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ABOUT US 🌍 IN OUR OCTOVERSE = 🧑‍💻🧔 +🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🏠

We are Octopus Energy customers.  I am a mum, wife, avid allotment gardener, and dyslexic blogger. (If you spot any errors I apologise) I have always been passionate about the environment and became a vegetarian when I was 10 years old for ethical reasons. I have 3 school-age children. In the summer of 2018, we switched to Octopus Energy. They were a small energy provider with less than 300,000 customers. We had previously been with British Gas for at least 10 years. Since switching we have followed their progress and initiatives and have been blown away by their commitment to renewable energy.  Yes, we have bought into their vision! We trust in them 💯 and believe they really want to make a difference to the planet.

I am constantly trying to save energy at home,  but it can be a lot harder when you have kids! Every time I turn off the lights, one of them immediately turns them back on. I’ve tried switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, smart timers and have even installed motion sensors around the house, but the kids aren’t always on the same page.  I guess they just like seeing the world in a different light! 😀🥁 Seriously, they are more switched on than me, they just need some guidance.🌍 🤣

Why is switching to Octopus Energy a good idea?

The world is in crisis! For so many years the “Big 6” energy providers have dominated the UK energy market. The focus has been on profits and not the planet.  There have been limited choices for consumers.  Thankfully, smaller providers are rising up trying to disrupt this monopoly.

To take on the giants of the energy market a small supplier needs to get big and get big quickly as the profit margins are so low.  The bigger they get the more chance a company has of surviving as the profits increase.

We need Octopus Energy as they are challenging the norms of the energy market. In order for our planet to survive, we need forward thinkers and creative tech companies to come forward like Octopus Energy. They can save us money but they can also affect change and help in part to save the planet.

Hows do we benefit by sharing our Octopus Energy reviews?

We take great pleasure in seeing Octopus Energy grow. When we switched in 2018 they had less than 300,000 customers now they have nearly 5 million! They are now the 3rd largest energy provider in the UK!! This gives them a seat at the table with policymakers as one of the Big 6. 👏 By sharing our reviews we hope we can help convert more people to renewable energy and also help keep Octopus Energy moving forward! They have so many plans to help us get to Net-zero we are very happy to support them!

When a customer switches to Octopus Energy we share a £100 reward. The new customer gets £50 and so do we. If you decide to switch using our link we would be delighted!!!! Thank you!💚🥳👨‍👩‍👦👧👧

Nearly half of the energy customers in the UK have NEVER switched suppliers!

Not only are families overpaying but they are also sleepwalking in an energy market that needs to change! We need to rethink how we use energy. The time may come when we have no option. Octopus Energy provides amazing customer support and information to help customers with their green energy journey.

Octopus has so many ideas bubbling away that it sometimes makes my head spin BUT that’s what we need. I never thought I would enjoy listening to a podcast on the future of energy, but I do! Their ideas are simplistic yet effective all thanks to the tech they have developed to support them!

Our aim is simply to help Octopus Energy on its journey to global energy domination. We feel that’s something worth doing!!! 🥷🌍⚡️ THERE IS NO PLANET B!