Here’s my Octopus Energy bill.

I just thought I would share my Octopus Energy bill for July / August 2022. It covers a 31-day period and includes charging my Electric Vehicle at home.

How much energy did I use in 31 days?

I used 758.2 kWh of energy. This included charging my electric vehicle at home. I get around 70% of my EV charging done at home. The rest of my EV charging is done at either a Tesla Super Charger or at Tesco where I grab a free charge whilst doing my shopping thanks to their PodPoint EV chargers.

How much did I spend on electricity in 31 days?

I spend £148.72 which is quite high for the summer BUT I had family staying for most of the 31-day period. So at home, I had 3 adults and 4 kids.  They all went swimming in the sea and constantly needed to use the washing machine so it was on the go most of the time. Plus we did lots of cooking at home.

I reduced how much I paid for my electricity by shifting energy to off-peak times.

Now with 4 kids and 3 adults in the house most of the day it was a hard month. I didn’t want to rant about not using the washing machine and if we had tried to fit in all the loads of washing at night it would have been impossible. Unless of course, we stayed up to load and unload, which I didn’t really want to do. 😃

@sarah_go_green My @octopusenergy energy bill has landed. I use a smart off-peak tariff to help reduce my bill. #octopusenergy #offpeak #smarttariffs #energybills ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

Even though the house was busy I still managed to shift around 52% of my energy use to my Octopus Energy off-peak time slot. This drastically reduced my energy bill!

How? Well, my daytime rate is 29.30p per kWh and I used 361.7 kWh at this rate BUT I used 396.4 kWh off-peak at 7.5p per kWh. This brought the average I paid per kWh down to 17.71p per kWh!

Of course, my tariff is designed for EV owners. If you have an EV it is great as the whole house benefits from the off-peak rate.  You can still do this with an Economy 7 tariff. The rates are different but the effect is the same. Shifting some of your energy to the off-peak time slot by bringing down the average you pay per kWh.

It’s worth looking into and by using energy off-peak it is also better for the planet!