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Tesla UK Referral Scheme is back in 2023

Today, 27th March 2023 Tesla has relaunched its very popular Tesla UK Referral Scheme, it is now called Tesla Loot Box.  If you are lucky enough to be an existing Tesla owner in the UK you can share your Tesla referral link or your Tesla referral code and earn Tesla loot point credits. The person you are referring with earn Tesla loot box credits too!

The Tesla referral scheme, also known as Tesla Loot Box credits, offers a variety of rewards such as free Tesla Supercharging miles.  You can also cash in your Tesla loot credits for Tesla accessories and lifestyle products such as Tesla hoodies. I have my eye on some roof bars but I know I would need to share my Tesla referral code with quite a few people to get to that stage I am dreaming big! 😀

Charge into Rewards with Tesla.

When you’re passionate about something, the word travels fast. That’s why Tesla doesn’t pay for advertising. Instead, they incentive customers to share their experience and Tesla referral code.

Buying a new Tesla Model Y or Model 3 in the UK.

  • If you buy a new Tesla Model Y or Model 3 using a Tesla referral you will get 1,000 loot points worth about £100. (The value depends on what you exchange them for.)
  • If you refer someone who buys a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 you will get 2,000 loot points worth about £200. (Thank you, if you use my link. 💚)

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If you are buying any Tesla vehicle or solar PV outside of the UK.

If you are outside of the UK you can also use my Tesla Referral Code to purchase your new Tesla or purchase a Solar Roof in a country where Tesla accepts orders. The Tesla loot box credits vary from country to country. You just need to change your location on the Tesla website when you click through as you will land on the UK version of the Tesla website using my Tesla Referral Link. 🇬🇧

tesla referral code link

How to use my Tesla Referral Link?

When you buy a new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y using my referral link, we will both earn Tesla loot box credits. 💚

To purchase with my referral link:

  1. Click on my Tesla referral link.
  2. Purchase your new Tesla via the referral link.
  3. After you have placed the order, Tesla loot box credits will appear as ‘pending’ in the Loot Box until delivery has taken place.

Tesla Model 3 – Referral Link

Tesla Model Y – Referral Link

If you buy a new Tesla you will receive 1,000 Tesla Loot Box credits which seem to be worth around £100. Once you have your own account you can start referring people too so you can build up your credit.

Tesla referral scheme

Check out Tesla Inventory. – These are vehicles ready to be collected now. Just enter your postcode.

If you are outside the UK you can simply switch to an alternative country on the Tesla website we can also share loot points or you can just use my Tesla referral code Sarah583995 anywhere in the world.

How do I get a Tesla Referral Link?

If you own a Tesla to find your Tesla referral link just go into your Tesla app.

  • Click on the icon that looks like a treasure chest next to your profile picture in the top right-hand corner. The loot box will then appear on the screen.
  • Tap the blue button at the bottom of the screen to share your Tesla Referral link. You can share your Tesla Referral link directly in a text message or email from this screen.
  • The Loot Box section of the Tesla app will also show you the number of will credits you have and allow you to exchange your look credits for Tesla goodies.

How do I redeem Tesla Loot Box Credits?

When you have bought your Tesla you will be able to access your Tesla app.

  • In the top right-hand corner click on the Tesla loot box icon which is shaped like a treasure chest.
  • From here you can view your Tesla referral credits and exchange them for a variety of items such as supercharging miles or accessories.
  • The Tesla Look Box credits will show as pending until the new Tesla is delivered.
  • On collection/delivery day both the new Tesla owner and Tesla referee will have an update in their loot box and the credits will show are available to redeem.
  • Tesla loot box credits are valid for 12 months. (Once redeemed Tesla super charging miles are valid for 6 months.)

Tesla Look Box UK

What can I exchange my Tesla Loot Box credits for?

Tesla Supercharging miles are the obvious way to spend your Tesla referral credits in your Loot Box. There’s something quite exciting about fueling your Tesla for free!

You can also exchange your Tesla Loot Box credits for a variety of lifestyle products and Tesla accessories.

1,000 loot points would be enough for 2 free Tesla T-shirts. You could complete that Tesla fanboy or girl look once your new machine is delivered. 🤣

Can I use a Tesla referral code at a Tesla showroom?

Yes, you can use a Tesla Referral code at a Tesla showroom. If you buy a new Tesla in store just give the Sales advisor my referral code, Sarah583995.

This is what Tesla UK have to say about their new Loot Box.

Our goal is to help Tesla owners share their passion for Tesla’s products and our mission — to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As an owner, every time you bring a new friend or family member into the Tesla community, you and your friend both earn credits — you earn Referral Credits and your friend earns Buyer Credits. You also earn Loyalty Credits when you purchase additional qualifying Tesla products, as a thank-you for being a loyal Tesla owner.

All of your credits have equal value and accrue under one balance in your Loot Box. Credits can be redeemed for Tesla Referral awards in the Referral Shop of the Loot Box, after the Grant Date — the date when the Tesla vehicle is delivered.

