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Octopus Energy tariffs help customers to switch to renewable energy with simple and creative Octopus tariffs that help make the future look brighter. As well as ‘traditional’ Octopus fixed and variable green energy tariffs Octopus offers customers Octopus smart tariffs that are groundbreaking in the energy market.  Energy Supplier Of The Year 2021 and winner of the 2021 Renewable Energy Awards.👏 OCTOPUS ENERGY NOW OFFERS 12 MONTHS FIXED TARIFFS to meet your energy needs – 100% GREEN ↓

There are lots of reasons why you may want to switch energy suppliers and take a new energy tariff to see you through to the end of 2022.  Trying to get the cheapest energy deal is getting a lot harder.

If you have found this page and are interested in switching to Octopus Energy you may be in luck as I keep it up to date with all the latest energy prices, tariffs, and information that may help you to decide if and when to switch to a new energy tariff with Octopus Energy.

The good news is Octopus Energy is a fantastic energy company that is continuing to grow and is here to stay. 🎉

Before the start of this energy crisis, I believe around 50,000 new customers a month were making the switch to Octopus Energy. The old “Big 6” energy suppliers have dominated the market for so long it is quite refreshing to see a fairly new energy company like Octopus hot on their heels.

Is it worth switching to Octopus Energy? 

I would suggest taking a deep breath before reviewing your energy deal. Sadly wholesale energy prices have increased by over 400% in the last year. 😭  If you are free to choose a new supplier now may be a good time to review your options.  Remember auto-switching sites only compare the cheapest deals on offer not the stability of the company.

Is Octopus Energy the cheapest energy supplier? At the moment the price cap is the cheapest deal so it’s hard to compare but Octopus offers competitive tariffs and is still here providing great service to their customers.👏 Lots of energy companies have gone bust by selling cheap tariffs that they couldn’t deliver.  We all need to know that our energy deal is going to be honoured. What’s the point of switching to a cheaper deal if that deal then vanishes when the supplier goes bust!

Why is Octopus Energy in such a good position compared to some other suppliers? Octopus Energy explains why in this enlightening post!

  • In December ’21 Octopus signed a deal with one of the world’s largest pension funds worth an initial 300 million dollars!
  • Octopus Energy is one of the best-run companies in the energy sector. On 4th November 2021, they announced licensing their unique Kraken platform to EDF Energy for their 5 million customers! They join EO, Good Energy, and obviously Octopus who already use the platform.👏💚🐙
  • Al Gore’s Generation Management invested £437 million in Octopus Energy in September 2021!! This makes changing the world for the better a whole lot easier. 👏💚🌍

customer review on octopus tariffsIf you call and decide to switch to Octopus you’ll get £50 credit on your first bill and I will get £50 credit too.👏💚🎉 – Thank you, Sarah.🤗

Which Octopus Energy tariffs are currently available to new customers?

My personal preference has always been a fixed energy deal and you can get an Octopus 12 month fixed tariff as a new customer.

On an Octopus fixed tariff, your energy prices won’t rise and fall for the duration of your energy deal but you will pay more than the energy price cap.

Even though currently the Octopus fixed tariffs are higher than the price cap it provides the reassurance of a fixed energy rate for 12 months.

There are other Octopus tariffs available even if you are switching as a new customer.

You can still get energy considerably cheaper than the price cap if you consider an Octopus smart tariff. 👏 (Based on average use)


Octopus smart tariffs offer cheap electricity off-peak and are well worth considering if you have a smart meter. In many cases, the average price per kWh for electricity is below the energy price cap! 💃

Octopus Agile is another smart tariff which lets you may want to consider BUT it’s not a fixed deal.

For Gas, you can currently get it cheaper than the price cap if you consider the Octopus tracker tariff as this follows next-day prices. The most you will pay is 11p per kWh BUT recently I have seen prices as low as 1.59p a kWh!   At that price, I would be treating myself to a giant bubble bath!! The price you pay can change on a daily basis but the tariff is fixed for a year.

On 30th June 2022, the Octopus gas tracker tariff price is 7.497p per kWh. (This may vary in your geographical location)

Get a quote and switch online.

Octopus removed the option to provide online quotes on the 28th of February. I suspect this is due to the volatility in the energy market at the moment. You now have to call Octopus to obtain a quote – 0808 1693274.

There was a similar freeze on online quotes from 7th October 2021. They came back online on Thursday 17th February but it didn’t last long. Prices rose dramatically when Russia invaded Ukraine!

