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octopus go v agile review

Octopus Go v Octopus Agile.

Octopus Go versus Octopus Agile is one of the most popular topics linked to Octopus Energy smart tariffs.  You’ll need a smart meter to access both of these Octopus Energy tariffs but once you’re ready to go and leave your interim tariff the big question is Octopus Go or Octopus Agile?

UPDATE: I currently wouldn’t recommend Octopus Agile unless you have solar energy to export to the national grid as wholesale energy prices have gone through the roof. Instead, compare Octopus Go or Go Faster to Intelligent Octopus for EV charging. If you have solar panels Octopus has amazing export prices with Octopus Agile outgoing. You don’t need to be on the standard Octopus Agile tariff to take advantage of the export!!! The export rates per kWh are fantastic at the moment on Agile. You can mix this outgoing tariff with anything other than Octopus Go / Go Faster!! Thank you Octopus Energy!

What’s right for you – Octopus Go v Octopus Agile.

No one can tell you which Octopus smart tariff is right for you. So many influencers seem to hold the answer but they aren’t you and they don’t know how and when you consume energy and your personal preference to investing time in order to save money or access greener energy.

The key thing to remember is that this is all fairly new territory and whatever you do, whichever Octopus tariff you choose you’re making a greener choice that is right for you at this moment in time.

Here’s some information that may help you make up your mind on your Octopus Energy smart tariff.

The Octopus Energy Agile tariff allows you to use energy when consumption is low bringing down prices to a minimum, sometimes even free. Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money and use cleaner, greener energy when there is less demand on the grid. Plus “plunge” pricing when wholesale prices go negative could even pay you to use energy!

The statement is slightly outdated as plunge prices are currently few and far between. Energy prices have skyrocketed and as agile follows the wholesale energy prices it is going to remain high for some time but there are still energy price drops during the day as they change every 30 minutes depending on demand.

Octopus Go offers a very attractive 4 hours of electricity at 7.5p per kWh between 00.30 and 04.30hrs. You can keep the running costs of your EV down but you can also schedule large home appliances to run during these times, such as your washing machine and dishwasher. When the peak unit price on Octopus Go is 30.77p per kWh this will make a considerable saving on your energy bill!

How much does Octopus Agile cost?

The Octopus agile price per kWh of electricity changes every 30 minutes.  The idea is you shift your energy usage to a time when there is less demand on the national grid. The prices are displayed the day before on the Octopus Energy website. You can find out more information about the Agile tariff on the Octopus website.

Octopus Agile is usually much more expensive than Go between 4 pm to 7 pm peak period but cheaper than Go from 04:30 am to 4 pm. At the moment, however, this isn’t the case. This is due in part I believe to the lack of wind. Prices have been consistently high on Octopus Agile for the last few months.

I have highlighted tomorrow’s prices to give you an example.

Octopus Agile Tariff Prices 2022

Octopus Agile tariff price on Sunday 23rd January 2022

Min: 27.4p per kWh (22.30)

Max: 35.0p per kWh (00.30)

Average: 34.1p per kWh.

Av. Excluding Peak times: 34.0p per kWh

Cheapest 4hrs: 31.8p per kWh

Peak Time 1600 – 1900: 35.0p per kWh.

The prices are based on national average prices per kWh.

Thanks to @energystatsuk for the daily figures.

As you can see the Agile average price per kWh is 34.1p and the standing charge is 21p a day. (23/1/2022) If you compare this to the Octopus Go tariff then Octopus Go would be the winning tariff for charging your EV at the moment. However, when you look at prices you have to look at the average for the year! Prices this month on Agile have been higher than those seen commonly in 2021.


UPDATE 7th October 2021: OCTOPUS ENERGY HAS STOPPED PROVIDING ONLINE QUOTES! YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SWITCH. (for those new to my site you can check this isn’t a spam link by going directly to the Octopus Energy website. Any attempt to quote as a new customer will bring up the telephone number 08081693274.)

