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Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!

octopus energy cashbackApart from being the Which? highest ranking energy supplier for 2020, providing 100% green energy and embracing technology Octopus energy do not treat customers like fools.  Octopus energy encourages those who love tech too reimagine and engage with  them in order to make their energy supply even greener.  They provide support online via social media links (which I love) and keep customers fully informed of developments within their company. As if that’s not enough they are also, in my opinion, a highly ethical company and an inspiration for a greener future!

We are in a global pandemic and how companies treat their staff speaks volumes! I have seen both the good and bad over the last few weeks and was delighted to read Octopus Energy’s latest blog on their Covid-19 challenges.




Since Monday 23rd March, the Octopus office-based team has moved entirely to working from home.

Octopus has established OctoKids and OctoTV to help parents balance work with looking after their kids. Some teams have set up buddy systems, making sure no one working from home ever feels isolated or lonely.

Octopus Energy maintain full pay for everyone we employ directly. Where people can’t work, we may use the government’s furlough scheme and top salaries up to 100%.

Octopus gives employees access to company resources (like vans and computers) so they can assist in NHS and other volunteering programmes.

For engineers who need to go to peoples homes Octopus Energy are providing special training and equipment in the wake of Coronavirus as well. They are expect to upgrade from protective coveralls and face masks to full Hazmat suits as of March 30th where they’re necessary.



Octopus Energy phone answer times, and email response times have been fairly good. Overall service levels have been about the same as pre Covid-19 and are expected to keep improving!

Now this is where it becomes interesting. I was trying to summaries Greg Jackson, the CEO of Octopus Energy’s comments about how he is trying to help customers but I just can’t. I am usually good at skipping through peoples waffle and finding the hidden meaning BUT there isn’t one!! It is an open and honest response just as I have come to expect from their CEO.

Well done on being so upfront and for doing so much! I wouldn’t expect anything less!!! It’s very odd how as a family we feel we know you Mr Jackson!! I couldn’t say that about any other provider for any home service we’ve been with. Stay safe!! This is the reason I stick with you! Stay safe!! 


How working from home impacts customer bills

Our data scientists have done some initial analysis using smart meter data and found that a typical household moving from working out of home to working at home will use around £3-£5 per week more energy at the level of the government’s energy price cap (read the analysis in full here). There’s two things to note about that – an Octopus customer pays less than the price cap, and we also expect this £3-5 weekly figure to come down with reduction in gas usage as we start to hit warmer months.

I am conscious that for everything I write, there will be exceptions – and some very serious ones – but for most households, this extra energy consumption is not likely to be the big driver of hardship. Indeed, for households with the same income as before, the increased energy cost of £3-£5 per week is a lot less than the typical cost of commuting (about £66/month). Of course, in a household where one person has lost their job, and another is working from home, they’ll see drop in income and higher energy costs – and similarly for people with commission and other variable earnings. We recognise those differences. Similarly, we also know that for many households lockdown has led to lower outgoings. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but on the whole, drops in income are more instrumental in making it difficult to pay energy bills than the fact that people are using more energy at home.

octopus energySo, what are we doing to help when people have had big drops in income as a result of Covid-19?

First – we signed up to a government charter which outlines the support energy companies are voluntarily giving to customers.

This has been covered by the media “energy companies to waive bills” or similar, but when you read the charter it’s much more nuanced. For example, here’s the section on helping people whose finances have been impacted:

‘Based on individual circumstances, this could include:

– Considering reassessing, reducing or pausing debt repayment and bill payments for domestic customers in financial distress.

– Considering referring customers who are struggling to pay to third party debt advisers such as StepChange and Citizens Advice.’

This fairly low level commitment is the current reality not just for Octopus customers, but we believe for customers of other companies as well.

We’d love to do more – and our team and I have been working night and day with other energy companies, EnergyUK (our trade association), Ofgem and Government departments (BEIS, Treasury) to try to find a solution for people who need it.

I’ve been asked why Octopus aren’t, for example, just giving all customers a blanket payment holiday – or even writing off bills. I heard someone on the radio saying “these energy companies make so much money, why can’t they help?”

I’d like to show respect to customers and all readers by responding to this candidly – even when it could mean my words are misrepresented – but I’d rather be open and clear than opaque and evasive.

