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My smart meter was installed in 2019 by Octopus Energy.  Before I was on an Octopus Fixed tariff which had always been my preference. There was no green technology in my house and the energy bill was something I always worried about.

You can’t live without a mains supply but with 3 young children at home, I feared that I would lose control once I switched to a smart meter.

It all went well. Nearly five years after the switch to a smart meter I have made considerable savings on my energy bills, thanks to Octopus smart tariffs.

Let me explain why I wanted a smart meter and how I have made these savings on my Octopus Energy bill.

Why would I want an Octopus Energy smart meter?

At first, I didn’t want a smart meter. If I had the choice, if I am being completely honest, I would have stuck with my standard meter.  However, after switching to Octopus Energy in 2018 they launched their second smart tariff called Octopus Agile and I knew it was a game changer.

I had read about time-of-use tariffs which charge customers different rates at different times of the day depending on the availability of energy on the grid. It sounded like the answer to many issues to help the planet and my pocket. However, to be eligible I needed a smart meter.

Fast forward five years and now I am on 3 Octopus smart tariffs;

Will a smart meter lower my bills?

A smart meter won’t automatically lower your energy but it can if you try something new. For instance, my mother and my brother have recently had a smart meter installed by Octopus Energy.  They are on the Octopus Tracker tariff for both gas and electricty. Neither my mum nor brother have green technology but have still saved around 40% this year on their Octopus Energy bill compared to the Flexible rate. 

I have saved so much money on EV charging and home energy bills. It’s made a massive difference and without a smart meter, I wouldn’t have access to these tariffs. It’s not just a few pounds in savings, it’s hundreds of pounds by the time you include fueling costs too.

I’m not on Octopus Agile but friends have been paid to use energy several times this year. When there is excess energy on the grid, because it’s windy for example, Octopus will pay you for turning your oven on!

Octopus Energy has also recently launched Octoplus. This is a rewards program for smart meter customers.

Exclusive benefits through Octoplus

Octoplus rewards include:

  • A free drink every week.
  • 2 for £10 Odeon cinema tickets.
  • 25% off at selected restaurants
  • An exclusive spin-the-wheel with better prizes
  • Extra points for friend referrals and solar referrals.
    Octoplus rewards vary, for example, you can now use your points to redeem exclusive rewards through the app and online, get discounts at their Shoptopus store or exchange them for cash.

Will my Octopus Energy smart meter remain smart if I switch suppliers?

Yes, the government’s idea is to get everyone connected to a platform called the DCC. The energy companies don’t own this platform the government does.  They contracted this out to an independent third party called the Data Communications Company. (DCC) They are regulated by Ofgem and paid for by consumers through the energy industry.

The new smart meters SMETS2 link to the DCC and supply information to your supplier through this platform. If you decide to switch your new energy provider can access your information too.  The DCC enables this as all suppliers have access.

If you are offered an Octopus Energy SMETS1 smart meter don’t panic as the government has now agreed that these can link up to the DCC too.

Which Octopus Energy tariffs will make the most of a smart meter and save me money?

There is now a multitude of Octopus Energy smart tariffs to choose from.

As a starting point with no green technology just a smart meter and the willingness to try something new, there are two tariffs to consider;

  1. Octopus Agile – prices change every 30 minutes and you need to be flexible with your energy use.
  2. Octopus Tracker – prices change every night at midnight. There’s just one flat rate for the day.

You can compare all Octopus Energy tariffs in my recent blog post.

Home Assistant 

If you have a smart meter and are quite techie I would strongly suggest looking at Home Assistant. 

Home Assistant combined with Octopus smart tariffs allows you to automate your home to reduce your energy bills.

 How can I get an Octopus Energy Smart Meter?

If you’d like to apply for an Octopus smart meter installation you can do this online.

Is an Octopus Energy smart meter worth it?

You aren’t required to get a smart meter. At the moment no one will force you to get one but you’ll notice more energy deals, even the ones that are not smart are restricted to smart customers only.

Octopus doesn’t force you to get a smart meter. You don’t get a better deal on any of the standard tariffs if you have a smart meter but you are locked out of the smart tariffs which require automated regular meter readings.