You can still check up-to-date tariff information.  You just need to scroll down through the list of current tariffs. Here is the link. Don’t click on “Request a quote” just enter your postcode and a list of current tariffs will be displayed below. All the comparison sites are unable to provide any quotes either BUT you can find the current tariffs on the Octopus Energy website.

The current Octopus tariff listed is the Octopus 12 Month Fixed April Version 1. I update this page daily so you will be able to see the current rates.

What are the tariff rates for Octopus Energy?

Does Octopus have a fixed tariff and is now the right time to switch?

Yes, Octopus still offers a fixed tariff. A fixed tariff is a good way to budget and secure an energy price for your gas and electricity.

A quote for an Octopus Energy 12-month fixed dual tariff, which can cover both gas and electric has varied in price over the last few months.

Octopus Fixed tariff unit price per kWh.

  • 21st April 2022 -11.82p per kWh for a unit of gas and 41.8p per kWh for a unit of electricity.
  • 25th March 2022 – 12.81p per kWh for a unit of gas and 39.11p per kWh for a unit of electricity. (Current fixed rate – 10 months fixed)
  • 8th March 2022 –  12.84p per kWh for a unit of gas and 42.01p per kWh for a unit of electricity.
  • 7th March 2022 – 10.22p per kWh for a unit of gas and 37.67p per kWh for a unit of electricity.
  • 5th March 2022 – 13.91p per kWh for a unit of gas and 46.32p per kWh for a unit of electricity.

If you don’t regularly look at your energy bill these prices may mean very little but just to put it into perspective a few months ago an Octopus fixed gas tariff would have been anywhere around 3p per kWh for gas.😭

Let’s hope prices begin to fall but with the war in Ukraine, I can’t see this happening for some time! The Cornwall Institute predicts that the October 2022 price cap will rise by 46%.

Octopus Energy 12 Months Fixed Tariff price.  How much will you pay if you fix your energy price now?

On 30th June 2022, the current Octopus Energy fixed 12-month tariff is 41.8p per kWh for electricity and 11.82p per kWh for gas with a daily standing charge per day of 47.88p for electricity and 27.22p for gas.   You can take either a dual fuel tariff (both gas and electric) or a stand-alone electric tariff. The price is the same.

The biggest change on the tariff update made on 25th March has been the daily standing charge which has almost doubled for electricity even though the unit price has gone down!

The daily standing charge was 24.86p for electricity and 26.10p for gas. It is now 47.88p per day for electricity and 27.22p per day for gas.

Energy cost.Price per kWh
Electricity41.8p per kWh.
Gas11.82p per kWh
Electricity standing charge47.88p per day.
Gas standing charge27.22p per day.
12 Month fixed tariff.

You can swap tariffs with no penalties even on the Octopus 12-month fixed tariffs. Octopus will tell you on your bill if a cheaper Octopus tariff becomes available. You email back and they will swop you over. It’s really easy!! I’ve done it a couple of times and it takes the hassle out of looking for a cheaper tariff with Octopus Energy. 🙋‍♀️💃 👏

If you don’t have a gas supply or you want to get your gas elsewhere you can opt for an all-electric tariff. The price is exactly the same per kWh.  ⭐️

TIP: Take a look at the Octopus gas trackers tariff if you are happy to fix 11p a kWh! On the tracker tariff, 11p is the most you will pay per kWh BUT the price may go down if wholesale prices go down. The price changes frequently, sometimes daily but won’t pay more than 11p per kWh. It’s a fixed tariff for 12 months. (Octopus could change this tariff any time soon!)

Is now the right time to switch to a new Octopus Energy tariff?

If you want the reassurance of a fixed energy tariff this might be the right time to switch.

In April 2022, the energy price cap increased by 54% and it is predicted to rise by a further 46% in October. There are also predicted rises in 2023!

It is important to know that the energy price cap may well change four times a year instead of twice! Instead of changing in April and October, it looks very likely it will be reviewed in January, April, July and October! So we could see rises in both October AND January when it’s more difficult to avoid using more energy.

From the 2nd of April 2022, the energy price cap increased to approximately 28.29p per kWh of electricity and 7.43p per kWh of gas. The price will vary slightly based on your geographical location. These figures are for South Wales.

The predicted new October 2022 energy price cap could be roughly 11p per kWh for gas and 36p per kWh for electricity.