Energy companies – at least most – don’t make shedloads of money. Octopus lost £29m last year. Our rivals, Bulb, lost £129m. And here’s Centrica’s share price over the last 5 years:

Of course – there’s a reason for all these. In our case, and perhaps Bulb’s, we’ve been investing in growth – payments to comparison sites, for example, are not cheap. In the case of the incumbents, their inefficiency has made it hard to handle price competition from companies like ours.

But underlying it is a fact of the modern energy market: margins are wafer thin. The CMA (government authority) reckons energy companies should make 1.25% margin. We’re very efficient and target 3% – and expected to hit something like that next year. This year was roughly breakeven at what’s called the EBITDA level. I can’t speak for other companies – but this is the way energy should be – super low margins meaning that customers get better value. That’s exactly what we’ve been fighting for since we were founded – better value for customers.

So as a typical example from the numbers above – If a company makes a 3% margin, then for every customer spending £1000 (roughly the average annual energy bill), it makes £30 profit. If a single customer doesn’t pay, it loses £1000. So a single customer not paying wipes out the earnings from 33 othersSo if just 1 in 33 customers doesn’t pay, the company goes from profit to loss. On the CMA’s 1.25% figure, it’s worse – 1 customer not paying wipes out the earnings from 80 other customers.

At Octopus, we take a long term view of everything – it’s why we’ve invested in the systems and people to make energy cheaper and greener, rather than focusing on short term profit.

So we are hugely aware that a time like now is a time to focus on doing the right thing – and I’m very happy to take a financial hit throughout this period to help customers affected by Covid-19.

But from the numbers above, you can see that we can’t take a massive hit. Helping 3% of customers is enough to send a company like ours into losses – and the numbers in energy are huge.

Our estimates are that 10-20% of UK households could see significant drops in income from Covid-19, so let’s take the middle of that – 15%. If we help 15% of customers by waiving their bills, the first 3% wipe out any profit. The next 12% are pure losses. Using Octopus as an example – we have 1.5m customers – so our revenue is about £120m a month. 12% of this is £14m.

So Octopus would be losing £14m a month. If the Covid-19 crisis lasts 3 months, it’d be £42m; 6 months, £84m. That just wouldn’t be sustainable. And of course, the economic impact could hit payments for longer than the immediate health crisis.

And that leaves us in the difficult position that we cannot help everyone we would ideally like to.

Instead, we’ll be working hard to ensure that customers who can afford to pay keep doing so, and that we do everything we can to help those who’ve been affected on a case by case basis – but we’ll need to be selective and that’s hard. Really hard.

Which is why we’re working tirelessly with other energy companies and the government to see if there could be a uniform approach across all companies to provide standardised levels of help – and mean that it’s not down to the lucky dip of which energy company you’re with, but your circumstances, which define the outcome.

And it’s why we ask people to be understanding – we’re working hard to ensure we push our own finances to the max to help everyone with service, and those who need it most financially. And we know that our customers will do the same.

With everyone doing their bit, we can all emerge from this crisis together. We’re just at the beginning and we’ll push in every way we can to try to make things work for everyone.


Switching to renewable energy will have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.  Recycling and using public transport, as an example,  will also help but by far switching to renewable energy will have the greatest impact. If you are not using green energy please switch today!! It is something you can do in 2 minutes online. We need to act and we have to act now! We can make a difference to our planet. I have created this website to help give my view on Octopus Energy. I hope it will reassure you that switching is the way to go!! We all have to do our bit and whilst in isolation, this is a part of mine.

I hope everyone reading this stays safe. I salute the emergency services. Stay well and share the power of love and kindness by making a difference. Step up and do what you can. I’ll see you at the party hopeful on the other side. We will get through this!


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It is day 4 of social distancing. Thankfully no one has any symptoms of the Coronavirus but one of our children is high risk and so we have decided to step back and try to be as cautious as we can.  I am watching the world around us change. It is a very concerning time.


I wanted to write this blog as I am wondering when we get through this just how will people change? Is simply asking people to change their habits still enough? I have watched people fighting for toilet roll and friends on universal credit crying over their lack of ability to buy supplies.  Some I can help.OCTOPUS ENERGY We have bought food for our neighbours, spent time encouraging elderly relatives to stay home and have been checking on those we know have shown symptoms. I’ve been using my techie skills and free time to set up social networks for my community. I have been bringing key people together in the hope that we can support each other locally.  This dreadful, unprecedented situation is making me realise that as a family we need to try even harder to preserve what we have. We must help others so we all get through it.  I must admit I have been really overthinking things but we need immediate action!!

