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Tesla Owners South Wales and Bristol Christmas meet up.

I just wanted to say a big, thank you, to Dave for inviting me along to the Tesla Owners South Wales and Bristol group Christmas meet. I am buying a Tesla Model Y which I hope to get in the new year and Dave and his wife were the first on the scene at Sarn Services, in South Wales to offer me advice.

It was really nice to meet Tesla owners who are all so very passionate about their electric vehicles and also about the planet. They all had concerns about climate change and it’s very obvious that they feel they are somewhat pioneers in the EV story.

Are Electric Vehicles the new hot thing?

Back in 2019, I wrote a blog post where I wasn’t quite sure if electric vehicles could offer a suitable alternative to a “traditional” car but now without question, I believe they are the way forward and these guys are leading the way!

It seems I am not alone in my newfound passion for electric vehicles. The EV market is booming!! Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in November 2021 accounted for 21,726 new registrations. This is around an 18.8% market share in November! In October the market share was 15.2%, so the figures are steadily rising.

Should I buy an electric car?

There are so many alternatives to owning a vehicle. I can cycle or walk, and if need be I can use public transport. I own a car so do I need to add to the environmental pressures causing more vehicles to be produced? These are all questions I have asked myself for quite a few months.

Everyone’s needs are different and balancing them with your concerns for the environment when you really want something is quite challenging but I have reached the decision to buy an EV.  My current car, which I bought from new in 2009, is now costing me so much to run. It just keeps breaking down! I could try going without a car but I have 3 kids and live in a semi-rural location so that’s not really an option.

As you can tell I have felt the need to justify my decision. I think that’s the way it’s going to be for so many things as we tackle climate change but I am buying an electric car and it’s going to be a Tesla!

I test drove 4 electric cars. The Tesla was so much fun to drive and I think Elon Musk is a genius. I think he gets quite a lot of negative press for a man who has transformed the automotive industry for the sake of the planet! So my Model Y is on order and I hope to take delivery in early 2022!

Thank you to all the EV owners who have offered advice.

I have met some amazing EV owners. I research EVERYTHING and without fail when I have asked a question I have over received information, which is amazing!! 

Thank you Tesla owners South Wales and Bristol for your warm welcome. Hopefully, in the new year, I will see you all with my model Y. 😀