Octopus solar panels review 2024

Electrifying my home with solar panels and battery storage.

Octopus Energy solar and battery storage installation review – May 2024

I have had my solar panels and battery installed for almost 7 months. My installers were Octopus Energy in October. This is a quick review of a few small issues I have encountered. There haven’t been many but I thought it would be worth documenting in case anyone else has these problems.

Ignore click bate about Octopus Energy solar and battery installations.

You only need to google “Octopus Energy solar and battery installation” to find a multitude of YouTube videos;

  • Why I said NO to Octopus Energy solar panels.

When you watch the videos the YouTuber didn’t have an Octopus installation, they may have had a quote and chosen smaller family firms but they’ve tagged Octopus in the headline to grab views.

I on the other hand have had other quotes and chose Octopus Energy as I trusted them after supplying my home energy for six years and the installation in typical Octopus style was hassle-free.

You might find this YouTube video interesting. It contains my review, What to expect from your Octopus Energy Solar and Battery Installation.

I am not saying don’t watch the click bate most of them do hold lots of helpful information but the title doesn’t match what you would expect in the video.

So what have been my issues with my Octopus Energy installation over the last 7 months?

I have to give a balanced review and so here’s what needed resolving after the Octopus solar and battery installation.

  1. My GivEnergy battery kept going offline.

That’s been my only issue. It was resolved by adding a TP link plug in my garage and Octopus came out quickly to do that. Besides that, there has been nothing to report. Nothing worthy of a click-bate YouTube video anyway.

If the battery is a distance from your house then you may struggle to get a signal to the battery. This is all tested at the time of installation. Mine was borderline so they decided to see how it went and it didn’t take long before it kept dropping the signal.

I contacted Octopus and it was a simple resolution. That has been my online issue. One day this week my SolarEdge inverter seemed to glitch but I only know that as I keep looking at the app. The supply to my home wasn’t compromised the data just wasn’t being displayed on the app. I left it and the next day it was working fine without any problems.

If you have any problems Octopus have a dedicated solar helpline.

On the side of my battery is a contact number for Octopus Energy in case of any problems. So far there has been very little to report except the wifi issue with the GivEnergy battery.

Sarah Chambers

About the author:  I’ve Been a Happy Octopus Energy Customer for 6 Years and the cherry on the cake is they installed my solar panels and battery storage too.

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