How did I get this predicted figure for the price cap in October 2022? I’m basing this on the worst-case scenario taking into account a predicted 46% rise plus another price increase in January 2023! I am just going to work on a 54% rise overall the same as in April 2022 when the price cap increased. There may be a 5% overestimate or more, no one really knows yet, but it’s easier to work out and gives a rough idea of prices per kWh.

The Cornwall Institute predicts a 46% energy price cap rise in October and another 3% rise in January 2023. This would result in a 49% price increase.

 April 2022 Price CapOctober 2022 Price Cap (Worse case)
Electricity per kWh28.29p 36p
Gas per kWh7.4311p

In April 2022 the energy price cap increased gas prices by roughly 3.5p a kWh and electricity by roughly 7.5p per kWh.  I am just adding the same price increase to the next price cape rise in October. It’s obviously going to be inaccurate but it gives you a benchmark to work on if you are trying to decide if to take a fixed energy deal now.

It is important to be aware that gas and electricity have not gone up by the same percentage. Out of the 54% price cap rise in April, gas took the biggest share of the increase so it’s not that easy to predict per kWh.

I recently signed up for a new Octopus 12-month fixed tariff which is higher than the energy price cap.  I will use less energy during the spring and summer by switching off my heating and want the reassurance that if prices shoot up again for any reason I will have fixed my energy tariff ready for next winter.

Some people would ask why would you pay more?  I know my husband did but with the situation in Ukraine, I would rather fix my energy deal now and reduce my consumption during the warmer months to keep my energy bill down. If the price cap is less than my fixed deal or if a cheaper fixed becomes available I will just swop tariffs.

Everyone’s circumstances are different so just take your time to make sure you make the right decision for yourself.  The main theme for everyone is simply reducing your energy consumption! That’s the only real way to save money regardless of the tariff you choose.

Can I switch Octopus tariffs if I find a better deal?

Yes, the Octopus fixed-rate tariff is a 12-month fixed tariff BUT you can swap to a new Octopus tariff at any time. You don’t need to wait for the year to be up. So if prices drop you can switch to another fixed energy deal that is cheaper or even move over to the flexible (price cap) tariff. It’s free to switch tariffs.

I have switched energy tariffs several times with Octopus and it is really easy to do, you simply email [email protected]

How long does it take to switch to a new energy tariff with Octopus Energy?

How does it work?  Octopus can supply both electricity and gas. The switch is usually completed within 17 days and Octopus takes care of everything. (You will get £50 credited to your bill after you have paid the first direct debit using my link or quoting my referral details)

There’s no need to contact your current supplier Octopus will do that for you. You simply pick your Octopus Energy tariff, supply your meter readings and cancel your direct debit after your final bill has been settled. There are no exit fees if at any point you decide to switch to another provider.

Compare Octopus Energy 12 months fixed tariff to the energy price cap.

A dual fuel (electric and gas) fixed tariff comparison between any standard variable tariff and the Octopus Energy 12-month fixed tariff shows that it is cheaper to stay on the standard variable tariff at the moment.  The Octopus 12 months fixed is 41.8p per kWh for electricity and 11.82p per kWh for gas with a daily standing charge of 47.88p per day for electricity and 27.22p per day for gas. 

Energy Price Cap - April 2022. 
Electricity ⚡️Gas 🔥
28.29p per kWh7.43p per kWh.
Daily standing charge 47.88p.Daily standing charge 27.22p.
Prices vary based on geographical location. (These reflect South Wales)

Prices vary depending on your geographical location.

The energy price cap is quite confusing. The April price cap has increased to £1,971 for a medium-size home using a combination of gas and electricity for your energy need.  The previous energy price cap was £1277. The price cap isn’t the most you will pay it is the price you would pay if you use 2900 kWh electricity and 12000 kWh gas. So if you use more energy the price would go up and if you use less energy the price would go down.⬆️⬇️⚡️

As an extremely rough guide, you should aim to keep your price per kWh to below 30p per kWh for electricity and 7p per kWh for gas to be roughly below the current price cap. The price will increase, however, in October 2022.   It is important to note that the standing charges have also gone up! In my area, this means an increase of around £6 a month just in standing charges.

You can see the new Octopus Energy Flexible tariff prices listed below. These came into effect on the 2nd of April 2022. They were published online on 4th March in an Octopus blog post.

You can read more in my recent blog post where I debate if to fix or stick with a price cap tariff when my current deal ends in March.

Are energy prices still going up?

There was a drop in wholesale energy prices at the start of April but they are still high.

