Octopus go v agile

Octopus Go v Octopus Agile.

Octopus Go versus Octopus Agile is one of the most popular topics linked to Octopus Energy smart tariffs.  You’ll need a smart meter to access both of these Octopus Energy tariffs but once you’re ready to go and leave your interim tariff the big question is Octopus Go or Octopus Agile?

UPDATE: I currently wouldn’t recommend Octopus Agile unless you have solar energy to export to the national grid as wholesale energy prices have gone through the roof. Instead, compare Octopus Go or Go Faster to Intelligent Octopus for EV charging. If you have solar panels Octopus has amazing export prices with Octopus Agile outgoing. You don’t need to be on the standard Octopus Agile tariff to take advantage of the export!!! The export rates per kWh are fantastic at the moment on Agile. You can mix this outgoing tariff with anything other than Octopus Go / Go Faster!! Thank you Octopus Energy!

What’s right for you – Octopus Go v Octopus Agile.

No one can tell you which Octopus smart tariff is right for you. So many influencers seem to hold the answer but they aren’t you and they don’t know how and when you consume energy and your personal preference to investing time in order to save money or access greener energy.

The key thing to remember is that this is all fairly new territory and whatever you do, whichever Octopus tariff you choose you’re making a greener choice that is right for you at this moment in time.

Here’s some information that may help you make up your mind on your Octopus Energy smart tariff.

The Octopus Energy Agile tariff allows you to use energy when consumption is low bringing down prices to a minimum, sometimes even free. Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money and use cleaner, greener energy when there is less demand on the grid. Plus “plunge” pricing when wholesale prices go negative could even pay you to use energy!

How much does Octopus Agile cost?

The Octopus agile price per kWh of electricity changes every 30 minutes.  The idea is you shift your energy usage to a time when there is less demand on the national grid. The prices are displayed the day before on the Octopus Energy website. You can find out more information about the Agile tariff on the Octopus website.

Octopus Agile is usually much more expensive than Go between 4 pm to 7 pm peak period but cheaper than Go from 04:30 am to 4 pm. At the moment, however, this isn’t the case. This is due in part I believe to the lack of wind. Prices have been consistently high on Octopus Agile for the last few weeks.

I have highlighted tomorrow’s prices to give you an example.

Octopus Agile Rates 2021

National average cost per kWh on the Agile tariff on Monday 20th September 2021

Min: 22.6p (03.30)

Max: 35.0p (07.30)

Average: 31.4p

Av. Excluding Peak times 30.9p

Cheapest 4hrs: 24.2p

Peak Time 1600 – 1900: 35.0p

Thanks to @energystatsuk for the daily figures.

As you can see the average price is 31.4p per kWh (it was 30.2p today /  Sunday so it’s gone up) and the standing charge is 21p a day. (19/09/2021) If you compare this to the Octopus Go tariff then Go would be the winning tariff for charging your EV. However, when you look at prices you have to look at the average for the year! Prices this month on Agile have been higher than those seen commonly in 2020.

15.91p per kWh31.4p per kWh
25p standing charge per day.21p standing charge per day
5p per kWh - Discount 4 hours 00.30 to 04.30 🚘Cheapest 4 hours 24.2p per kWh.

To find the Octopus Go rates in your area use this link. (If you decide to sign up come out of the quote and use the referral link. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the £50 credit)

On Twitter, there is quite some debate around sticking with the Octopus Agile tariff or moving over to Octopus Go. Quite a few are moving to Octopus Go BUT and this is a big BUT they will be back!! This is the great thing about Octopus Energy’s smart tariffs. You can switch between the two. If you switch away from Octopus Agile you can’t switch back for 30 days but that’s fair enough! You can chop at changes tariffs though as the weather or personal circumstances or needs change.

So the winning Octopus Smart tariff is……

I won’t take away the last 2 minutes of your life without giving you my opinion. 😆 It’s all very personal to your needs but if you want to plug your EV in and forget about it Octopus Go is more likely to be the one for you! If you want to play around with half-hourly energy prices and use energy when there’s less demand on the grid you are defo on Team Agile at the moment BUT Octopus Go would be cheaper for charging your EV!