  • We need to aim for zero food waste at home.
  • Use less energy.
  • Recycle and mend.
  • Keep safe and survive.
  • Help others get through this with us.
  • Live
  • Help others to live.
  • Look after our planet and everyone on it.


Having zero control over this virus is causing me anxiety. I am a very organised person. I love to give advice but I am struggling.  Without exception, I research everything and am confident in my views. I am, however, struggling as there is so limited data.  Everything is so new and unknown. A friend advised me to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t.  I can’t go out. I can’t find a cure for this virus but what I can do is believe that we will get through this.  When we come out the other side it is obvious we need greater control over the future of our planet. It isn’t good enough to think we have time, we don’t. We need to act now! Nature has shown us that it doesn’t wait for a convenient time to strike.  I can type, I can make a noise and I can hopefully convince you to reduce your carbon footprint very easily.

On a positive note, I have seen people adapt on a sixpence. Gin distilleries making hand gel. This isn’t for profit but for social good and necessity. Shops giving away supplies to the needy. Schools moving to online platforms. People working from home. The list goes on! So we can change and change at speed.


octopus energy should i switchBill Gates, the founder of Apple, predicted the possibility of a virus causing a global pandemic in 2015. He spoke at length on how we could be prepared. When we get through this, which we will,  we need to listen to people. We need to embrace technology and reduce our carbon footprint and we must all change. Survival is key!


Switching to renewable energy will have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.  Recycling and using public transport, as an example,  will also help but by far switching to renewable energy will have the greatest impact. If you are not using green energy please switch today!! It is something you can do in 2 minutes online. We need to act and we have to act now! I have created this website to help give my view on Octopus Energy. I hope it will reassure you that switching is the way to go!! We all have to do our bit and whilst in isolation, this is a part of mine.

I hope everyone reading this stays safe. I salute the emergency services. Stay well and share the power of love and kindness by making a difference. Step up and do what you can. I’ll see you at the party hopeful on the other side. We will get through this!

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Get ready for an energy resolution.

I am ready for a new years resolution to ring in  a greener 2020.  It  involves ditching single use plastics and shouting a little louder about the green energy revolution.

If you have found my blog then you are hopefully considering a switch to renewable energy. My  advice would be to go for it! Switching to green energy has the biggest impact on reducing your carbon footprint and is quick and easy to do.

Why Octopus Energy?

We have been with Octopus for almost 2 years now and I have become an energy geek!!  Like any energy supplier you can simply switch and carry on as normal. Your direct debit will go out, the lights will remain on and you will be helping make the grid cleaner by using renewable energy.  For us, however, we have been taken on a journey with this ever expanding green energy supplier.

Unlike previous suppliers Octopus Energy don’t dumb down facts. Quite refreshingly it’s the opposite.   Octopus Energy passes on their passion for tech, green energy and great customer service by guiding you through innovative ways that you can embrace tech at home to bring down your bills even further and make your energy consumption even greener.

Octopus Energy have had lots of customer initiatives since we signed up. These are the ones we have really loved.

  • We’ve seen Octopus offer a thousand free trees to community groups.
  • They have given away electric cars in a customer competition.
  • They have introduced a specific tariff for electric cars.
  • Loan a FLIR thermal imaging camera free for customers to find out where heat escapes around your home.
  • Paid Octopus Agile customers for using energy.
  • Introduced an outgoingOctopus, the UK’s first ever smart export tariff.
  • They even sent one lucky customer to Nepal to look at their work with a renewable project.
  • Given away lots of pink fluffy octopus cuddly toys! (we have one 🙂octopus energy cashback

As well as the expected advice and support on how to save energy in the traditional ways at home Octopus go above and beyond.  As an example, they have a really innovative tariff called Agile which allows customers to follow half hourly energy prices. Sometimes prices drop below zero, and customers are paid to take energy off the grid. This is great for your pocket and the plant.

Octopus are also the first to do everything it seems. The first to drop prices, the first to embrace tech. We feel very safe being in their capable hands.

You don’t need to be a geek.