Compare Octopus 12 months fixed tariff energy prices. 👀 Electricity unit rate per kWh. Gas unit rate per kWh.
21/04/2241.08p per kWh 🔺11.82 per kWh🔻
25/03/2239.11p per kWh🔻12.81p per kWh🔻
08/03/2242.01p per kWh🔺12.84p per kWh🔺
07/03/2237.67p per kWh🔻10.22p per kWh🔺
05/03/2246.32p per kWh🔺13.91p🔺 per kWh
25/02/2237.67p per kWh🔺10.22p per kWh🔺
17/02/2235.08p per kWh🔻9.2p per kWh🔻
27/01/2237.29p per kWh🔺10.13p perkWh🔺
21/01/2234.63p per kWh🔻8.55p per kWh🔻
Daily standing charge (from 25/03/22)47.88p per day🔺27.22p per day🔺
Daily standing charge (up to 24/03/22)24.86p per day26.10p per day.

Here’s a graph showing the wholesale energy prices in the UK. The blue line is gas and green electricity. As you can see in mid-December wholesale energy prices rose sharply. This is concerning as prices were already considered high in November 2021. They started to rise again towards the end of January 2022.

It also appears wholesale energy prices shot up when Russia invaded Ukraine. If Vladimir Putin was to restrict gas supplies to Europe, it would drive up wholesale prices worldwide even more, including in the UK.

In April wholesale prices have dropped quite considerably BUT they are still very high compared to last summer. So energy prices will remain high for domestic energy tariffs.

You can read more about why energy prices are rising here. This is also a good article the BBC recently published on the subject.

Will energy prices fall in 2022?

Wholesale energy prices are falling but they still remain high.

From the graph above you can see how much further wholesale prices need to come down to be back to pre-crisis levels. Energy prices are still very volatile.

What is the Loyal Octopus Tariff?

The loyal Octopus tariff is exclusively available to customers who have been with Octopus for more than 8 months. There are no exit fees and it’s cheaper than the standard 10-month fixed tariff.  On 30th June 2022, it is 40.15p per kWh for electricity with a standing charge of 47.88p per day and 11.38p per kWh for gas with a standing charge of 27.22p per day.

Is Octopus Energy cheaper than British Gas?

Yes, Octopus are usually cheaper than British Gas. The current Octopus EV tariffs are cheaper than those offered by British Gas.

I was a British Gas customer for years and will never go back. British Gas loves to confuse you with their tariffs and lock you in at any opportunity. We need clear transparent prices that don’t lock you in. You stay because you want to with Octopus Energy. That’s the way it should be with all companies! 🐙

Octopus offers clear pricing to allow customers to make informed decisions, that’s what we all need! No hocus pocus!

  • British Gas seems to LOVE exit fees.
  • The British Gas website is frustrating to navigate.
  • I found my British Gas bills confusing to read.

Even before you switch to Britsh Gas getting a quote from British Gas is quite frustrating! They increase their overall tariff price by a few pence each day but the calculations and rates remain the same. How does how happen?!!  I check their prices every morning so it’s easy to spot this. 🤷‍♀️

British Gas are keeping customer direct debit the same throughout the winter even though energy prices are skyrocketing. Have you wondered why? If you owe an energy provider money you can’t switch! So if energy prices drop in 2022 and you owe Britsh Gas money you can’t switch. Even if their tariffs aren’t as competitive as other suppliers you are stuck with them. That’s when they get their money back and more! (That’s my main concern and my own personal opinion)

British Gas is one of the oldest energy companies in the UK and has over 5.3 million domestic electricity customers and 6.4 million domestic gas customers. Whilst Octopus Energy is only 5 years old and already has just over 3 million customers. There’s a reason why they are hot on British Gas’ tail!!  Customers love the great service and value they provide!! I also  love their work passion towards achieving NetZero.! 🌍👀💗)


Claim £50 credit switching to Octopus Energy.

Once you have chosen to switch to Octopus Energy as a new customer, you’ll be given  £50 credit on your first bill and your own personal referral code to share with friends and family.   For every person that switches with your code, you both get £50 credited towards your next bill. (I would be delighted if you use mine to get you started, thank you!) Use my Octopus Energy Referral link .🥳⟵ or let Octopus Energy know you have been referred by Sarah-C when switching over the phone.

When you land on the Octopus Energy website using my link you will see the £50 credit offer at the top of the screen. This just confirms it’s been recorded and will be credited once your first direct debit is paid.

