Octopus Energy meets Amazon Alexa

octopus energy and alexa

amazon alexa and octopus energy


Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing.


If you’re on the Agile tariff you will be able to use Amazon Alexa to find out when energy is at it’s cheapest.   (The Agile tariff tracks energy prices throughout the day. )  So using the voice automation provided by Amazon you could ask Alexa when prices are cheapest.

Alexa, ask Octopus when is electricty cheapest today?amazon and octopus energy

Based on this information you could turn on, for example, your washing machine or charge your devices when energy is at it’s cheapest. You can even automate this too!


Renewable energy is cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing and now you will be able to access this information very simply using Amazon Alexa.

The Agile tariff was very attractive before the addition of Alexa but I did refer to it as the techie tariff as you needed to be able to use the app IFTTT  to automate your devices (If This Then That). The app is very straight forward but it does take a little thought to set up. (not a lot though) Whereas Alexa simplifies this entire process so it’s extremely accessible with its voice activation. You won’t need to lift a finger but will be able to automate your smart devices at home whipping them into action when energy prices are at their lowest. So yes, this will save you time and money!


Yes! Super cool, right?  It means the energy powering your home devices will not only be far cheaper but also likely much greener (because the cheapest offpeak times usually link up to when there’s low demand and abundant green energy on the grid).


Yes, you will need a smart meter to switch to the Agile Tariff. At the moment there is a waiting list for asmart meter installation uk smart meter installation but they are expected to roll out later this month. I am currently on the waiting list while taking advantage of the Super Green Tariff.  If you would like to switch from your current provider to Octopus Energy and don’t have a smart meter you could always switch, request a meter and swop to the agile tariff after your installation, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Switching to Octopus Energy takes less than two minutes. 


You will obviously need Amazon Alexa. Next, search for the Octopus Skill in the Alexa app and enable it. You’ll be prompted to enter your API key, MPAN and Serial number to complete the process.

I am looking forward to switching over to Agile even more now.  Well done Octopus I can see this as a real milestone in the energy industry. I only with Alexa could get my kids to put their pants in the wash!

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Octopus Energy: Who owns Octopus Energy?




Before I switched to Octopus Energy I wanted to know who they are.  Being brought up with energy suppliers being a very limited market and with no real appeal one way or the other, I was very interested in their story.

greg jackson octopus energyGreg Jackson is the founder of Octopus Energy. The most interesting fact I found was that he started his career as a gaming developer back in the early ’90s and like myself had a passion for politics at quite a young age.  (We both joined Green Peace in our late teens) He quite obviously has a passion for creating new and better ways of delivering services using tech.  This combined with his passion for green issues is reflected in everything Octopus Energy do.


I am now a customer of Octopus Energy and you can see his passion for tech and customer service in every interaction with the firm. From there speedy, friendly customer service via social media direct messaging to simple things like entering your meter reading, where you play a cash prize game after updating your reading.

They are forward thinking taking onboard customer hacks in terms of tech and in short do lots of things that make me smile, such as offering customers and communities free trees.


At the moment the techie tariff called Agile is looking very attractive.  I love the platform IFTTT which allows users to automate many online or household functions.  It is a simple concept to get to grips with and now Octopus Energy has teamed up with them so you can incorporate it with this tariff. So I could, as an example, turn my washing machine on when energy prices drop, offering much cheaper, even greener energy.


I commend Greg Jackson for founding such an innovative new energy supplier. It isn’t that often a stay at home mum gets excited about anything, other than a sleepover at grandmas. (I love silence) Octopus Energy ticks all our boxes at the moment and I can’t see any of the other supplier coming close unless they have a total rethink about how they run their operations. Well done Octopus Energy! We love our green energy supply.

If you would like to join Octopus Energy you can get £50 credit on your bill by switching here.

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THE GREEN APPROACH TO KEEPING WARM THIS WINTER. I hate being cold but I try and stay cozy without it
octopus energy cashback

Can your actions really make a difference to climate change?

I know what I hold dear to me but can my actions really make a difference? This is how the


Can you save money by switching to renewable energy? Sometimes the thought of switching to renewable energy can sound costly. 

