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Get ready for an energy resolution.

I am ready for a new year’s resolution to ring in a greener 2020.  It involves ditching single-use plastics and shouting a little louder about the green energy revolution.

If you have found my blog then you are hopefully considering a switch to renewable energy. My advice would be to go for it! Switching to green energy has the biggest impact on reducing your carbon footprint and is quick and easy to do.

Why Octopus Energy?

We have been with Octopus for almost 2 years now and I have become an energy geek!!  Like any energy supplier, you can simply switch and carry on as normal. Your direct debit will go out, the lights will remain on and you will be helping make the grid cleaner by using renewable energy.  For us, however, we have been taken on a journey with this ever-expanding green energy supplier.

Unlike previous suppliers, Octopus Energy doesn’t dumb down facts. Quite refreshingly it’s the opposite.   Octopus Energy passes on its passion for tech, green energy, and great customer service by guiding you through innovative ways that you can embrace tech at home to bring down your bills even further and make your energy consumption even greener.

Octopus Energy has had lots of customer initiatives since we signed up. These are the ones we have really loved.

  • We’ve seen Octopus offer a thousand free trees to community groups.
  • They have given away electric cars in a customer competition.
  • They have introduced a specific tariff for electric cars.
  • Loan a FLIR thermal imaging camera free for customers to find out where heat escapes around your home.
  • Paid Octopus Agile customers for using energy.
  • Introduced an outgoingOctopus, the UK’s first-ever smart export tariff.
  • They even sent one lucky customer to Nepal to look at their work with a renewable project.
  • Given away lots of pink fluffy octopus cuddly toys! (we have one 🙂octopus energy cashback

As well as the expected advice and support on how to save energy in the traditional ways at home Octopus go above and beyond.  As an example, they have a really innovative tariff called Agile which allows customers to follow half-hourly energy prices. Sometimes prices drop below zero, and customers are paid to take energy off the grid. This is great for your pocket and the plant.

Octopus is also the first to do everything it seems. The first to drop prices, the first to embrace tech. We feel very safe being in their capable hands.

You don’t need to be a geek.

For a real shot at a sustainable world, more green energy alone, won’t be enough. Octopus realises they need to innovate on the cutting edge of tech and reimagine the way we use energy altogether.  I enjoy seeing how customers are embracing the green tariffs supplied by Octopus. It is very inspiring. I don’t have an electric car but enjoy reading customer stories and advice. I also love the way Octopus embraces customer ideas and in some cases even incorporates them into their business.  The Octopus passion for renewable energy is infectious!

Join the octopus green community in 2020 and help make a difference to the planet!

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