energise ev south wales review


I am going to make the switch to an electric vehicle in 2022. How exciting is that? Today, a local company, Energise EV come out to my home to give me a quote.

I chose Energise EV as they have amazing reviews on Trustpilot. They score highly with customers giving them a 99% excellent rating and have 143 reviews. Their website is easy to navigate and it’s kept up to date, which is always a good sign and they are local.

Energise EV responded very promptly to my email. I was able to choose to have someone call round to quote or I could supply photographs of the property. I chose to have an in-person quote. Being quite a sceptical person I wanted to see the face behind the companies online offering and ask a few questions because if I am going to charge my car at night I want to feel safe. I struggle to leave a lamp on at night as I worry about fires! Imagine my anxiety having a car on a charge while I sleep!!

They arrived on time and were extremely polite and very knowledgeable about installing the EV charger. They seem to be the main installer for my area and this is their only line of work.

Will they have to dig up my driveway to install the EV charger?

My main concern was having to dig up my front garden to run the cable to the garage but it’s all very straightforward I have been told. The cable will run out from my electricity meter box which is just outside the front door. They will run it under my front path just for around 40cm (no digging involved) then lay it along the front wall of my house hiding the cable under the pebbles I have down as a mulch. The cable will then enter the garage and they can clip the trunking and have the charger anywhere I want. Sounds easy!!

Do they offer a wide variety of EV home chargers?

Yes, they offer all the top EV home chargers and explained the benefits of each of the ones I was interested in. They also talked to me about which ones they would recommend avoiding and why. They have been called back to one particular make of EV charger several times so have stopped offering it as an install. I wouldn’t have got that information off the website so I am pleased we were able to chat.

Can I get a grant to have the EV charger installed at my home?

ev charger quote south walesYes, there is a £350 OLEV grant that they can apply for on my behalf. This grant ends in March 2022 and it doesn’t sound like it will be replaced. My EV isn’t currently on the Government list of approved EV’s for the grant but that’s because it is so new.  As a result, I will have to hang on if I want the grant. It is a pre-order and Tesla haven’t started delivering them yet.  Energise EV advised me that the list is updated monthly and they can check when it does become available and update me if I want to get the grant which is basically a £350 discount.

How long will my EV home charger installation take?

Energise EV expect the installation of my home charger to take around 4 hours with two electricians working onsite. They could fit me in just before Christmas if the charger I want is available.

Were they able to advise me on the best energy tariffs for charging my EV?

When I asked about tariffs the first company they suggested was Octopus Energy and the Octopus Go tariff. Luckily I am an Octopus geek so didn’t need to ask too many questions but they are able to supply smart EV chargers that work with these tariffs.

Am I going to use Energise EV to install my EV home charger?

Yes, 100% because they tick all the boxes. I like the fact they are a company that only deals with EV home charger installation in South Wales. They aren’t an electrical company with a sideline in EV home chargers.  They are committed to installing chargers in my local area and that seems to be paying off for them. If I had a problem or a query about anything charging related I am quite sure they would be able to answer it!

In short, they are a professional reputable company that has installed a lot of EV home chargers and they are an easy company to deal with. Happy days, the search ends!! 🚗

I will do a full Energise EV review once my installation has been completed which will be early 2022.