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Octopus Energy: Led light bulbs

octopus energy cashback

octopus energy cashback

I am really trying to reduce my carbon footprint and of course, save money.  So I invested in LED light bulbs but not any old LED’s. I have gone for the Philips Hue bulbs.

I have bought the starter set, which comes with the hub (which you have to have) and 3 colour changingLED LIGHT BULBS bulbs.   They were so simple to set up.  You simply download the app, plug the hub into your modem and locate the light bulbs on the app. The hub detects the bulbs and sends a signal to the app. I have my Philips Hue colour changing LED bulbs around my garden and over the front porch. I have them set to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. They have worked amazingly well! The app even knows when sunset and sunrise are depending on the seasons.   Most of the year they are on white and cost very little to have on all night. The quirky thing is at Christmas, Halloween or on any occasion you can change the colour to reflect the mood. So at Christmas, I had mine on in red and green.  They were very pretty and saved putting the light Christmas up outside.

I now also have them in various lamps around the house. To save money I have the Philips Hue LED bulbs in tones of white. The bulbs are then cheaper to buy as you can get them on offer if you keep an eye on Amazon.

The good thing is while you’re away from home you can use the hue light bulbs as security lights too.  They are really great. If you switching to LED and you want to invest a little extra I can highly recommend them.

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THE GREEN APPROACH TO KEEPING WARM THIS WINTER. I hate being cold but I try and stay cozy without it
octopus energy cashback

Can your actions really make a difference to climate change?

I know what I hold dear to me but can my actions really make a difference? This is how the


Can you save money by switching to renewable energy? Sometimes the thought of switching to renewable energy can sound costly. 

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Octopus Energy Smart Meter

switch to octopus energy



Well, I have done it and have applied for an Octopus Energy smart meter. I am currently on the Octopus Energy super green tariff.  I am paying 15.62p per kWh on their fixed rate super green tariff.  My fixed rate is due to come to an end in July.  I think either the Octopus Agile tariff or the Octopus Go tariff.  Both are a  good option but as I don’t own an EV Agile would be better.  In order to switch to these smart tariffs I will need a smart meter.  Although I am very happy on super green.

Why would I want an Octopus Energy smart meter?

A Smart Meter can help us to identify situations where we’re using a lot of energy and might want to make changes to this. If you use the information shown on your in-home display to reduce your energy use, you could cut costs and become more energy efficient. – SMART ENERGY GB

I seem to be late to the party getting a smart meter. Although I don’t think I am alone.  The UK government wants every home to have a smart meter by 2020.  At the moment far less than half have been installed.  I think many people,  myself included, wonder why?  So  I have done some research.OCTOPUS ENERGY smart meter

Will a smart meter lower my bills?

Yes, is the simple answer.   Even if I stick with my current Octopus Energy tariff (which is a fixed rate on super green) I am sure an Octopus Energy smart meter will encourage me to switch off items.   At the very least as I will be able to see my usage in real-time.  I think the key to being as green as possible with my energy consumption does mean a smart meter is a real consideration.

Will my Octopus Energy smart meter remain smart if I switch suppliers?

The simple answer is that’s the plan. The governments idea is to get everyone connected to a platform called the DCC. The energy companies don’t own the platform the government does.  They contracted this out to an independent third party called the Data Communications Company. (DCC) They are regulated by Ofgem and paid for by consumers through the energy industry.  The new smart meters SMETS2 will link to the DCC and will supply information to your supplier through this platform. The idea being if you decide to switch your new energy provider can access your information  too.  The DCC enables this as all suppliers have access.

If you are offered an Octopus Energy SMETS1 smart meter don’t panic as the government has now agreed that these can link up to the DCC too.

Which Octopus Energy tariffs will make the most of a smart meter and save me money?

The Octopus Energy Agile tariff tracks energy prices in real time, updating prices every half hour.  If I switch to the Agile tariff I will save money by using appliances when the price of electricity drops.  In order to do this I will link it to an app called IFTTT (If This Then That) which I have used for a number of years already or I could use Amazon Alexa to ask when energy is at its cheapest.  If could simply go onto the tariff and track prices online but to be honest with 3 small children I need automation!

We all know about Amazon Alexa but what’s IFTTT?