For a real shot at a sustainable world, more green energy alone, won’t be enough. Octopus realises they need to innovate on the cutting edge of tech, and reimagine the way we use energy altogether.  I enjoy seeing how customers are embracing the green tariffs supplied by Octopus. It is very inspiring. I don’t have an electric car but enjoy reading customer stories and advice. I also love the way Octopus embraces customer ideas and in some cases even incorporates them into their business.  The Octopus passion for renewable energy is infectious!

Join the octopus green community in 2020 and help make a difference to the planet!

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Octopus Energy: Black Friday could be the start of a greener Christmas.

greener christmas

Black Friday always sparks the start of frantic Christmas shopping for my family. It is like a competition trying to get our Christmas gifts without it costing us a fortune. With a young family, we have to stick to a budget or the festive season can get quite stressful. 

We usually pop into the shops at the start of November to make a note of what the kids take a shine to and note down some prices. This year, for some reason, I have felt really uncomfortable with the number of useless plastic gifts that are on the market. I stood in a large department store last week and just felt quite frustrated by the volume of plastic items.  With the state of the planet, why are we production so may useless items that will, without doubt, end up in landfill?  It was the sheer volume I think that upset me.

I may not be able to eradicate all the useless plastic items from the stores this Christmas but we are going to aim to be greener.  We don’t have the finances for solar panels, which I would love but we do get 100% green energy supplied by Octopus Energy.  I reduce my energy consumption as much as I can, I am conscious of food waste and try to be sensible in terms of Christmas gifts but I know my energy usage will go up and I will waste more than I should unless I am careful. The question is how to get into the festive spirit whilst trying to stay as green as possible?  Is it possible to stay green whilst loosening your belt?

The Christmas dinner.

We have young children and it’s quite a traditional Christmas. Half of my family are vegetarians but the other half love a traditional roast turkey dinner. Trying to make our Christmas greener I discovered that the Christmas turkey will use around 10.8kWh of electricity. This seems quite high! So we need to make sure we don’t make that consumption go up.  I know we are on green energy but I feel wasting energy for whatever reason should be avoided.

Here are some ideas on how to keep energy consumption down.

  • Let the turkey reach room temperature before roasting will save on cooking time.
  • You don’t need to preheat the oven as letting it heat up whilst cooking will cook the turkey more thoroughly and keep it moist.
  • Use one pot large pot for the vegetables and don’t forget to use a lid.  Using just one hob will save energy.
  • Make sure you close the fridge door. (This needs to be constantly said in our house)
  • Completely fill the dishwasher before putting it on.

A family of foodies.

Over the Christmas period, we buy a lot of food and will cook a lot! How can our food be greener?

  • Buy seasonal and local vegetables.
  • Try to cook serval dishes at the same time if the oven is on.
  • Roast the vegetables that may be past their sell-by date to make pasta sauce and then freeze sauce or pop it in the fridge for a quick pasta dinner.
  • Not throw out excess food.
  • Make ready meals and freeze them rather than let fresh vegetables go to waste.
  • Make batches of stews and curries in the slow cooker.
  • There are some great vegan options which are quick and easy if you have friends over to stay.

I am extremely passionate about food waste and at Christmas when we always buy more than we should I feel it is important to make sure we don’t end wasting food that can be kept for after the festive period.  When we throw away food we waste all the resources that went into growing it. So I think it’s important to enjoy the festivities but also be aware of what could potentially waste when considering a greener Christmas.

I am so passionate about not wasting food I have been known to walk down our street knocking neighbours doors asking if they would like the fresh food I know we won’t get around to eating.  Slightly quirky and very 1970s but I usually come home empty-handed and with an additional friend or two.

Around the house

Extra people in the house with lots of cooking means extra heat. A tip I got from my grandma is to turn down the thermostat at Christmas.  It is surprising how much energy this saves!  I recall sitting in my friends’ house last Christmas with the patio doors open as everyone was just too hot!  My grandma would have had a thing or two to say about that!

Our fake plastic tree is going to remain! It may not be the best looking tree you have ever seen but we are going to make sure we keep reusing it.  If you need to get your hands on one for any reason I would suggest freecycle or gumtree.  A pre-loved tree is greener than buying a new one.