Martin Lewis yesterday warned that Cornwall Insight who provides an independent analysis of energy markets told him it predicts the price cap in April to rise to £1660 from the current £1,277 per year!!!! Putin (the Russian President) also said yesterday he would help increase the gas supply from Russia. The limited supply of gas from Russia is one of the reasons energy supply has jumped so greatly. It is a case of crossing every finger you have that prices will start to drop and not continue to rise. I really hope so!!! It’s yet another reason why we need to increase our own homegrown green energy supply in the UK so we aren’t so reliant on other countries.🥺😢

If you call and still decide to switch please let them know you have been referred by Sarah-C. If you are asked for the unique link it’s Sarah-C.Octopus.Energy. There may be some validity in switching if you have a smart meter and want to sign up for one of the Octopus smart tariffs, like Octopus Go. (It’s still a really great tariff if you own an EV. Where else will you get 7.5p a kWh?) You can’t sign up for a smart tariff on the Octopus website. You’ll have to call and go on an interim fixed tariff first. Please read all the information below and take on advice given by Octopus. Let’s hope this all ends really soon!!💚🥺🤯

OCTOPUS GO Tariff OCTOPUS AGILE Tariff. ⏰ 23/01/2022
30.77p per kWh Daily Average Price 34.1p per kWh
7.5p per kWh - Off-peak 00.30 to 04.30 🚘Cheapest 4 hours of energy 31.8p per kWh
24.86p per day standing charge.21p per day standing charge.

Here is a quote for Octopus Go 22nd January 2021.  It is a good deal in the current climate for charging off-peak. The Octopus Go tariff is a fixed deal for one year.

To find the  most up to date Octopus Go rates in your area use this link. (If you decide to sign up come out of the quote and use the referral link. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the £50 credit)

On Twitter, there is quite some debate around sticking with the Octopus Agile tariff or moving over to Octopus Go. Quite a few are moving to Octopus Go BUT and this is a big BUT they will be back!! This is the great thing about Octopus Energy’s smart tariffs. You can switch between the two. If you switch away from Octopus Agile you can’t switch back for 30 days but that’s fair enough! You can chop at changes tariffs though as the weather or personal circumstances or needs change.

So the winning Octopus Smart tariff is……

I won’t take away the last 2 minutes of your life without giving you my opinion. 😆 It’s all very personal to your needs but if you want to plug your EV in and forget about it Octopus Go is more likely to be the one for you! You can also make the most of the 4 hours of very cheap energy to get your house in order with washing machine whizzing and dishwashers running. If you want to play around with half-hourly energy prices and use energy when there’s less demand on the grid you may well be on Team Agile BUT Octopus Go would be cheaper for charging your EV and getting the most out of cheap energy which is like finding a needle in a haystack at the moment!

Even though Octopus Go is currently cheaper than Octopus Agile half-hourly pricing is, without doubt, the way forward to even out our energy consumption and reduce the massive peaks in use on the national grid.  This is a good read on half-hourly pricing and net-zero.

Octopus Agile Tariff.Cheapest 4 hours.Average price kWhCheapest price 30 minutes.
National Average Price of Energy. Energy PriceEnergy Price.Energy Price.
Sunday 23/01/2931.8p per kWh.34.1p per kWh.27.4p per kWh (22.30)
Saturday 22/01/2231.9p per kWh.34.3p per kWh.33.3p per kWh.(05.00)
Friday 21/01/2132.5p per kWh.34.4p per kWh.31.7p per kWh.(22.30)
Thursday 20/01/2133.7p per kWh.34.7p per kWh.32.2p per kWh.(03.30)
Wednesday 19/01/2131.2p per kWh.34.1p per kWh.29.2p per kWh.(03.30)
Tuesday 18/01/2133.4p per kWh.34.7p per kWh.33.3p per kWh.(22.30)
Monday 17/01/2133.0p per kWh.34.5p per kWh.33.0p per kWh (00.00)
Average price per kWh over 7 days.34.40p per kWh
Octopus Agile Average unit price over the last 365 days in my area. 13/01/22Per kWh.
Average price including peak times.23.81p
Average price excluding peak times. (4pm - 7pm)22.14p
Average price during the cheapest 4 hours.18.34p
Standing charge 21p

Thanks to @energystatsuk for the daily figures.

find out more octopus go faster tariff


Take a look at my full Octopus Go / Go Faster review. The unit price outside the discounted period may vary depending on your geographical location.

