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How to get £50 and more free stuff from Octopus Energy?

If you have landed on this page you are probably looking for an Octopus Energy Referral code to get £50 credit when you switch to Octopus Energy.  Hello! Yeah! Ok! We can be “friends” and get £50 each from Octopus Energy but I overthink. Yes, I am that sort of friend. So before you hop over to the Octopus Energy website and switch to the best electricty supplier in the UK I’ll share some quick tips to get more than the £50 credit too.

You can use my refer a friend link and it will take you straight to the Octopus website where you can get a quote and if you are happy switch to Octopus Energy. The £50 credit will be a few days after your first direct debit is paid or your first payment is made into the account.

Written by Sarah Chambers.

To avoid any confusion I don’t work for Octopus Energy.  Maybe I would like to? They seem a great employer from what I have read online. However, I am a very geeky mum to 3 school-age daughters. I have been on a mission to lower my energy bills. I switched to Octopus Energy from British Gas when I moved 6 years ago and I think I’ve done that but it hasn’t been easy since the energy crisis.

What is the reward for switching to Octopus Energy?

  1. £50 credit when you switch as a new customer to Octopus Energy.
  2. Knowing that your switch should be completed within 5 working days or you are entitled to £30 compensation.
  3. I mean this in all sincerity you’ll be with a company that genuinely wants to make a difference to its customers and the planet.

We’ve got an important, urgent mission to bring affordable green energy to the world. Every person at Octopus is working relentlessly to make that happen fast. We make energy better for customers, build transformative technology, and empower people to make sustainable change for the future – Octopus Energy.

Why shout about the Octopus Energy £50 referral reward?

Since its launch 8 years ago Octopus Energy has kept true to its mission to reward customers and not comparison sites.  Like Tesla another company that takes an alternative view to most things, they reward customers who share their experience with others. Word of mouth and real-life examples is a far more powerful way to empower customers.

So far in 8 years, Octopus has paid over 100 million pounds to its customers in referrals!! You might think this is the only reason customers shout about their experience but Octopus customers become very loyal and like myself proud of the work Octopus Energy are doing because they are making a difference.

Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson is very vocal about making a difference to lower customer bills and rewarding customers wherever possible for using cheaper greener energy. He is constantly pushing for change with the government and pledges Octopus that he will never hide the best deals from existing customers. This is a CEO who genuinely tries to make a difference for customers!

Octoplus Rewards

Octoplus is the Octopus rewards scheme. It gives customers the chance to get hold of ‘Octopoints’ that can be redeemed for credit on their energy bill or exchanged for merchandise, days out or even discounted summer festival tickets.

If you have a smart meter you can sign up for lots of free stuff including free electricty!

You can check before switching to see if you have a smart meter on the Citizen Advice website.

Some of the rewards you can claim when you join Octoplus;

How to claim a free hot drink from Greggs or Caffee Nero with Octopus?

As I mentioned I have 3 teenage daughters and my eldest asks for this voucher every week when she goes out. They did have an offer for a free sausage roll but that’s not on offer at the moment.

All you need to do to claim the free hot drink from Greggs;

  1. Opt into Octoplus. (This isn’t automatic when you have a smart meter, you need to opt in to claim rewards.)
  2. In your Octopus app click on the penny icon for Octoplus at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on either the Greggs or Caffee Nero hot drink offer.
  4. A QR code is generated and you usually have a limited time to use it. (I think the code usually expires on a Sunday)
  5. Show the QR code to the cashier and claim your hot drink.
  6. Repeat each week.

customer review on octopus tariffs

About the author: I’ve been a happy Octopus Energy customer for 6 years.

This is me. I can be found on social media as Sarah_Go_Green and I have been an Octopus customer for 6 years. I’m featured on the Octopus website and their YouTube channel as a solar customer. I’ve been on the BBC news, published in the Telegraph for owning part of a wind turbine.

Recently I’ve been in Bloomberg simply for being an energy geek.  I love renewable energy and make it my mission to reduce my family’s home energy bills while improving our carbon footprint. I’ve got around 7,000 followers across X and TikTok where I talk about electrifying my home and reducing my Octopus energy bill. I can help you too!

I’ve been exposed to many fantastic topics since switching to Octopus and now own a Tesla Model Y called Dennis, MyEnergi Zappi, a 13.5 kW GivEnergy battery and 15 solar panels.

I love to fiddle with apps and monitor my home energy use throughout the day. I am forever comparing Octopus tariffs and share my home usage daily on X, formally Twitter.

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