Just had a lovely email from the guys at Ripple Energy to say they have updated their membership dashboard.  I just had a quick look around it looks very clean and easy to navigate. There’s lots of updated information, which I love too! Good work Ripple Energy!! 💚

How’s it going over at Ripple Energy?

Ripple Energy is hitting the targets predicted in March 2021.  The wind turbine will be up and running before Christmas! 👏💨

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How much did I buy and have I had any return yet from Ripple Energy?

Back in March when I was well into my lockdown purchases this was one of my better late-night purchases!  I bought 10% of my annual energy consumption from Ripple Energy. I paid £323.37 for an expected output of 499kWh.

This means that once the turbine is up and running 10% of my energy will come from my very own turbine, well a co-owned turbine🥰. I know it’s not that simple but I am really happy knowing that thanks to my investment with Ripple Energy 10% of the energy I use will get added to the national grid from my wind turbine in Wales.

Here’s the exact location. It’s half an hour outside Cardiff. The map can be viewed on the dashboard.

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Rippel Energy have they built the turbine yet? Process / update.

Thanks to the new Ripple Energy dashboard when I login I can now see the expected project timeline, which I love. The site preparation is due to start next month in July and the foundations should be dug in August.  Wales does get a little wet so that’s great!

The really exciting stuff starts to happen in November with the delivery of the wind turbine! If this goes to plan it looks like we could all have a great Christmas gift with the turbine being up and running ready for the new year! 🕺


ripple energy review

Ripple Energy owners dashboard updates.

  • Easier access to your ownership documents
  • All coop board minutes consolidated in one easy location
  • New progress timeline on your wind farm’s build
  • Brand new news feed with all the latest news from Ripple
  • Member badges
Once your wind turbine has been switched on you’ll also be able to access information about its real-time energy generation at the touch of a button. Bring on the wind!!!
If you’d like to read my full Ripple Energy Review you can take a look HERE.
ripple energy review