Option 1 🚘 4 hours discounted.7.5p per kWh
Option 2 🚘 5 hours discounted.8.25p per kWh
Outside discounted period unit cost per kWh30.77p
Standing charge. 🚘24.86p

If you own a Tesla or a Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger (or you are thinking of buying this charger) take a look at this brand new EV tariff, Octopus IntelligentIt offers 6 hours of off-peak charging.


If you don’t own an EV and are using Octopus Agile as an alternative to a standard Octopus tariff it’s still a great way to focus your mind on shifting your energy use BUT I wouldn’t recommend switching to Octopus Agile right now. At the moment the average daily rate has gone up but it does depend on how flexible you can be with your energy use. This tariff is fantastic for helping to make the grid greener BUT pricing has been consistently high for the last few months!! We just need some more wind to bring the cost down and for the energy crisis be to over!

So whenever you discover this post if you are asking yourself Octopus Go versus Octopus Agile remember you are asking yourself this question as you are not sticking to the norm and going with a standard tariff. Standard tariffs at the moment are ridiculously high! Switching to a smart tariff at least gives you the freedom to try and bring your overall energy bill down. You may be trying to be greener or save money or both but it’s all a learning curve and one we have to do to give the planet a better future!!

Read both my reviews on the Octopus Agile and the Octopus Go / Go Faster tariffs. 💕 I’d also suggest you look at Intelligent Octopus which is a beta tariff BUT I can see it becoming more consideration for those looking at Octopus Go. The next post I think will have to be Intelligent Octopus v Octopus Go!!

octopus energy ratingIf you call and decide to switch to Octopus let them know you have been referred by Sarah-C. If you are asked for the unique link it’s Sarah-C.Octopus.Energy.  You’ll get £50 credit on your first bill and I will get £50 credit too.👏💚🎉 – Thank you, Sarah.🤗

Here are a few of the reasons Agile prices have been high at the moment. I have written a blog post that might prove helpful.

Octopus Watch App

You can find some great apps and devices using Octopus Energy API.

I would strongly suggest looking at the Octopus Watch app. Watch refers to keeping an eye on something rather than needing a smartwatch to access it!! 😁

I would say this is one of the most useful apps to consider if you are switching to the Octopus Energy Agile tariff. This app allows you to download up to 3 months of historical data.  You can use it to set Agile pricing alerts and interact with Siri. It’s a good app but the fun really starts in the subscription version.

(Find this app at google play)

(find this app in the app store here) (find this app on the Amazon store)

Octopus Watch with Subscription.
(£1.99 + £7.99 per year/£0.99 per month)

This is really if you want to help shift your usage to make energy greener.  You can set alerts so you know when the lowest carbon period is.  It really depends on how much you want to play around with your energy usage and shift. The predictive reports are great too. If you want to plan and work out which day would be best to charge your car or do your weekly wash then the predictive option helps a lot. Of course, these energy prices are just predicted. However, they have shown to be 90% accurate, which is good enough for me.  Here is the smarthound website.

octopus energy cashback

Octopus go review


Fix a new tariff or stay on price cap April 2022

April 2022 price cap
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fix or price cap 2022Stick or fix your energy tariff before April 2022?

With the energy price cap due to rise by an estimated 51% in April 2022 the question most people are considering is whether a new fixed tariff is a good option or not. It is one I have been asking myself.

Here is my dilemma.

My fixed gas tariff is due to end mid March 2022. I have to either take a new Octopus fixed tariff or I move over to the Octopus flexible tariff by simply doing nothing. Doing nothing sounds very tempting. By doing absolutley nothing my fixed rated will expire on the 20th March 2022. The price I pay per kWh of gas will increase from 2.94p a kWh to just under 4p a kWh. The issue is on the 1st April the energy price cap is due to increase. The Octopus Flexible tariff should then be roughly 6p a kWh. So in a matter of days after my Octopus fixed rate ends I will be paying double the price for my gas supply! 🤯

How do you know if you are on a price cap tariff?