Even though Octopus Go is currently cheaper than Octopus Agile half-hourly pricing is, without doubt, the way forward to even out our energy consumption and reduce the massive peaks in use on the national grid.  This is a good read on half-hourly pricing and net-zero.

Update: Octopus Agile is sadly way too expensive at the moment. This is due to wholesale energy prices. Most people still are on this tariff are sticking with it as they have solar panels and export excess energy on Octopus Agile Outgoing. Let’s hope things change in the spring! (You can view the Octopus Agile Outgoing prices HERE)

Octopus Agile - National Average Prices.Cheapest 4 hours kWhAverage price kWhCheapest 30mins kWh. (Less demand on the National Grid / excess green energy)
Monday 20/09/2124.2p31.4p22.6p (03.30)
Sunday 19/09/2125.8p30.2p25.6p (02.30)
Saturday 18/09/2126.4p31.1p26.2p (04.30)
Friday 17/09/2126.0p30.8p24.2p (04.30)
Thursday 16/09/2126.9p33.1p22.4p (22.30)
Wednesday 15/09/2126.3p32.4p22.7p (22.30)
Tuesday 14/09/2124.4p31.7p21.3p (22.30)
Average per kWh over 7 days. This INCLUDES peak times.31.52p
Octopus Agile Average unit price over the last 365 days in my area. - 16/09/21Per kWh.
Average price including peak times.17.27p
Average price excluding peak times. (4pm - 7pm)14.99p
Average price during the cheapest 4 hours.11.60
Standing charge 21p

Thanks to @energystatsuk for the daily figures.

find out more octopus go faster tariff


Take a look at my full Octopus Go / Go Faster review. The unit price outside the discounted period may vary depending on your geographical location. The quote is from 28th June 2021.

Option 1 🚘 3 hours discounted.4.5p per kWh
Option 2 🚘 4 hours discounted.5p per kWh
Option 3 🚘 5 hours discounted.5.5p per kWh
Outside discounted period unit cost per kWh15.91p
Standing charge. 🚘25p

If you own a Tesla or a Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger (or you are thinking of buying this charger) take a look at this brand new EV tariff, Octopus IntelligentIt offers 6 hours of off-peak charging.


If you don’t own an EV and are using Octopus Agile as an alternative to a standard Octopus tariff it’s still a great way to focus your mind on shifting your energy use BUT I wouldn’t recommend switching to Octopus Agile right now. At the moment the average daily rate has gone up but it does depend on how flexible you can be with your energy use. This tariff is fantastic for helping to make the grid greener BUT pricing has been consistently high for the last few months!! We just need some more wind to bring the cost!

So whenever you discover this post if you are asking yourself Octopus Go versus Octopus Agile remember you are asking yourself this question as you are not sticking to the norm and going with a standard tariff. You may be trying to be greener or save money or both but it’s all a learning curve and one we have to do to give the planet a better future!! My advice would be to just go for it as it’s easy to swap between tariffs. Octopus Energy has given me amazing customer service over the last two years and they still offer great value!!

You can read my full review on the Octopus Agile tariff HERE and the Octopus Go and Go Faster tariffs HERE. 💕 I’d also suggest you look at Intelligent Octopus which is a beta tariff BUT I can see it becoming more consideration for those looking at Octopus Go. The next post I think will have to be Intelligent Octopus v Octopus Go!!

Here are a few of the reasons Agile prices have been high at the moment. I have written a blog post that might prove helpful.

Octopus Watch App

I would strongly suggest looking at the Octopus Watch app. Watch refers to keep an eye on something rather than needing a smartwatch to access it!! 😁

I would say this is one of the most useful apps to consider if you are switching to the Octopus Energy Agile tariff. This app allows you to download up to 3 months of historical data.  You can use it to set Agile pricing alerts and interact with Siri. It’s a good app but the fun really starts in the subscription version.

