination of all threeoctopus green energy provider

  • customer service
  • green credentials
  • price

So the Super Green Tariff is my choice because of the extra green element it provides in terms of gas supply. We pay slightly more but the gas carbon footprint gets offset which is important to us.  As my family needs change I will review my tariff.  I haven’t got a smart meter yet so I am slightly restricted but I do feel drawn to the Agile tariff which will allow me to track energy prices and use my home devices when prices drop during the day.  If my dreams are answered and I get an electric car then maybe Octopus Go will be the way forward. (waiting for my lottery win:-)


Octopus Energy is going from strength to strength. Being voted most likely to be recommended supplier shows the confidence customers have in the service they provide.  You only have to read hundreds of online reviews too to see that other customers are also, on the whole, delighted because of the refreshing approach Octopus Energy adopt.



  •  Transparent pricing policy
  •  Very competitive tariffs
  •  Investment in renewable energy
  •  Great customer service online.


  •  The only one  I can think of maybe, that customer service, is heavily centered online.  This may put some customers off but for me, it is a massive positive.


If you have made the decision to switch you can do so within 2 minutes. You can also get £50 credited to your account when you switch here.

If your thinking of switching my advice would be to go for it.

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