I am sure there are thousands of people in the situation where they want to know if they should do something to secure a better long term energy deal. The first thing you need to know is are you on a price cap tariff?  You are on the price cap tariff if;

  • You’ve never switched tariff.
  • Your cheap fix ended and you did nothing.
  • Your energy firm has recently gone bust and you have been moved to another supplier.
  • You opted for the Octopus Flexible tariff.

If the answer is yes to any of the above then you will be currently paying around 21p per kWh for electricity and 4p per kWh for gas. (It’s a rough figure but it’s close enough)

How much will your energy bill increase in April 2022?

If you are on a price cap tariff like the Octopus flexible tariff the unit price you pay for energy will rise in April 2022. How much obviously all depends on how much energy you use. The price you pay per kWh will increase by an estimated 50%. (It may be slightly more)

As an example, if you are currently on a tariff, such as the Octopus flexible tariff, which is protected by the price cap and you use the same amount of energy in April as you did in March your energy bill wil go up by around 50% in April 2022. A £100 energy bill in March will cost you roughly £150 in April.

If like me you come off a really cheap Octopus fixed tariff and roll onto the flexible tariff you will feel the effects even more after April.

The price increase for the new energy price cap hasn’t been released yet.  This is all a bit of a guestimate but Martin Lewis is quite confident the increase will be around 51% and I agree.

Will the energy price cap increase again in 2022?

The simple answer is yes there is a possibility it will. The price cap may increase again in October 2022.  No one knows what will happen in the next few months.

Without having a crystal ball it is very difficult to say either way.  Russia is restricting the supply of gas to the UK and this is pushing up both gas and electricity prices. There are lots of issues with Russia and Ukraine which cause concern.  Russia is restricting the supply of gas to Europe to put pressure on the respective governments.  As a result, the wholesale energy market is difficult to predict.

Will sticking on the energy price cap be cheaper than taking an Octopus fixed tariff today?

Yes, being on a tariff protected by the price cap will be cheaper than a new Octopus fixed deal in the first half of 2022 unless the Octopus Fixed tariff drops in price.

The Octopus fixed tariff has been increasing over the last few weeks but if wholesale prices drop in the spring it will go down. You really need to watch this space and grab a deal if prices drop! If you have already fixed at a higher rate you can switch to the lower price tariff by emailing [email protected] It is really easy to do!!

Compare Octopus 12 months fixed tariff energy prices. 👀 Electricity unit rate per kWh. Gas unit rate per kWh.
21/01/2234.63p per kWh🔻8.55p per kWh🔻
15/12/2137.08p per kWh 🔺10.18 per kWh 🔺
09/12/2133.65p per kWh🔺8.77p per kWh🔺
02/12/2131.23p per kWh🔺8.11p per kWh🔺
24/11/2128.75p per kWh🔺7.47p per kWh🔺
Daily standing charge Electricity.24.86p per day24.86p per day
Daily standing charge gas.26.10p per day26.10p per day.

Today the current Octopus Energy 12-month fixed tariff is 37.08p per kWh for electricity and 10.18p per kWh for gas. There’s a daily standing charge per day of 24.86p for electricity and 26.10p for gas.

UPDATE: The Octopus fixed tariff dropped in price, 21st January 2002,  to 34.63p per kWh for electricity and 8.55p per kWh for gas!!

Estimated comparison between a new Octopus fixed tariff and the April 2022 price cap. (Octopus Flexible tariff)

 Octopus Fixed Price per kWh.Estimated April 2022 price cap.
Electricity34.63p per kWh.31.5p per kWh
Gas8.55p per kWh6p per kWh
12 Months fixed tariff.YesNo

The estimate is based on a 50% increase in the price cap.  Currently, it is still cheaper to stick on a tariff capped by the energy price cap, such as the Octopus flexible tariff for the next few months. The issue is no one knows how much the energy price cap will rise by October 2022.

My gut feeling is that for the next few months you will be better off sticking on a tariff protected by the energy price cap unless you are an existing Octopus customer or prices drop and a cheaper Octopus fixed tariff becomes available.

Existing Octopus customers who have been with Octopus for more than 8 months can get a slightly cheaper deal on the Loyal Octopus tariff which is 27.59p per kWh for electricity and 8.47p per kWh for gas. The gas price per kWh is still higher than the expected new price cap but you could just take the Loyal Octopus fixed tariff for your electricity supply.  It’s below the expected April price cap and is fixed for 12 months. The gas price is higher BUT it will be set in stone for 12 months and you don’t have to worry about a price increase in October. It’s a case of weighing up what is best for you.