(Find this app at google play)

(find this app in the app store here) (find this app on the Amazon store)

Octopus Watch with Subscription.
(£1.99 + £7.99 per year/£0.99 per month)

This is really if you want to help shift your usage to make energy greener.  You can set alerts so you know when the lowest carbon period is.  It really depends on how much you want to play around with your energy usage and shift. The predictive reports are great too. If you want to plan and work out which day would be best to charge your car or do your weekly wash then the predictive option helps a lot. Of course, these energy prices are just predicted. However, they have shown to be 90% accurate, which is good enough for me.  Here is their website.

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Fully Charged Outdoors Live 2021


On Saturday I went to the Fully Charged Outdoors live show in Farnborough. It was a really lovely day with lots of electric vehicles and innovative energy products to look at. It was really quite inspiring and highlighted lots of great ideas to go electric whilst reducing your C02.  💚

A big thank you to Octopus Energy who had a really great setup. They had two stands and lots of staff available to chat. One unit was a mock house setting with lots of ideas for going electric and then they also offered a recharge zone which my kids absolutely lved!! There were free snacks, drinks, and most importantly some great Octopus branded freebies which my kids were very impressed by.

If you get a chance to visit in 2022 I would highly recommend it!! Thank you to everyone who made this year’s event possible! Lovely to meet Jordan from Myenergi. Her company sponsored the kid’s zone and it was great fun. 10/10 Jordan!! My daughter is still wearing her Myenergi headband 4 days later!!  Thank you!

Octopus Energy fixed deals


For the last few months, I have been talking to anyone who would care to listen about fixing their energy prices.  There has been a perfect storm brewing and supply is outstripping demand throughout Europe.  A cold winter and restricted gas supplies from Russia have seen energy prices rise day after day! This has really worried me as energy is something we can’t live without and winter is quickly approaching.

I watch energy prices in the UK very closely and almost every day I have watched fixed deals creep up. The same tariff, the same amount of energy use, and each day the quotes get higher and higher! It really is scary.

In June I called my mum and demanded she reviewed her energy tariff. She was quite reluctant but thankfully she spent a few minutes clicking through her Octopus account and changed to a new fixed rate. The same tariff has now gone up by around £10 a month. That translates to £120 a year for exactly the same amount of energy!

To fix or not to fix your energy price?

At the moment the Octopus Flexible tariff is considerably cheaper than the fixed-rate deal. The price has been the same for the last few weeks. The tariff price hasn’t gone up. Whereas the fixed rate has increased several times over that period. It now stands at a whopping £21.37 cheaper a month than the fixed rate!

The issue is will the Octopus flexible tariff go up when the October energy price cap rises? I suspect that it will but at the moment customers have to make the decision if to stick or twist. I would urge you to fix your deal if you need to strictly budget your fiances! You can always switch away in the spring when I suspect prices will drop. I worry it’s a way of getting people to select a flexible tariff knowing they will end up paying more or switching to a higher rate fixed deal when the price jumps up BUT I could be wrong!

Your decision I suspect will be down to your need for consistent pricing. If you are on a budget like me you may feel more reassured that your price is fixed for two years. Regardless of the energy market, your energy price will not rise any further. If you decide to take the Flexible Octopus tariff and grab the discounts now while you can just remember you can hop onto a fixed tariff at any time. Octopus makes this really easy to do! You just email [email protected] and they sort out your new tariff very quickly. Just consider that the fixed rate by this time may be higher than it is today.

If you opt for the 24 months Octopus Fixed tariff just remember you can switch away from this too. Prices may well drop in the spring so it’s important to review your tariff and if there’s a cheaper fixed-rate just swop over to that!

Energy Price Cap

The energy price cap only affects the standard variable tariffs. So fixed deals are not capped to protect the consumer. Prices are changing almost daily especially fixed deals. Just remember that if a company is shouting about being lower than the price cap this doesn’t mean the fixed deal!!

Just in case you stumble upon this blog and fixed deals have gone up further just remember that the variable tariffs such as Octopus Flexible cannot go higher than the price cap rates per kWh. So it may be worth considering the flexible Octopus tariff if you are happy that they are a lot lower than the fixed-rate deals being offered for the next 6 months.

1st October Price Cap for standard variable tariffs NOT FIXED. Fixed tariffs are not subject to the price cap. (Reviewed after 6 months) 
Max per kWh Electricity. (This is the most a company can charge you per kWh)Max per kWh gas.