LED Christmas lights play a big part in our house as they use 90% less energy and are now really quite economical to buy.   We set ours on a timer so they only come on after dark and switch off whilst we are in bed. To stop the children literally lighting up the house like a Christmas tree I unplug lamps and are in the same room as our Christmas lights.  It sounds a little overzealous but my children would have every light on in every room if I didn’t keep an eye on it.

This is a great example, a 50 light string of standard fairy lights will use around 105.8kWh of electricity if they are on for 5 hours a day for 3 weeks. LED fairy lights used for the same period would use on average 18.5kWh over the same 3 week period. Using this scenario, if just 10 million families swapped their old fairy lights for LEDs, the energy savings could power 618,614 homes for an entire year!

Can Christmas gifts be greener?

I can’t say there won’t be any plastic toys or games under the tree this Christmas but I am going to dramatically reduce them!  I will also be investing in more rechargeable batteries which will be a massive saving for us.  The kids can also say goodbye to brightly coloured parcels as we will also be using brown paper with ribbon. At least the brown paper will be recyclable and I bet the kids don’t even notice!! I am going to Santa must believe in recycling if they do notice:-0

As we speak a friend is knitting a scarf for me to gift as a present and as we have so much excess holly in our garden we are planning to gift holly wreaths to the neighbours. It really does add to the Christmas spirit when a single click on amazon isn’t the only option. (That has been my usual go-to for Christmas gifts)

Can greener also mean cheaper?

I think it can. My children are going to make grandparents presents this Christmas. They are quite happy to use a sewing machine so they are already planning lots of cushions and aprons they can make and gift. It may not be the quickest option but it is greener and just takes some planning.

We plan to really slow down this Christmas. A walk by the beach then home for a slow-cooked meal is planned for boxing day. We are going to ditch the car for as long as possible and just enjoy what’s on our doorstep.  We spend enough before Christmas. We aim to bed down and enjoy what we have.

Our energy supplier, Octopus Energy, advocates using energy when there is less demand on the national grid. This not only adds to the green benefits but also to helps your pocket. The Octopus Agile tariff uses dynamic pricing which means you can make big savings simply by shifting your electricity use to when it’s cheapest. Across the UK, whenever more electricity is generated than consumed, energy prices fall – sometimes to the point where prices drop below zero, and suppliers are paamazon and octopus energyid to take energy off the grid.  By switching to the Octopus Energy Agile tariff and investing in some smart plugs you could be paid to clean the dishes over Christmas.  Now that’s a thought!  You can even get Alexa involved. It really is that advanced.

The Agile tariff is just one tariff available to Octopus customers. The main thing is to switch to green energy. If you haven’t yet made the switch to green energy it is the biggest impact you can make to your carbon footprint. All the other saving are important but switching to green energy has the biggest impact by far!

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Octopus Energy: Black Friday Competition. Go Green.

octopus energy should i switch

octopus energy competition


Everyone  is looking for a deal, especially around Black Friday when competition is tuff. Competition for everything from your home electronics, Christmas gifts to your weekly shop. I have had conversations with family and friends this year about the ethics of Black Friday. With the global climate emergency is it something we should be encouraging by taking part in the growing trend?   The issue is everything has an impact on our climate. octopus energy should i switchChristmas trees being grown and cut down simply to be disposed of 2 weeks later is madness in its own right. What we try to do as a family is be sensible in our purchases and be mindful of our choices. The biggest impact we can make to reduce our carbon footprint is to continue to use green energy and to encourage others to do the same.  We can show people we care about them through spending time together and with acts of kindness.


When you switch to Octopus Energy during Black Friday you’ll be aware of competition from other energy suppliers.  It is important to remember that switching to renewable energy will make a massive difference to your carbon footprint.   Octopus Energy offers several very innovative tariffs which will prove a hit especially if you love tech.    Black Friday and technology gadgets go hand.  You can use Alexa, for example, to wash your laundry when the demand on the national grid is as it lowest if you opt for the Octopus Agile tariff.  Not only will it be far greener but you could also get paid if energy prices go negative!   You could charge your electric car using Octopus Go which gives reduced rates for electric car charging over night or you could just for for a straightforward great 100% green tariff.

When you switch to Octopus Energy you will;

  • Switch to green renewable energy. (The only Which? recommended supplier 2018 and 2019)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save money.
  • Receive £50 credit when on your first bill using my referral link.
  • Be given your Octopus Energy referral link which you can use straight away.
  • Receive great customer service and support.

