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Sitting on my sofa feeling a little under the weather has made me really stop and think. I get overly emotional when I’m feeling off sorts but as my robot vacuum cleaner whizzes by I can feel safe in the knowledge that I can quite easily organise my day while sitting at home in my PJs.

octopus energy cashbackOne of my kids has a face-to-face tutorial from her bedroom and I have the slow cooker on ready for the evening meal.  The dishwasher has saved me a job and I can see where my two other kids are thanks to a spot of iPhone tracking. It isn’t stress-free but back in the day being unwell would mean total isolation with just Richard and Judy for company BUT thanks to tech I can do so much just flopped on the sofa!

I have to add that it isn’t always a blessing. Doing simply nothing is sometimes a relief as we are so hooked up to the internet and seem to be accessible everywhere to everyone. Even feeling unwell doesn’t get you totally off the hook but the “new norm” has accelerated this!

How do you power all these new gadgets? Being accessible comes at a cost.   In my house, someone is always looking for a charging cable!! They are like gold dust and they seem to vanish as quickly as they appear. We use Octopus Energy. A conscious decision made a few years back when we discovered the green start-up company that promised 100% renewable energy and customer service like no other.  When we joined they had fewer than 300,000 customers now it stands at over 2 million. That has to be a good thing!!


Energy customers now have a variety of suppliers to pick from when opting for renewable energy. There are new ways of using energy during the”new norm” and we should all strive to be greener but has how we consume energy really changed?  We all use energy for the basics, lighting, washing, and cleaning but all the other stuff, the phone charging, the game consoles even the robot vacuum cleaners, and electric cars add so many other demands on our supply. The reason we love Octopus Energy is that they encourage us to think about our energy use and demands. Can we shift when we charge items? Will automating our usage so that we place less demand on the national grid make a difference? Can we help to even out of the spikes in energy demand just by adapting tech that we already have at home? The simple answer is yes we can!  Thanks to the new upcoming dashboard Octopus is rolling out we can also see how these changes will make a positive impact on our C02 footprint  SAVING MONEY IS ALSO A PLUS!


The changes to the dashboard came about thanks to their first female internship program called The Ada Lovelace Project. I loved the concept of the project when it launched as it was a great opportunity for young females to access tech jobs.

Cerise, Hayfa, Noshin, and Natalie were the four lucky ladies who were successful applicants for the internship at Octopus Energy.

Cerise had no prior tech experience apart from teaching herself to code during lockdown! This is a demo of her idea.

I designed a few quick-read summary widgets to show Agile customers how much of their energy use happened during the daily energy peak (when power is most expensive, and also most polluting and carbon-intensive) and how that compared to the average Agile customer, or to the average customer on a standard tariff.

I also created a summary of the cheapest time slots for the week to help Agile customers adjust their consumption accordingly to save money and carbon.

This is going to be extremely popular, Octopus Go v Agile data!!! I love the passion in Noshin’s voice. She explains how it was built and how it will work for customers.

The new dashboard options are already going down well with Octopus customers. Previously you had to use third-party apps to access similar data.

I have three young daughters. They are all constantly plugged into the internet despite my endeavors to reduce their screen time. I love the idea of changing our thought process of how, when, and why we use energy. Having this data easily available will help make positive changes. Well done guys!! You should feel very proud of your achievements!💚


octopus energy cashback