If you own an electric vehicle and have a smart meter you may be in luck. 

If you have a smart meter and an electric vehicle you should definitely consider the Octopus Go tariff !! (You could also consider the Intelligent Octopus tariff if you have a Tesla or own a Wallbox EV charger)

Octopus Go is a tariff designed for EV charging at home. The daytime rate is roughly in line with the predicted price cap after the April 2022 increase BUT it is fixed for 12 months. So the price will not increase again in October if the price cap should rise. You will also get 4 hours of off-peak charging at 7.5p per kWh. The off-peak rate isn’t limited to EV charging so between 00.30  and 03.30 you can fill your boots and preset lots of white goods to make the most of cheap electricity.

Back to my dilemma. Should I fix a new gas tariff now before the April price cap?

It is all a gamble I am afraid. I usually have a definite answer but I am going to gamble and roll onto the Octopus Energy flexible tariff which is protected by the price cap. My unit price per kWh of gas will double but if I take the current Loyal Octopus tariff it would almost treble in price! That being said even as I am typing this I am not quite sure.

I could turn my central heating off in April and get the kids to wear jumpers. We could only use gas for an hour a day to heat the hot water. I would have a guaranteed price of 8.47p for 12 months. This could take me through next winter avoiding any more rises if the price cap goes up in October 2022. Either way, it is going to mean bigger energy bills it’s just a case of trying to minimise the impact.

UPDATE 17/1/21: I am swinging towards fixing my gas tariff! The flexible tariff is cheaper BUT I really hate not to have a fixed energy price. Hmm…I am going to carefully watch the prices like a hawk!!

The Octopus fixed tariffs haven’t changed since mid-December when wholesale energy prices spiked. Maybe they will go down a little towards the end of the month. If I do fix my energy tariff I will be watching the Octopus tariffs and if they drop further I will switch to the cheaper one. The last time I did this it took less than 24 hours to get the deal.

If you are in a similar dilemma remember;

  • You can switch tariffs at any time you don’t need to wait for your fixed deal to come to an end.
  • There’s no admin fee.
  • You can switch from a fixed tariff to a flexible tariff with Octopus. (I think other suppliers make you wait until your fixed term ends. You will need to check.)

On a plus, the planet is probably cheering as I will produce less C02. 😀🙊🌍

Where can you find the up-to-date Octopus Energy tariffs?

At the moment you can’t get a new customer online quote from Octopus. All the comparison sites are unable to provide any quotes either BUT you can find the current tariffs on the Octopus Energy website. You just need to scroll down through the list of current tariffs. Here is the link. Don’t click on “Request a quote” just enter your postcode and a list of current tariffs will be displayed below.

I keep my Octopus tariffs page updated each day so it’s quite easy to find out if energy prices have dropped and it is time to fix a deal.

Making a decision to fix or stick is so personal, you have to consider what is best for your energy needs now. So many peoples circumstances are different. I hope my post has helped.

It is important to remember you can switch to a new Octopus tariff at any time. It takes a quick email or phone call and it is done. So if prices drop you can switch to a cheaper tariff.








Intelligent Octopus Price Increase.

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Intelligent Octopus Price Increase.

Yesterday, the Intelligent Octopus tariff increased in price. Octopus Go, which is one of Octopus Energy’s most popular EV tariffs, increased on the 4th January. It was inevitable that the Intelligent tariff would go the same way.

Octopus has held off increasing its EV tariffs for quite some time. The sharp rise in wholesale energy prices in mid-December must have sealed the deal on the price increases.

energy price graphComparing the new Intelligent Octopus tariff.

The off-peak rate which offers 6 hours of charging has now increased from 5p a kWh to 7.5p a kWh. This is still a really attractive rate. It makes home charging so much cheaper than using public EV charging points unless you use a free one. 😀

The rates outside peak times are 30.77p per kWh with a daily standing charger of 24.86p. This is quite a jump in price. The rate is in no way cheap BUT it is still cheaper than the current Octopus 12 month fixed tariff on offer. It is also under the estimated new energy price cap which comes into effect in April. The price cap is expected to rise by 50% in April!