Octopus Energy won “Most likely to be recommended supplier”  – USwitch for 2019.

Last years Octopus Energy Black Friday competition.

Last years Octopus Energy gave away 4 electric cars in their Black Friday competition.  It was a great way of Octopus Energy grabbing a share of the energy market.  By promote the benefits of electric vehicles and rewarding customers for going green Octopus has reaped the benefits.  Since then Octopus have continued to put customers first by offering great service and rewarding existing customers for spreading the news about green energy with their referral scheme.  Last years Black Friday competition cost Octopus the equivalent to 29p per customer – which isn’t too excessive.  Even though I didn’t win a car I think it is a great incentive to help customers spread the word and help the planet get a little greener.   This is why a year later they are now the 7th largest energy company in the UK. This sends a message to the traditional energy firms that they have to up their game in terms of renewable energy and not treat customers as simply bystanders in the energy market.

octopus energy black friday competition


We have been with Octopus Energy for coming up to 2 years and I have been delighted with their service. We have reduced our carbon footprint and saved money on our energy bills.

Why Octopus Energy stands out for us;

  • Octopus combines tech and green energy to help us really make an impact on our energy consumption, bills and pocket!
  • They are the only company recommended in both 2018 and 2019 by Which?
  • The Renewable Energy Association awarded Octopus Energy their 2019 award for “ the company that’s done the most in the past year to advance  UK renewables”.

What we love that makes Octopus Energy different as a supplier.

  • They invest heavily in solar energy. Octopus Group is the largest investor in solar energy in Europe.
  • Octopus buys from many small renewable generators across the UK from solar to wind to hydropower.
  • They invest in cutting edge green technology which we believe is the way forward to tackle climate change.
  • All full-time employees are a shareholder!

If you’ve been thinking of switching to Green Energy there is no better time.  Black Friday can be more than a spending bonanza it could be your time to go green and make a positive impact on the planet!  It takes minutes to switch and you don’t need your previous bill. It’s a win, win when you switch to Octopus Energy there are no exit fees and they offer great value!

As a family, we are really happy with Octopus Energy as our supplier and we highly recommend them to those who want to switch to green renewable energy.

Clean Up

Why not take part in #optoutside which asks people to spend time outdoors during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.  This year they are asking people to get out and clear up. Beach cleans will be featuring high on our #optoutside weekend #optoutsideuk.

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You don’t get an email like this too often! WE LOVE OCTOPUS ENERGY! If you would like to switch to Octopus Energy and get lovely emails like this you can grab £50 credit on your bill by joining here. Posted by Sarah at
octopus energy cashback


If you have your feet up and you want a quick and easy energy switch, you’re not alone! Twice this week I have responded to a friend facebook status “Which energy supplier do you recommend?”  and almost instantly I have had a thank you message and a ping that they


Can you save money by switching to renewable energy? Sometimes the thought of switching to renewable energy can sound costly.  I was one of those people. I dreamt  of solar panels. The thought of creating my own energy was and still is so appealing but with a growing family and


octopus energy


I hate being cold but I try and stay cozy without it costing the earth. Quite literally I try and save money while also being aware of my energy consumption.   With a young family this isn’t always that easy but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you are taking care of your bills and your carbon footprint.


Use Thermostats Appropriately

This may sound obvious but being aware of how your thermostat works and knowing how to turn down the heat automatically at times when you are not home can save you a small fortune. I recently moved into a new house and assumed I understood my thermostat. I was wrong!!  The times that I assumed my heating was off it was in fact still on. All be it at a reduced temperature but it was on.  Thanks to a service engineer I reworked my times and dramatically reduced my bill.  I was so excited that I knocked on my neighbours door to explain how the thermostat controls work. (just in case they had been misguided too 🙂 So just a quick check or adjustment could make a big difference!

I also found that I could get away with having my hot water on for considerably less time. If you have a fairly new tank it should take just and hour to heat up a full tank of water. It should also stay warm most of the day. I did a test and halved my hot water heating time and we saw NO difference in access to hot water. Another fab saving for the family budget.

With tech in mind you can take this to another level with Hive for instance and make it much more specific.