EV drivers fix your deal now!!!

If you have a smart meter and own an EV I can’t urge you strongly enough to grab the great deals that are currently being offered with either Octopus Go, Go Faster, or Intelligent Octopus tariffs! I can’t quite believe these prices have stayed the same for so long! Once you switch to any of these tariffs the price is fixed for 12 months!

I wouldn’t currently recommend the Octopus Agile tariff as wholesale energy prices are so high. If you have solar panels and want to export energy, however, it is still well worth considering!!

Additional information – Why energy prices are rising so rapidly.

Europe Faces Energy Shock – Bloomsberg

Maximum Prices Rises – Guardian.

Keep safe and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a message. 💚

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Octopus Energy website accessibility

My Summer Read 2021.

Today, my summer read arrived. It might not make it into Richard and Judies summer top 10 BUT I have been waiting for this for the last few months. It’s time to put my feet up and enjoy several happy geeky hours of reading, Practical Web Inclusion and Accessibility by Ashley Firth.

Ashley Firth is the head of Front-end development and Accessibility at Octopus Energy. Ashley and Octopus Energy have won several awards for their digital products and approach to website accessibility.

Why would anyone be interested in website accessibility?

Well, this is quite a personal one for me. I am dyslexic and also have an issue with light. I am quite a sensory person and my personal experience online highlights that there are some websites that are far more accessible than others!

The Octopus Energy website, for me, is a really good example of simple, clear, and accessible website design. It doesn’t try to oversell and offers really straightforward products that are easily accessible.

The Acknowledgments really are really touching!!

Schools have only just finished and it’s quite a hefty book so I have just read the Acknowledgments at the front. There are lots of touching thank you messages to Ashley’s family which I love. Ashley’s humility shines through here. The section which defines why I have ended up reading this book instead of some crime thriller relates to Octopus Energy.

Let me just give you an extract;

Octopus Energy has supported me in my pursuit of an inclusive Web ever since it was founded, and it is quite frankly the best place I can think of to work. To everyone in the octo-family, thank you for making it fun, accepting, and inspiring to work there very every day.

Firstly I would like to thank Greg Jackson for giving up the 15 minutes of his time it took to convince me to join Octopus and for numerous weeks at the start of the company’s life he gave me to build accessible standards, simply because I told him it was “the right thing to do:”. 

As a customer why does any of this matter?

We all consumer energy. It is something we can’t live without and to be honest, I expect more than a company that wants me to sign up via direct debit for something I don’t understand.  Energy can also have the biggest impact on our own CO2 emissions. I really want to understand this and I want others to as well!! Hence, my own website and loving this book!!

Octopus recently partnered with the National Literacy Trust and as a result, created the bill explainer which hopefully will help more people understand their energy bill.

I am no front-end developer. I am just a self-taught WordPress geek (that’s the platform I make my website on) who likes to blog and if I can make facts simple I love that too. I’ll enjoy this book. I might not understand all of it but I will give it a try and implement anything I think I can!!

Thanks, Ashley for all the work you do to make the web accessible to all. I am sure your mum is delighted to have this book dedicated to her. What an achievement!

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Octopus Energy Customer service hits a high.

octopus energy review


Wonderful news Octopus Energy has bounded up the Top 50 Organisations list for offering great customer service.  The survey conducted by the Institute of Fiscal Studies analysed 45,000 customer experiences. It’s the most comprehensive survey of customer service across all sectors and saw Octopus Energy jump 12 places this year.  That’s not a bad result when you consider Octopus Energy has also expanded its customer base by nearly 1 million customers in the same time period! 🛼🎉

CEO Greg Jackson took to Twitter last night to congratulate his staff and customers for an incredible team effort.

The most comprehensive survey of customer service across sectors has @OctopusEnergy rising 12 places. Still the only energy company in the Top 50. And that’s whilst growing at almost 1m customers/yr through the pandemic. Kudos to incredible team and ❤️ 😍 ❤️to wonderful customers.