The Loyal Octopus tariff offers existing Octopus customers, who have been with Octopus for more than 8 months, a rate of 27.59p per kWh with a daily standing charge of 24.86p. This is the only cheaper Octopus electricity tariff. The day rate is cheaper by 3.18p BUT you obviously don’t get an off-peak rate. It is the off-peak rate and how much you use it that will drive your average price down overall. So the winner would still be the Intelligent tariff.

Additional cheap hours of charging with the Intelligent tariff.

With the Intelligent Octopus tariff, you get 6 hours of off-peak charging between 11.30 pm and 5.30 am BUT the important point to remember is that you could get more.

The idea behind the intelligent tariff is that it allows Octopus to control when your EV charges. You plug it in when you get home and let Octopus know, via the app,  when you will need your EV next and how much charge you will need. If Octopus decides it can offer cheap green energy before 11.30 pm and your car is plugged in then it will charge at the 7.5p per kWh off-peak rate.

Octopus may stop and start your EV charge but you are guaranteed the off-peak rates on ALL your electricity use at home between 11.30 pm and 5.30 pm PLUS during the times’ Octopus decided to charge your EV outside these periods. So you could get more than 6 hours at 7.5p per kWh.  This is where it gets interesting!

If you don’t plug in your EV every night do you still get the off-peak rates on your home electricity use?

Yes, your off-peak times are 11.30 pm to 5.30 pm at 7.50p per kWh on all of your electricity use, not just EV charging.

Intelligent Octopus price increase – FAQ’s Intelligent Octopus.

You can find further information including up to date prices on the Octopus website.






Octopus Go Price Increase

octopus go rise
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octopus go

Octopus Go Price Increase.

Every morning I check the Octopus Energy tariff.  I have had a few sharp intakes of air over the last few months as energy prices have risen. The Octopus Go off-peak rate has tariff always remained unchanged. In September the Octopus Go daytime rate increased but the discounted nighttime rate remained the same. It has been 5p per kWh for around 3 years.

Yesterday, however as everyone started to file back to work the inevitable happened. The off-peak rate for the Octopus Go tariff increased from 5p per kWh to 7.5p per kWh. I am not at all shocked. Wholesale prices have increased massively over the last year and I would be naive to think that the Go tariff would remain unchanged. The daytime rate and the standing charge also increased in price but this has happened before.

Today, Tuesday 5th January 2022 the Octopus Go tariff is 7.5p per kWh off-peak with a daytime rate of 30.77p per kWh. The daily standing charging charge is 24.86p.

You can find the up to date Octopus Go tariff prices for your geographical location on the Octopus Energy website.

Is the Octopus Go tariff still worth it?

Yes, I think the off-peak rate is still very attractive for charging an electric vehicle at home. It is a straightforward tariff where you plugin and know that the rate is guaranteed for 12 months. The energy price cap is due to rise in April 2022 and the 7.5p a kWh is miles away from the standard variable rate.

If you own a Tesla or have a Wallbox charger I think the Intelligent Octopus tariff is now looking like the best option. The 5p a kWh off-peak hasn’t risen yet and it is fixed for 6 hours PLUS you may get additional discounted periods if your car is plugged in and scheduled to charge.

Are there cheaper alternatives to the Octopus Go tariff?

EDF have an off-peak tariff which is 4.5p per kWh but their daytime rate is a lot more. There aren’t that many options at the moment, to be honest. The energy crisis has really taken its toll.

Will energy prices fall in 2022?

I really hope so. I have noticed that wholesale energy prices are beginning to fall, however, energy companies are going to want to recoup their losses from the winter months. Energy suppliers have been buying energy for more than they are able to sell it and so even if wholesale prices drop I don’t think it’s going to be that straightforward.

Fingers crossed for 2022. Remember charging your EV at home is still currently cheaper than filling up at the pump and it is better for the planet. That’s one thing that may help put a spring in your step.

octopus energy cashback







Octopus Energy India.



Octopus Energy join forces to help decarbonise India.

