Can you save money by switching to renewable energy?

Sometimes the thought of switching to renewable energy can sound costly.  I was one of those people. I dreamt of solar panels. The thought of creating my own energy was and still is so appealing but with a growing family and limited budget, it is out of my reach. Times have thankfully changed  I can’t create my own renewable energy but I can certainly use it and within budget too!

In early 2018 we switched to a green energy supplier, Octopus Energy. We have saved money by switching from British Gas and now use 100% renewable energy. In this post, I will explain how.

Green energy can be low-cost energy.

After doing lots of research, (I google rather too much) reading reviews, comparing tariffs, and looking at social media posts we decided that Octopus Energy was the way to go! Octopus Energy was not the cheapest supplier (for both gas and electricity) but they provide low cost, 100% renewable energy and their social media and reviews are outstanding. It’s transparent and we really like their ethics  Even the CEO seems to get involved directly if you tweet them.

By switching we were able to reduce our energy bill by £268 and we got £50 credit on our first bill.

To get £50 credit with Octopus Energy I would be delighted if you used our referral link.

Log Burner

octopus energy using renewable energy
Not the most attractive but living the dream;-0

We invested in a log burner this year and it was a great decision. It creates a really homely atmosphere and when the children are in bed I can really relax by the fire and unwind. We were lucky and had the log burner for free and only had to pay for installation.  We source lots of free wood from friends and also from freecycle. Someone always seems to be trimming branches and even though it does take some effort collecting free wood is really satisfying.

LED Light bulbs

Another great way we have saved money is by switching all our home lighting to LED. It is quite an investment as the LED bulbs are slightly more expensive but they significantly reduce our energy bill and just as importantly reduce our carbon footprint.  They cost less than a tenth to run than a standard equivalent light bulb.

We have the Philips Hue LED lightbulbs in most of the lamps at home. They are more expensive but we have them on a timer and the children are told not to touch them.  Sounds crazy but I am sure we have made back the cost of the bulbs already. The children previously left lights on day and night regardless if they were needed. It also saves my sanity a little :-0

So my dream of living on a smallholding happily creating our own energy whilst replicating scenes from The Sound of Music is a little way off but we have realised over the last year that it is possible to use green energy in our home without breaking the bank.

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