Is the Tesla Referral Scheme still active in the UK?

Yes, the Tesla Referral Scheme was relaunched on the 27th of March 2023. It had previously closed on the 18th of September 2021.  At this point, customers were rewarded with 1,000 Tesla Supercharging miles on every new Tesla purchased via a referral link. This has now been replaced with Tesla loot credits where you get 1,000 loot points instead.

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Can you add a Tesla referral code after placing an order?

Tesla doesn’t allow you to add the referral code after you have placed the order. You can read the full terms of the Tesla loot box scheme on their website.

How easy is it to buy a Tesla online?

I bought my Tesla Model Y online and both the ordering and collection were amazing. It was so straightforward and required almost no human contact. I can highly recommend a Tesla it just keeps getting better with over-the-air updates.

Finding your Tesla VIN number early.

At the moment this isn’t so much of an issue as there is stock available but if you order a new Tesla and want to find out when it is on its way from the factory you can check for a VIN number. Once this is allocated to your Tesla account it means it’s on the ship heading to the UK.

I highly recommend this Tesla VIN Code Extention which can be used on a Chrome browser. It searches your Tesla account and finds the VIN in the source code even before its openly displayed.

Ready, Set, Tesla – Collection Day.

There was a storm the day I picked up my Tesla Model Y and I was extremely nervous. I used this app to run through everything I needed to check but due to the rain, I skimmed through the list. It is important to remember you do have 72 hours to report any issues to Tesla and even return the vehicle if you feel it is necessary.

Handover of your new Tesla involves minimal human contact (which I like) so it is helpful if you do a little bit of prep if you have never driven an EV or test driven a Tesla.

I found watching walk-through videos on the Tesla website before collection really helpful and after I attended a free Zoom online orientation which is still being offered by volunteers at Tesla Owners UK.

Tesla Owners UK don’t put any pressure on you to sign up and you don’t need to be a member to attend the online event. I had my camera off and just listened and asked a few questions in the chat box. The session was very useful so I have added current dates for 2023 below!

If you would like any further hints or tips just take a look at my TikTok Channel. You can also message me via DM on Twitter or TokTok plus you’ll find me at SarahGoGreen.com.

The first 3 things to do as soon as you have collected your new Tesla.

I have been playing TikTok mainly to annoy my daughters. What could mummy possibly have to say?  Well, here are my tips on what to do as soon as you get your new Tesla. (I am sure that will make them cringe 🤣)

@sarah_go_green If you are buying a new #Tesla these are the 3 things i would update urgently. I own a #modely. They add security and personalisation. #teslahacks ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

Is there a Tesla Discount Code for buying a new Tesla?

No, there is no Tesla discount code for buying a new Tesla instead Tesla incentivises existing Tesla owners to spread the word about Tesla. I have seen lots of click bate links promoting Tesla discount codes but there just aren’t any worldwide. Instead, Tesla has the loot box scheme which is available in lots of countries around the globe.

Instead of a Tesla discount code, you have a Tesla loot box code which works both in-store or online as a hyperlink. My Tesla loot box code is Sarah583995.

Get charged up and Refer a friend to Tesla. 

Get the ultimate reward for driving a Tesla! Share the Tesla love and invite your friends to join the family. With the Tesla Loot Box scheme, you’ll get exclusive Tesla credits when you purchase your very own Tesla – and even more when you pass on your Tesla referral code. Start saving up your credits now, and cash out for merchandise or supercharging miles – free supercharging miles and rewards for driving the best car around.

tesla discount code

Tesla doesn’t pay to advertise instead they prefer word of mouth. A recommendation to buy a Tesla from a current owner is far more powerful in their view.

The Tesla loot box scheme provides current Tesla owners with a unique referral code which they can pass on when recommending a new Tesla. Both the current and new Tesla owner benefits by sharing and receiving a Tesla referral code or link. When the new vehicle is delivered both get Tesla loot box credits which they can save and build up or cash in for goodies.

There’s no better time to join the #teslaclub than now! Use my Tesla referral code for a special discount and be part of the innovation and luxury that comes with owning a Tesla. Get ahead of the curb and join today. #tesla #referralcode #JoinNow

I highly recommend buying a Tesla Model Y.

I have owned my Tesla Model Y for just over a year. The charging is a doodle thanks to the Tesla Supercharging network and it really is a joy to drive. Any questions just send me a message and I will be happy to help. 💚

Just for a bit of fun here I am trying to talk to my  Tesla with a Welsh accent. Tesla has introduced British English as an option in the menu settings and I was trying to see if it would understand me now..the jury is still out. 😀

This is what I love about Tesla it is forever changing and updating. Unlike any vehicle I have driven before it just gets better and better with time!

@sarah_go_green #teslatok #teslabritishaccent #teslavoicecommands #teslawelshvoice #tesla ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

This has been my first EV and I have been delighted with the transition from a diesel car.

You can read more about the Tesla Referral Scheme and how it works in the UK and Europe on the Tesla website.