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It is day 4 of social distancing. Thankfully no one has any symptoms of the Coronavirus but one of our children is high risk and so we have decided to step back and try to be as cautious as we can.  I am watching the world around us change. It is a very concerning time.


I wanted to write this blog as I am wondering when we get through this just how will people change? Is simply asking people to change their habits still enough? I have watched people fighting for toilet roll and friends on universal credit crying over their lack of ability to buy supplies.  Some I can help.OCTOPUS ENERGY We have bought food for our neighbours, spent time encouraging elderly relatives to stay home, and have been checking on those we know have shown symptoms. I’ve been using my techie skills and free time to set up social networks for my community. I have been bringing key people together in the hope that we can support each other locally.  This dreadful, unprecedented situation is making me realise that as a family we need to try even harder to preserve what we have. We must help others so we all get through it.  I must admit I have been really overthinking things but we need immediate action!!

  • We need to aim for zero food waste at home.
  • Use less energy.
  • Recycle and mend.
  • Keep safe and survive.
  • Help others get through this with us.
  • Live
  • Help others to live.
  • Look after our planet and everyone on it.


Having zero control over this virus is causing me anxiety. I am a very organised person. I love to give advice but I am struggling.  Without exception, I research everything and am confident in my views. I am, however, struggling as there is so limited data.  Everything is so new and unknown. A friend advised me to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t.  I can’t go out. I can’t find a cure for this virus but what I can do is believe that we will get through this.  When we come out the other side it is obvious we need greater control over the future of our planet. It isn’t good enough to think we have time, we don’t. We need to act now! Nature has shown us that it doesn’t wait for a convenient time to strike.  I can type, I can make a noise and I can hopefully convince you to reduce your carbon footprint very easily.

On a positive note, I have seen people adapt on a sixpence. Gin distilleries making hand gel. This isn’t for profit but for social good and necessity. Shops giving away supplies to the needy. Schools moving to online platforms. People working from home. The list goes on! So we can change and change at speed.


octopus energy should i switchBill Gates, the founder of Apple, predicted the possibility of a virus causing a global pandemic in 2015. He spoke at length on how we could be prepared. When we get through this, which we will,  we need to listen to people. We need to embrace technology and reduce our carbon footprint and we must all change. Survival is key!


Switching to renewable energy will have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.  Recycling and using public transport, as an example,  will also help but by far switching to renewable energy will have the greatest impact. If you are not using green energy please switch today!! It is something you can do in 2 minutes online. We need to act and we have to act now! I have created this website to help give my view on Octopus Energy. I hope it will reassure you that switching is the way to go!! We all have to do our bit and whilst in isolation, this is a part of mine.

I hope everyone reading this stays safe. I salute the emergency services. Stay well and share the power of love and kindness by making a difference. Step up and do what you can. I’ll see you at the party hopeful on the other side. We will get through this!

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