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I have a diesel car.  After buying it with all good intentions it is now obvious that it is not the best for the environment. To reduce my carbon footprint maybe an EV is the way to go. (Electric Vehicle 🙂

Octopus Energy has two tariffs I am considering. The first is Octopus Go tariff which has cheap energy in the early hours of the morning. From 12.30am to 4.30am the tariff is fixed price of 5p per kW.  It seems to be specifically aimed at the EV charging.  There is a standing charging of 25p a day for this tariff but at 5p price per kWh I think it really is worth considering.

If you lease a car with Octopus EV and take OctopusGo, Octopus Energy will credit 8000 miles to your energy contract. Top that with a £50 amazon voucher when you buy or lease an EV using my Octopus EV referral code OEV-SC579 and it all starts to look rather attractive.

The second Octopus Energy tariff I am looking at is the Agile tariff.

This Octopus Energy tariff is also attractive as prices rise and fall during the day depending on demand and this is reflected in the price you’re charged per kWh.  With the Octopus Energy Agile tariff, you link it to IFTTT, an app which can switch your energy off on and when prices drop depending on the demand on the grid.

Is it a serious contender?

I really do think that an electric vehicle may be the way forward for us as a family.  For the general commute in an electric car, we could save a considerable amount as well as reduce our carbon footprint.  For both Octopus tariffs, a smart meter is needed which can be installed free of charge.

By adding smart plugs I also think these tariffs would be great to save money by running our washing machine and dishwasher at night which is very practical.

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