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I am really trying to reduce my carbon footprint and of course, save money.  So I invested in LED light bulbs but not any old LED’s. I have gone for the Philips Hue bulbs.

I have bought the starter set, which comes with the hub (which you have to have) and 3 colour changingLED LIGHT BULBS bulbs.   They were so simple to set up.  You simply download the app, plug the hub into your modem and locate the light bulbs on the app. The hub detects the bulbs and sends a signal to the app. I have my Philips Hue colour changing LED bulbs around my garden and over the front porch. I have them set to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. They have worked amazingly well! The app even knows when sunset and sunrise are depending on the seasons.   Most of the year they are on white and cost very little to have on all night. The quirky thing is at Christmas, Halloween or on any occasion you can change the colour to reflect the mood. So at Christmas, I had mine on in red and green.  They were very pretty and saved putting the light Christmas up outside.

I now also have them in various lamps around the house. To save money I have the Philips Hue LED bulbs in tones of white. The bulbs are then cheaper to buy as you can get them on offer if you keep an eye on Amazon.

The good thing is while you’re away from home you can use the hue light bulbs as security lights too.  They are really great. If you switching to LED and you want to invest a little extra I can highly recommend them.

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octopus energy cashback

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