Even though I haven’t got a tech background I know that the Octopus Energy API open source is quite something! Companies usually lock this information away.   Octopus, however, celebrates innovation even when it’s by someone else.  As a result, lots of great ideas have popped up.

What is the Octopus API key?

An application programming interface (API) key allows you access to specific data or functionality. The Octopus API allows its customers and business partner to use the API to automate functions such as;

  • Browsing energy products, tariffs and their charges.
  • Retrieving details about a UK electricity meter-point.
  • Browsing the half-hourly consumption of electricity or gas meter.
  • Determining the grid-supply-point (GSP) for a UK postcode.
  • Creating a quote.
  • Creating an account.

Why allowing access to the Octopus Energy API is a good idea?

Sharing the Octopus API  is a good idea because it opens up the floor to innovators.  If we want to decarbonise our energy systems we all have to work together.

Recently I have seen some really clever Octopus Energy Apps not created by Octopus. If we can automate our home to use energy in a smart way then it’s going to speed up our ability to achieve Netzero.

How do you access your unique Octopus Energy API key?

  1. Log into your Octopus Energy Account.
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Developer settings.
  4. Click on API access.

Devices that use the Octopus Energy API.

I haven’t added lots of images to this page because I am trying to be cool. I know people into API’s can cope with simple text. In fact, I am sure they thrive on it!  😂

In conclusion, I would like to thank anyone who can use this data to help us all reduce our carbon footprint. We need innovators if we want to achieve Netzero and help decarbonise the national grid.

Octopus Energy Chargers

Myenergi Zappi EV Charger

I really love Jordan the founder of Myenergi she is a real inspiration and is always looking at ways to make her products more efficient and accessible.

Website: https://myenergi.com/product/zappi/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myenergiuk/

Ohme EV – The Intelligent EV Charger

This is a very popular charger and the Ohme pro is now eligible for the OZEV grant. You can get a discount if you are on Octopus customers.

Website: https://www.ohme-ev.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ohmeev

Octopus Energy Apps

Octopus Watch – iPhone, Apple Watch and Android App

Website: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/octopus-watch/id1490260614


Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmarthoundUK

Agile Watcher – Price monitoring app for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

Website: http://robertsammons.com/agile-watcher/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/robertsammons

Octopus Compare – iPhone / iOS App

Website: https://www.m4-consulting.com/apps/

Websites that compare Octopus Energy data eg Agile v Go.