Octopus Energy Group and Indian firm, Sterlite Power have signed an agreement to help bring cleaner energy to India and the world.

As an Octopus customer and a mother concerned about the future of the planet, I am delighted to see this agreement being signed. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), was signed at COP26 in November.  Both Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy and Sterlite Power’s Managing Director Pratik Agarwal look equally pleased and I am not at all surprised. It’s a brilliant move for both companies and the planet!

What is the Green Grid Initiative?

The agreement between Octopus and Sterlite Power is the first UK-India energy partnership since the Green Grids announcement at COP26 in November 2021. Both UK and India Prime Ministers signed up to the Green Grid Initiative which aims to create a more inter-connected global grid.

The vision of the Green Grid Initiative is One Sun One World One Grid. Developing global partnerships that will help build, for example, a worldwide green grid through technology, market structures and investment.

Why is a partnership with Sterlite Power such a good idea?

Sterlite Power deals with the transmission of energy in India.  They transmit energy around the country bringing power to homes and businesses. They seem to have a similar mantra to Octopus and have a reputation for shaking up the market. So far Sterlite Power has helped to reduce transmission costs in Indian by up to 40%  but they don’t directly create energy. So it’s easy to see why joining forces with a green energy supplier would benefit both companies. Octopus and Sterlite would have both green energy generation and supply covered. It’s a win, win.

India is currently the third-largest carbon-emitting country in the world. It produces over 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and without intervention, this may continue to rise. Sterlite Power and Octopus are hoping to create renewable energy and storage facilities in India making energy cheaper and greener. 👏

Will the partnership help drive down costs and make the grid greener in the UK?

Yes, I think it will. Octopus Energy doesn’t shy away from a challenge. They take bold steps and I think this is quite a brilliant move for both the UK and India.  The UK has a limited amount of competition in terms of infrastructure for transmitting energy.  If the partnership can help the UK distribution costs it could not only help both the UK customers pocket but also the planet.

Octopus Energy is now in 13 countries and may soon launch a retail energy business in India. You really cannot question their commitment to decarbonisation!

Well done Octopus. Do you ever sleep or are you beyond sleeping? I think Octopus Energy is on a mission and it is one I am pleased to support! Thank you! 💚🌍









Tesla South Wales and Bristol Group

Tesla south wales and BRISTOL GROUP

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Tesla owners group - south wales an.d bristol

Tesla Owners South Wales and Bristol Christmas meet up.

I just wanted to say a big, thank you, to Dave for inviting me along to the Tesla Owners South Wales and Bristol group Christmas meet. I am buying a Tesla Model Y which I hope to get in the new year and Dave and his wife were the first on the scene at Sarn Services, in South Wales to offer me advice.

It was really nice to meet Tesla owners who are all so very passionate about their electric vehicles and also about the planet. They all had concerns about climate change and it’s very obvious that they feel they are somewhat pioneers in the EV story.

Are Electric Vehicles the new hot thing?

Back in 2019, I wrote a blog post where I wasn’t quite sure if electric vehicles could offer a suitable alternative to a “traditional” car but now without question, I believe they are the way forward and these guys are leading the way!

It seems I am not alone in my newfound passion for electric vehicles. The EV market is booming!! Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in November 2021 accounted for 21,726 new registrations. This is around an 18.8% market share in November! In October the market share was 15.2%, so the figures are steadily rising.

Should I buy an electric car?

There are so many alternatives to owning a vehicle. I can cycle or walk, and if need be I can use public transport. I own a car so do I need to add to the environmental pressures causing more vehicles to be produced? These are all questions I have asked myself for quite a few months.

Everyone’s needs are different and balancing them with your concerns for the environment when you really want something is quite challenging but I have reached the decision to buy an EV.  My current car, which I bought from new in 2009, is now costing me so much to run. It just keeps breaking down! I could try going without a car but I have 3 kids and live in a semi-rural location so that’s not really an option.

As you can tell I have felt the need to justify my decision. I think that’s the way it’s going to be for so many things as we tackle climate change but I am buying an electric car and it’s going to be a Tesla!

I test drove 4 electric cars. The Tesla was so much fun to drive and I think Elon Musk is a genius. I think he gets quite a lot of negative press for a man who has transformed the automotive industry for the sake of the planet! So my Model Y is on order and I hope to take delivery in early 2022!