I also like the ease of monitoring my energy usage in the Octopus app now I have a smart meter. During the winter this was particularly handy to monitor our gas use. It was so expensive, even on a smart tariff, that I wanted to keep an eye on our daily energy costs.


No one can force you to have a smart meter but as a result, you will miss out on offers and deals exclusive to smart meter customers. To me, it’s like refusing a Tesco Clubcard. Yes, it is a hassle to get someone around to change the meter changed over but I also think it’s inevitable that you’ll need one. Above all you have to be happy and it is your choice so make sure you are comfortable with the idea before switching to a smart meter.

You are free to decline any invites for a smart meter installation.

I hope my post provides some reassurance because a smart meter can make your life easier and save money.

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Octopus Energy smart tariff – meet Amazon Alexa

octopus energy and alexa

amazon alexa and octopus energy


Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing.


If you’re on the Agile tariff you will be able to use Amazon Alexa to find out when energy is at its cheapest.   (The Agile tariff tracks energy prices throughout the day. )  So using the voice automation provided by Amazon you could ask Alexa when prices are cheapest.

Alexa, ask Octopus when is electricty cheapest today?amazon and octopus energy

Based on this information you could turn on, for example, your washing machine or charge your devices when energy is at its cheapest. You can even automate this too!


Renewable energy is cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing and now you will be able to access this information very simply using Amazon Alexa.

The Agile tariff was very attractive before the addition of Alexa but I did refer to it as the techie tariff as you needed to be able to use the app IFTTT  to automate your devices (If This Then That). The app is very straight forward but it does take a little thought to set up. (not a lot though) Whereas Alexa simplifies this entire process so it’s extremely accessible with its voice activation. You won’t need to lift a finger but will be able to automate your smart devices at home whipping them into action when energy prices are at their lowest. So yes, this will save you time and money!


Yes! Super cool, right?  It means the energy powering your home devices will not only be far cheaper but also likely much greener (because the cheapest offpeak times usually link up to when there’s low demand and abundant green energy on the grid).


Yes, you will need a smart meter to switch to the Agile Tariff. At the moment there is a waiting list for asmart meter installation uk smart meter installation but they are expected to roll out later this month. I am currently on the waiting list while take advantage of the Super Green Tariff.  If you would like to switch from your current provider to Octopus Energy and don’t have a smart meter you could always switch, request a meter and swap to the agile tariff after your installation, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Switching to Octopus Energy takes less than two minutes. 


You will obviously need Amazon Alexa. Next, search for the Octopus Skill in the Alexa app and enable it. You’ll be prompted to enter your API key, MPAN and Serial number to complete the process.

I am looking forward to switching over to Agile even more now.  Well done Octopus I can see this as a real milestone in the energy industry. I only with Alexa could get my kids to put their pants in the wash!

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Octopus Energy: Led light bulbs

octopus energy cashback

octopus energy cashback


I am really trying to reduce my carbon footprint and of course, save money.  So I invested in LED light bulbs but not any old LED’s. I have gone for the Philips Hue bulbs.

I have bought the starter set, which comes with the hub (which you have to have) and 3 colour changingLED LIGHT BULBS bulbs.   They were so simple to set up.  You simply download the app, plug the hub into your modem and locate the light bulbs on the app. The hub detects the bulbs and sends a signal to the app. I have my Philips Hue colour changing LED bulbs around my garden and over the front porch. I have them set to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. They have worked amazingly well! The app even knows when sunset and sunrise are depending on the seasons.   Most of the year they are on white and cost very little to have on all night. The quirky thing is at Christmas, Halloween or on any occasion you can change the colour to reflect the mood. So at Christmas, I had mine on in red and green.  They were very pretty and saved putting the light Christmas up outside.

I now also have them in various lamps around the house. To save money I have the Philips Hue LED bulbs in tones of white. The bulbs are then cheaper to buy as you can get them on offer if you keep an eye on Amazon.

The good thing is while you’re away from home you can use the hue light bulbs as security lights too.  They are really great. If you switching to LED and you want to invest a little extra I can highly recommend them.

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octopus energy cashback

Octopus Energy Switch – Can your actions make a difference to climate change?

I know what I hold dear to me but can my actions really make a difference? This is how the


Octopus Energy USwitch winner 2019 After reading lots of customer reviews I switched to Octopus Energy because they offer amazing

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