I am sure when Octopus Energy was founded in 2015 they had their eye on changing the perception of energy companies in the UK.  You can sense it in everything they do and why shouldn’t an energy company offer you even better customer service than M&S? You can live without chocolate eclairs but you’d struggle to go without energy at home. So why not demand a great experience? Well done Octopus Energy!! We think you’re pretty great too. 💚

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Fix your energy tariff before prices rise in October 2021.

octopus energy fixed tariff

Energy prices are expected to rise in October 2021 when Ofgem reviews the price cap.  Energy prices are already at an all-time high. Dual-fuel energy bills, however, are still expected to rise from £1,138 a year to £1,250 a year, up by £112.

Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert has already warned that prices will rise in the autumn.

“I have never seen the energy market like this before,” Lewis told the BBC. “Wholesale prices, which energy firms pay, have rocketed. The cheapest fixed deals are approximately £100 a year more now than they were just three months ago, and £200 a year more now than they were a year ago.”

Ofgem sets the price cap twice a year, in April and October. With Energy analysts talking about issues with Gas supply due to increased demand in Asia and other logistical issues I think it’s obvious that in the next price cap review we can expect prices to increase yet again.

How to minimise the impact of Autumn prices rises?

If your energy deal is coming to an end I would suggest fixing your energy price with a new one. Octopus Energy currently offers 2 years fixed energy tariff with no exit fees. You can switch to another tariff if prices drop (which is highly unlikely) or if you find a better deal you can simply leave.

Octopus Energy have always historically stayed below the energy price cap. In fact it was CEO Greg Jackson who faught tirlessly for the price cap to be introduced in order to protect consumers from being ripped off. So you know your going to get a fair deal. However, if wholesale energy prices are on the rise Octopus Energy will have to pass on some of that cost to their customers. 👀

Stay safe and make sure you fixed your energy prices before October 2021! Here’s an interesting read on the predicted prices rises in the Guardian newspaper.

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Why have UK wholesale energy prices gone up? How does it effect Octopus Agile customers?

Octopus Energy Agile price rise 2021

Since February 2021 wholesale energy prices in the UK have risen by over 50%. If you are on a fixed tariff and have been for a while the rise in energy costs may not have hit your pocket yet. It has, however, been the topic of lots of discussions for those on smart tariffs, such as Octopus Agile.

The Octopus Energy Agile tariff is based on wholesale energy prices. The price customers pay per kWh changes not only by the day but by the half-hour.  In 2020 it proved to be a really great way for customers to save money and help make the National Grid greener but shifting their energy use but in 2021 prices have changed quite dramatically.

Octopus Energy Agile prices 2021. 

In 2020 Octopus Agile customers regularly took to social media to highlight their amazing money-spinning ways of saving cash while charging electric cars, heating hot water or even just doing laundry BUT the chatter has changed over the last few months. The prices have lept up rather than crept up and price plunges have been few and far between. There are still lots of ways to get creative with your energy use to save money but it is getting trickers with fewer and fewer price drops throughout the day.

Octopus Energy is always more than transparent with its tariffs and calls for feedback from CEO Greg Jackson have resulted in quite a few interesting Twitter posts of late. Octopus Energy cannot control the market. They have to pass on the rise in costs and I know it must pains Greg Jackson to have to increase the Octopus Agile half-hourly prices so they end up looking less attractive BUT that’s how the energy market works! However groundbreaking the Octopus Agile tariff is it is based on wholesale and that’s just the way it works.

Why are Octopus Agile prices increasing so much?

Yesterday, Octopus Energy released this great blog on the “State of the wholesale market’. It highlights how in part Covid, the disruption of gas supplies, and the price of the European carbon allowance benchmark which has risen by 69% all impact wholesale prices. 

It’s a very interesting read and it does highlight why some Octopus Agile customers, for now, are jumping ship in favour of Octopus Go.  If you are concerned about the price of energy but you still want to shift your energy use to save both money and the planet it is a very good choice. You can leave the energy market to continue to try and work out pricing and demand while still taking advantage of low off-peak prices. (I just wish the politicians would act to work things. We need to try and reach Net Zero and this really doesn’t help!!)

