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Fully Charged Show – Generating Positive Energy

This week we are lockdown due to Covid restrictions. Home educating, whilst remote working from home is fun BUT we are trying to find new ways to inspire the kids. We stumbled across this great video from The Fully Charged Show on Youtube. I must admit it got me quite emotional!

The future isn’t as clear-cut as we had envisaged in early 2000.  It’s all a little less certain. I have always worried about the planet. I try to play my part but is it enough?  Watching this video has given me hope! I think the pandemic has fast-forwarded lots of ideas on remote working, the use of technology in commerce also how as individuals we think about consuming energy.

After watching a few other videos we have decided that we would all like to go to the Fully Charged Live event in June 2021. We have considerably changed our perception and energy use since switching to Octopus Energy. We are far more engaged and concerned about where our energy comes from. I think this event will be a great learning experience for all of us! It’s the kid’s future too so they quite rightly should come along.  Fingers crossed for mid-June 2021!! Good luck Fully Charged Show, power, and good luck to you all.

@fullychargedshow Day 1 at Fully Charged Live NORTH! What a great werkend ⚡️ #fullychargedlive #north #harrogate #fullycharged #ev #everythingelectric #cars ♬ original sound – Fully Charged Show

Project 1 – Design a poster on the benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle.

octopus evTrying to make every learning opportunity matter I tasked my daughter with producing a poster.

  • Why do we need an electric car?
  • What are the benefits of an electric car?

We went through all the benefits after doing some online research she was let loose on mummy’s laptop.

It wasn’t quite the answer I thought she would come up but I think if we can reduce the pollution going to grandma’s at least there would be SOME health benefits.:-0

It’s a fantastic time to get kids to think about how we use energy whilst everyone is stuck at home.  Good effort little one! 10/10 

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