Layer up

It may sound obvious but dancing around in your shorts and t shirt may keep you warm but once you sit down you will feel the chill. We love wool sweaters and cozy socks.  I also leave a few wooly blankets on the sofa to snuggle up with in the evening.

Stop the draft

If you can feel a draft block it. It doesn’t have to be a fancy draft excluder. We love Home Bargains (which is a little like the “old” Woolworths) and Dunelm. You can get lots of fun draft excluders and most are under £5. Keeping the heat you have paid for in is the key.

My biggest nag at home is closing doors! I keep doors closed on the rooms we use the most. The kitchen especially is a little haven if you keep doors closed after cooking dinner.

Open and Close Curtains

Another great green way to keep you house warm is simply to open your curtains when the sun is shining and close them at night when it gets dark.  It isn’t rocket science but if you have blinds as well as curtains it is something you may overlook.  Doing this allows the sun to heat the room in the day whilst retaining heat that may escape at night.

Switch to Green Energy

This is something you can easily overlook but the biggest impact you can have to your carbon footprint is to switch to green energy. You can wear woolies all winter long and open and close curtains but the biggest impact you can have is to make sure your energy is green.octopus energy switch

We switched from British gas to Octopus Energy in early of 2018. I had been with them for 10 years!!  Not only did we save money but we now use 100% green energy. In my defence ten years ago 80% of Britains energy came from coal and gas. Times have now changed and green energy can be accessed far easier.   It can be confusing however, when you are researching green energy. How can gas associated with central heating be green? The answer is simply by using bio gas or using a company who offset the carbon emotions.

We now have 100% green energy and we couldn’t be happier. Nothing has changed except our supplier and our energy bills, which have gone down!

Our advice

Grab some great wooly sweaters, stock up on a few bottles of red wine and get ready to hibernate. Don’t feel guilty about using the heating when you have to. It is vital for us with a young family but try and make some considered choices when turning the heat on.

Keep safe and warm.

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It is a valid question. Who do you trust to save you money? Personally if it was a choice between Martin Lewis, from Money Saving Expert or the Government I would without doubt pick Martin every time. He has saved me thousands and I even got cash back from a mis-sold endowment mortgage.  Yet I ignored him for years when he went on and on about switching energy provider.  Why? I didn’t think it was worth the effort for a few pounds. I just dismissed his advice and it appears I was not alone.

Misplaced Loyalty

A lot of people are loyal  to the Big Six energy provider, as was I and are afraid to try a smaller supplier. I was with British Gas for ten years. They offered me very little incentive to stay but I did.

The government I fear are adding to this misplaced loyalty by the introduction of the energy price cap. Customers feel I suspect, that as energy prices have been capped they are not overpaying for their energy but they are as explained by Martin Lewis this week.


The price cap came into effect 1st April this year and was set at £1254.  The price cap will last for six months and Martin feels this has stopped people switching.  Consumers believe the price must be reasonable as it is capped BUT prices have dropped. Octopus Energy reduced their prices, as an example, from the 1st May 2019.   Some people will always pay more but who are the acceptable victims who should be allowed to overpay, Martin, asks?

Are you an acceptable victim?

Martin is right people who don’t take on board advice and don’t even attempt to research will pay more but no one should overpay for energy. It is a valuable commodity we just can’t live without. The government price cap has added to the issue as people feel they can’t be taken advantage of but they quite obviously can.  No one should overpay for energy especially when it offers no additional benefits. It just adds to the profits of the supplier.

Fast forward to he 21st century

We have gadgets galore. iPhones, ipads, apps, smart tvs, doorbells which you can answer even when you’re miles away and yet the biggest commodity which all these run on we are ignoring. We have an abundance of wind, water and sometimes sunshine in the UK. surely we can use this to power and technology to run our homes and reduce energy bills?  The answer is you can. Even without buying solar panels you can reduce your bill and take advantage of 100% renewable energy.

The planet is in crisis, we have people protesting on the streets to affect climate change and we have the technology as individuals to make the biggest impact on reducing our own carbon footprint by switching to 100% renewable energy.  We can wait for the government to act on both climate change and energy pricing but we can jump ship and go green at home. It takes just two minutes to switch to a new provider.

Cheaper bills and greener energy

There are several green energy suppliers in the UK most of whom would give the big six a run for their money in terms of pricing. We chose Octopus Energy as we loved their approach to renewables. They invest heavily in technology and not only offer cheaper tariffs than the big six but they reward their customers for using energy when there is less demand on the national grid making it even greener.