Octopus Agile is still attractive to customers especially those who can shift their energy use and for those with solar panels who are able to export energy on the Octopus Outgoing Agile tariff.

Octopus Agile - National Average Prices.Cheapest 4 hours kWhAverage price kWhCheapest 30mins kWh. (Less demand on the National Grid / excess green energy)
Monday 20/09/2124.2p31.4p22.6p (03.30)
Sunday 19/09/2125.8p30.2p25.6p (02.30)
Saturday 18/09/2126.4p31.1p26.2p (04.30)
Friday 17/09/2126.0p30.8p24.2p (04.30)
Thursday 16/09/2126.9p33.1p22.4p (22.30)
Wednesday 15/09/2126.3p32.4p22.7p (22.30)
Tuesday 14/09/2124.4p31.7p21.3p (22.30)
Average per kWh over 7 days. This INCLUDES peak times.31.52p

On a positive note 🤗

Octopus Energy shows no sign and stepping away from any of its smart tariffs. In fact, they show signs of being even more committed. This month they have joined forces with National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO),  Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN),  and Ohme for the UK’s largest-ever home energy flexibility study.  CrowFlex” will see 25,000 homes take part in the study. It will focus on how incentivising customers through pricing can help to change user behaviors. 👏💚

Octopus Agile is in no way dead in the water. In fact, it trailblazing time of use tariffs. It’s what needs to be done to effect change and help the national grid become cleaner and greener. Octopus has been ahead of the game and now it needs to help other people catch up by reinforcing its benefits with more data. Hopefully, the study will help to do this!

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Balancing the Grid – New study underway.💚

octopus energy

octopus energy

Octopus Energy joins forces.  Time of use tariffs will be put under the microscope. Can they really change customers’ energy use?

Octopus Energy leads the way in smart tariffs.

Octopus Energy and Ohme have partnered for quite some time. They offer EV customers some great incentives to charge at home outside peak times with smart tariffs such as Octopus Agile and Octopus Go. Being ahead of their time this duo has helped customers to shift their energy and as a result, save money.

Now Octopus Energy and Ohme are joining forces with National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)  for the UK’s largest-ever home energy flexibility study.

What’s the study about?

CrowFlex” will start in June and see 25,000 homes take part in the study. The study will focus on how incentivising customers through pricing can help to change user behaviors. This is nothing new for those who have been on the Octopus Energy Agile tariff for some time. The price peaks and drops most definitely focus your mind. The difficulty has been encouraging customers on traditional tariffs to take the leap.  This study will help. Time of use tariffs are most definitely the way to go. To help balance the grid we all need to think about how we consume energy. There is a long way to go.

Hopefully, the findings will show how changes in energy price and demand affect consumer behavior. Plus highlight the impact that has on the National Grid. This study will provide some helpful data, so it’s a wonderful idea.

Carolina Tortora, head of innovation strategy and digital transformation at National Grid ESO, said:

“This project will give us some really exciting insight into how smart tariffs and technologies can influence the way people consume electricity and help us balance the grid.”

James Eddison, CTO, and co-founder of Octopus Energy Group said:

“This research project will help us demonstrate how we can use energy storage in our homes and flexible energy demand to exploit renewable energy and bring about the clean, green grid of the future, globally.”

David Watson, CEO, and founder of Ohme, said:

“We believe that by working in partnership across the entire mobility-energy value chain and sharing these valuable insights, we can transform energy use in the UK.”

Stewart Reid, head of future networks at SSEN, said:

“CrowdFlex is an exciting project which will support the unlocking of domestic flexibility. As we move to a smarter energy system utilising flexibility can help delay and avoid network reinforcement, and creates opportunities for households and businesses to play an active role in the energy system that serves them. This will be key in delivering a cost-effective, secure, and inclusive transition to net zero.

Octopus Energy keeping the ball in the air as always!

I am really pleased to see this study underway. Octopus Energy has been very passionate about the time of use tariffs not wavered in their commitment to them. I really appreciate Octopus Energy’s commitment to net zero. The planet is in crisis and we need companies like Octopus Energy to trailblaze these ideas. Well done Octopus Energy.

You can read more on the National Grids website HERE.

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