Octopus Energy standard tariffs.

The Octopus Energy standard tariffs usually range from a 12 or 24-month fixed, to a flexible Octopus tariff or super green tariff that are all 100% green. (keep reading for the smart energy tariffs).

Octopus Energy fixed v Variable tariffs. The Flexible Octopus tariff explained. (simply)

The Octopus flexible tariff is the Octopus default tariff which is known as a standard variable tariff.  The Octopus Flexible tariff rises and falls with wholesale energy prices BUT won’t go any higher than the energy price cap. I don’t really write about the Flexible tariff that much as my preference is for a fixed rate. If you are currently on the flexible tariff it is cheaper than any of the new fixed rates being offered by Octopus. This may change in the new year as wholesale prices drop and new fixed deals become available. The price cap increase in April will also have an impact.

My experience choosing the right Octopus Energy.🤷‍♀️

octopus energy bill

Shocked to read my energy bill.👀

Moving forward each month Octopus Energy tells me when I could pay less. Each time I receive my bill via email I also get an update if there is a cheaper Octopus Energy tariff I could be on. They highlight how much I could save on each new Octopus tariff. Even if you opt for a 24-month fixed tariff you can still switch to this cheaper deal. You just email back and they do it for you! I have done this a couple of times!  I have never had a company tell me I could pay them less before AND there is no catch. No exit fees!! This is a complete winning formula for me! There is no need to keep checking if there are cheaper Octopus Energy tariffs available. They just tell you!

What are Octopus Energy smart tariffs?

Octopus Energy offers a range of different Octopus smart tariffs.  The innovative tariffs help customers really take control of their energy consumption. This is where the tech base of Octopus makes it stand out from the crowd. The Octopus Energy tariffs are quite revolutionary but you will need a smart meter installed. All Octopus Energy tariffs for households can be taken out as dual fuel or electricity only plans, but gas only tariffs are not available. 

Octopus Energy Agile tariff

Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money.

The Octopus Energy Agile tariff allows you to use energy when consumption is low bringing down prices to a minimum, sometimes even free. Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money and use cleaner, greener energy when there is less demand on the grid. Plus “plunge” pricing when wholesale prices go negative could even pay you to use energy!

This tariff also lets you take advantage of all your smart devices like Amazon Alexa so you can choose to use home appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher when energy is cheapest. More importantly, you can use energy when there is less demand on the grid or there is an excess of energy making it far greener.

Is the Octopus Energy Agile tariff right for you?

No one can tell you if the Octopus Agile tariff is right for you.  Every home has different energy usage patterns. Some households may find it tricky to shift energy usage away from peak times. You may simply have to prepare meals during these times. However, you may have a variety of appliances that you could use when there is less demand on the national grid to reduce your average price per kWh.

You can see Octopus Agile historical prices in my full Octopus Agile review.

You can read further about the benefit of off-peak energy on the Ofgem website.

Octopus Energy tariffs

Octopus Energy electric vehicle tariff – Octopus Go

Perfect for charging an electric vehicle at night.

find out more octopus go faster tariffOctopus Go is an electricity tariff with a bonkers cheap 7.5p / kWh rate for four hours every night (between 12.30 and 4.30 am). It was designed with EV drivers in mind as charging can be done very cheaply whilst you are asleep. This can help keep fuel costs around 1.5p per mile.

Before opting for the Octopus GO tariff I would suggest you weigh up if you could save even more money by getting creative with the Agile tariff. This takes a little more creativity and organisation in the home but you could save money on your car charing as well as home appliances. You can always switch tariffs eg Agile in the spring, summer, and Autumn, and then Go in the winter when there is very little solar activity. It is really easy to switch between tariffs. It just depends on how much time you want to spend thinking about it to save money.

I have recently switched to the Intelligent Octopus tariff as it offers a longer discounted period BUT it’s new and there are specific requirements for switching.



If you own a Tesla OR you have a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger (or you are thinking about getting a Wallbox Pulsar plus charger) take a look at the brand new Intelligent Octopus tariff. The tariff offers a minimum of 6 hours of off-peak charging at 7.5p per kWh! 🌍💚

 Octopus Energy EV customers can get a big discount on the Ohme Car charger which works well with the Octopus smart tariffs. Instead of £400, customers pay currently £199.🌍💚

Octopus Outgoing Tariffs

For those with solar panels who want to sell their excess energy.☀️

Octopus Energy offers both standard and smart SEG tariffs.  Simply select the tariff that is right for you.