We opted for a super green tariff where we pay slightly more than their standard tariff to offset our gas supply.  They invest in carbon neutral projects such as Renewable World.

So how can Amazon Alexa save you money?

I asked who would you trust to save you money, the government, Martin Lewis or Alexa?  How does Alexa fit in?

Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing.

If you’re on the Agile tariff you will be able to use Amazon Alexa to find out when energy is at its cheapest.   (The Agile tariff tracks energy prices throughout the day. )  So using the voice automation provided by Amazon you could ask Alexa when prices are cheapest.

Alexa, ask Octopus when is electricity cheapest today?amazon and octopus energy

Based on this information you could turn on, for example, your washing machine or charge your devices when energy is at it’s cheapest. You can even automate this too!

I haven’t switched to Agile yet as we are on Super green but it may well be on the cards for us later this year. To go for the Agile tariff you need a SMETS 2 smart meter which we are waiting to roll out nationally.

Who do WE trust?

Without doubt Martin Lewis. We also now, after almost a year with them ,trust Octopus Energy and their CEO Greg Jackson.  Mr Jackson personally resolved an issue we had when I emailed him several months ago. The firm is very transparent and open about their prices which is amazingly refreshing and more importantly they are saving people money and helping to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

Passing on the love

If you would like to switch to Octopus Energy please use our link for £50 credit.  Once you have made the switch you can share this vital tip with friends and family using your own referral link. It’s not a gimmick, more people need to reduce their energy bills, go green and help the planet. You will BOTH get £50 when they switch. More money in the pocket of consumers and greener energy.  Your £50 credit for switching is added after your first direct debit.

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Should I buy an Electric Vehicle ?

i want a resla


The UK should lead the global fight against climate change by cutting greenhouse gases to nearly zero by 2050, a report says.

The government has set a target date of 2040 beyond which conventional car sales will be banned. However, the committee says that deadline should be 2030.  So it seems that change is well and truly on its way.

An electric vehicle (EV) has been on my bucket list for a number of years.  It would be an ideal way of reducing my carbon footprint and fuel bill. A the moment I drive a diesel car.  I bought it when we were all being told by the government that it was the right thing to do.  Now they have committed to banning them. I feel quite stupid now but I am hoping that an electric car, will be a smart move.


I researched extensively before committing to any purchase. I got slightly sidetracked, however, when I spotted the new Tesla model 3. This EV seems to do significantly more miles than it’s competitors.  i want a reslaThe car can auto find you in a car park!!! I now have an image of me, like The Hoff and Kitt, suddenly swinging into Marks and Spencers.  The car pulling up and me jumping in with my meal for a £10.  This could be a reality!

I am not sure if it is quite yet in my budget but from the buzz on social media quite a few people have similar plans.


I am not sure that with UK roads being so different from those in the US I will get the change to call my car to pick me up. It would most likely get stuck on the roundabout in a massive line of traffic and I would have to walk home but I do see us all in the future driving electric vehicles.  The idea of a car that auto drives doesn’t really appeal to me that much. There are just too many things that could go wrong. but the car does seem to outperform others on miles per charge and that is very attractive


I think any car can contribute too pollution be it diesel, petrol or EV.  The car still has to be manufactured and once in use fuelled.  I think the key factor is how green your electricity supply is. Unless you have your own solar panels you will have to tap into the national grid to charge it.


I use 100% renewable energy at home.  I am with Octopus Energy who replace every kWh I take from the national grid with a kWh of renewable energy be it wind, solar or AD.  Octopus offers a tariff specifically for EV owners called Octopus Go.

Octopus Go is an electricity tariff with a bonkers cheap 5p / kWh rate for four hours every night (between 12.30 and 4.30am). It was designed with EV-angelists in mind as charging can be done very cheaply whist your asleep. This can help keep fuel costs to around 1p per mile.

If you lease a car with Octopus EV and take OctopusGo, Octopus Energy will credit 8000 miles to your energy contract. Top that with a £50 amazon voucher when you buy or lease an EV using my Octopus EV referral code OEV-SC579 and it all starts to look rather attractive.

For now, I will carry on cycling and saving my pennies but I do hope a Tesla ends up on my drive someday soon.

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