It’s a very easy platform to get to grips with and can be used on your desktop or as an app.  The idea is you set commands by telling IFTTT for example IF energy prices drop below a specific level THEN turn my dishwasher on.  All you would need is the Octopus Energy smart meter, the app and a smart plug. (I like the idea of automating tasks.  This will save me money and  let me use energy when there is less demand on the grid making it greener). 

octopus energy smart tariff

 How can I get an Octopus Energy Smart Meter?

smart meter installationAn Octopus Energy smart meter can be installed free of charge but at the moment there is a delay in installing the smart meters. Greg, the CEO of Octopus Energy says this should be resolved towards the end of March so I am hoping that I can get my smart meter in place before July when I can switch to my new tariff. (Update: CEO Greg Jackson tweeted that a batch of SMETS2 smart smart meters have been delivered) 

Here is an update about smart meter installations. (5th May 2019)_It only really effects you if you have an electric vehicle and you need a smart meter to take advantage of Octopus Go or Agile tariffs.  For the rest of us who haven’t yet gone down the EV route, we can sit and wait on super green tariff as no smart meter is needed. (you can request one and go on a general waiting list.)

Is an Octopus Energy smart meter worth it?

I would say if you want to take advantage of the tariffs such as Octopus GO or Octopus Agile it is a must as neither can work without a smart meter.  If you want to stay on the super green or standard tariffs they are also great for keeping a close eye on your energy usage. It all sounds really promising but I know some people are strongly avert to a smart meter. My advice would be take your time if you are not ready for a smart meter.  The first step is to make sure you are using green energy by switching to Octopus Energy.  They are a great firm and there are no exit fees so they are worth a go. We all need to do our bit for the planet and this is one of the biggest ways you can impact on your carbon footprint.

If you are an electric vehicle owner you need a smart meter now! Make sure you get your name down and keep on top of Octopus Energy via social media too. The CEO Jackson is on twitter and is very responsive.

SHOULD I SWITCH TO OCTOPUS ENERGYI have been placed on a waiting list for a smart meter, which is fine as I am happy on Octopus Super Green at the moment. Super green gives me 100% renewable energy and saves me money.  It has been far cheaper than my previous deals with British Gas.

I never thought I would be so into my energy prices but needs must with 3 young children eating me out of house and home. I also think that it is about time we all stop and think about how we use energy. We need to consume greener energy and if possible less energy. I believe embracing tech is the answer to a more sustainable world so I am going to give it a go. Smart meter here I come!

All the best going green!! It is the right move!!!

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Octopus Go – Electric Vehicle charging.

switch to octopus energy
switch to octopus energy

octopus energy electric vehicle tariff


I have a diesel car.  After buying it with all good intentions it is now obvious that it is not the best for the environment. To reduce my carbon footprint maybe an EV is the way to go. (Electric Vehicle 🙂

Octopus Energy has two tariffs I am considering. The first is Octopus Go tariff which has cheap energy in the early hours of the morning. From 12.30am to 4.30am the tariff is fixed price of 5p per kW.  It seems to be specifically aimed at the EV charging.  There is a standing charging of 25p a day for this tariff but at 5p price per kWh I think it really is worth considering.

If you lease a car with Octopus EV and take OctopusGo, Octopus Energy will credit 8000 miles to your energy contract. Top that with a £50 amazon voucher when you buy or lease an EV using my Octopus EV referral code OEV-SC579 and it all starts to look rather attractive.

The second Octopus Energy tariff I am looking at is the Agile tariff.

This Octopus Energy tariff is also attractive as prices rise and fall during the day depending on demand and this is reflected in the price you’re charged per kWh.  With the Octopus Energy Agile tariff, you link it to IFTTT, an app which can switch your energy off on and when prices drop depending on the demand on the grid.

Is it a serious contender?

I really do think that an electric vehicle may be the way forward for us as a family.  For the general commute in an electric car, we could save a considerable amount as well as reduce our carbon footprint.  For both Octopus tariffs, a smart meter is needed which can be installed free of charge.

By adding smart plugs I also think these tariffs would be great to save money by running our washing machine and dishwasher at night which is very practical.

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