Thank you to all the EV owners who have offered advice.

I have met some amazing EV owners. I research EVERYTHING and without fail when I have asked a question I have over received information, which is amazing!! 

Thank you Tesla owners South Wales and Bristol for your warm welcome. Hopefully, in the new year, I will see you all with my model Y. 😀



Octopus Shop

Octopus shop



Octopus Energy is spreading some Christmas cheer with their “Shoptopus”. Working with Ranpuni clothing Octopus are offering a selection of T-Shirts and hoodies along with tote bags with the slogan, “Gas Boilers Suck” 🤣

There’s something for all kids, big and small, with a toy Octo van and a Going Green with Constantine book.

Who are Ranpuni and why is the Shoptopus a good idea?

Ranpuni clothing has great eco-credentials. They only use organic cotton and are plastic-free. T-shirts are printed to order in the UK using water-based inks one at a time and in real-time, so there’s no waste from over-stocked designs and sizes. Their products are designed so they can be easily returned for recycling into new clothing. 👏  All the profits from the Shoptopus will be going to two brilliant charities: Renewable World and Papyrus. 💚

Why I have just bought a hoody.

octopus hoodie for saleI opted to buy a Power and Love hoody. I am a big Octopus fan and it will make me giggle when I see the logo staring back at me in the mirror but most importantly I like both of the charities Octopus are supporting.

There’s a lot of information on the Octopus website about Renewable World. If you are on the Octopus Super Green tariff you make a donation to Renewable World each month.

Papyrus is a charity I hadn’t heard of before, that aims to prevent young suicide.  I have spoken to young people a lot about suicide. I was in the national press, at one stage several years ago, because of my work.  It’s a subject people really don’t like to address. It is unimaginable that a young person would commit suicide but they do and we need to talk about it. More importantly, young people need to talk about it!

By buying my hoodie from the Shoptopus I will bring light into my own life and hopefully help someone else smile too. It is a subject very close to my heart. If you can help by buying something from the Shoptopus too that would be wonderful.

Well done Octopus, Happy Christmas!!

Visit the Shoptopus today.






Ripple Energy Scotland

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ripple energy scotland


This week Ripple Energy completed its first wind turbine project in South Wales.  Now I am one of 907 co-op wind farm owners at Graig Fatha. Our wind turbine, near Cardiff, will start generating renewable energy very soon.

When I wrote my Ripple Energy Review several months ago I did wonder if I would look back on my lockdown purchase with some regret. However, wholesale energy prices have skyrocketed and I am delighted that the profits from the wind turbine will start reducing my energy bill very soon. As a bonus, I take great pleasure knowing that our wind turbine will be adding renewable energy to the National Grid helping it turn a lighter shade of green!

The next Ripple Energy project will be in Scotland.

Ripple will open its next project to wannabe co-op wind turbine members at the start of 2022. The new turbine will be in Scotland and is going to be an onshore turbine the same as Graig Fatha. As I understand it there will be an offshore turbine project in Scotland but this is some way off.

You can sign up to express an interest in the new Scottish wind turbine on the Ripple Energy website.

Heat Battery storage.

Ripple has made further Scottish connections by linking up with Sunamp, a company based in Tranent. Sunamp produces super compact and super-insulated storage for heat energy, usable for hot water, space heating or cooling.  Their batteries, quite simply, store heat.

I have been fascinated with the idea of heat storage in batteries since reading about them in the news. The batteries seem to work in a similar way to a hand warmer. The gel, called phase-changing material, inside the battery can heat up at the click of a button. It can then be used to heat water or your home.

 Ripple Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sunamp. I am not sure how the partnership will work but I hope it will help co-op members reduce their reliance on fossil-powered heat systems in the not too distant future.

Ripple Energy Review.

You can read my full Ripple Energy review if you would like further information. I will be buying additional kWh’s of energy when the new Scottish turbine becomes available in the new year and will update this page or do another blog post when that moves forward.

If you decide to join Ripple you can get £25 credit using my Ripple Energy referral. I will get £25 too. So a big thank you if you decide to use my link!

ripple energy referral code.