Octopus Energy Outgoing Tariffs Rates. (
Per kWh Exported
Octopus Outgoing Fixed tariff. (cannot be combined with Octopus Go import)7.5p
Octopus Outgoing Agile.Variable - half-hourly pricing based on day-ahead wholesale rates. (see table below)
Octopus Outgoing Go.4.1p
If you own a Tesla Power Wall.CLICK HERE.
Octopus SEG - (If you have NO Import tariff with Octopus Energy) 4.1p

You can read more in my review on Octopus Outgoing.

The future of energy.

I see this as the future of energy consumption. By storing electricity we can help reduce the strain on the national grid. Electricity can go into your home from your solar panels, from the grid, or through battery storage.  As an example, it can run the other way so energy can come out of the car (think of your EV as a spare battery) into your home or back into the grid. So you can run your car from your house and your house from your car. It goes both ways and so many other ways. That’s quite groundbreaking and already a possibility for some Octopus Energy customers!

Posted by Sarah at

How to contact Octopus Energy.

Octopus Energy Email 👉 [email protected]

Octopus Energy Free Telephone number 👉 0808 164 1088 (Monday to Friday: 8 am-5 pm) UK based staff.

octopus energy cashbackripple energy referral code.

Now let’s get down to business with FREE STUFF.

How can I get a free cuddly Octopus from Octopus Energy?

Once you have signed up to Octopus Energy if you want to get your hands on a free cuddly Octopus they will send you one in the post, although it can take a few weeks depending on stock. Her name is Constantine. (I am not joking)

Win a share of 1 million pounds in the latest Octopus Winter Warmer competition.

Borrow a free thermal imaging camera from Octopus Energy.

If you would like to borrow a thermal imaging camera to find out where the heat is escaping from your home or workplace you can request one here.

Spin to win.

Also, don’t forget you get a chance to win a cash prize when you enter your meter reading with “spin to win.” 


Octopus Winter Workout competition win a share of 1 million pounds.

Octopus Energy Refer a friend.

Once you have chosen to switch to Octopus Energy as a new customer using a referral link, you’ll be given £50 credit on your first bill and your own personal referral code to share with friends and families. For every person that switches with your code, you both get £50 credited towards your next bill. It takes just two minutes to switch and your code is effective immediately. 





Octopus Energy smart tariff – meet Amazon Alexa

octopus energy and alexa

amazon alexa and octopus energy


Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing.


If you’re on the Agile tariff you will be able to use Amazon Alexa to find out when energy is at it’s cheapest.   (The Agile tariff tracks energy prices throughout the day. )  So using the voice automation provided by Amazon you could ask Alexa when prices are cheapest.

Alexa, ask Octopus when is electricty cheapest today?amazon and octopus energy

Based on this information you could turn on, for example, your washing machine or charge your devices when energy is at it’s cheapest. You can even automate this too!


Renewable energy is cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing and now you will be able to access this information very simply using Amazon Alexa.

The Agile tariff was very attractive before the addition of Alexa but I did refer to it as the techie tariff as you needed to be able to use the app IFTTT  to automate your devices (If This Then That). The app is very straight forward but it does take a little thought to set up. (not a lot though) Whereas Alexa simplifies this entire process so it’s extremely accessible with its voice activation. You won’t need to lift a finger but will be able to automate your smart devices at home whipping them into action when energy prices are at their lowest. So yes, this will save you time and money!


Yes! Super cool, right?  It means the energy powering your home devices will not only be far cheaper but also likely much greener (because the cheapest offpeak times usually link up to when there’s low demand and abundant green energy on the grid).


Yes, you will need a smart meter to switch to the Agile Tariff. At the moment there is a waiting list for asmart meter installation uk smart meter installation but they are expected to roll out later this month. I am currently on the waiting list while taking advantage of the Super Green Tariff.  If you would like to switch from your current provider to Octopus Energy and don’t have a smart meter you could always switch, request a meter and swop to the agile tariff after your installation, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Switching to Octopus Energy takes less than two minutes. 


You will obviously need Amazon Alexa. Next, search for the Octopus Skill in the Alexa app and enable it. You’ll be prompted to enter your API key, MPAN and Serial number to complete the process.

I am looking forward to switching over to Agile even more now.  Well done Octopus I can see this as a real milestone in the energy industry. I only with Alexa could get my kids to put their pants in the wash!

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