Octopus Tracker Tariff Prices.

The Octopus tracker tariff follows wholesale energy prices. Every day at midnight Octopus updates the price you pay per kWh. You can choose either a tracker tariff for both gas and electricity. There is no requirement to have both.

The benefit of the Octopus tracker tariff is that if prices drop you see that almost immediately in the price you pay per kWh. However, you also feel the pain if wholesale energy prices rise.

If you are considering moving to the Octopus tracker tariff you just need to make sure you keep a very close eye, almost on a daily basis, on the price you pay per kWh for energy.

I live in South Wales and here are the prices for the last month or so on the Octopus tracker tariff for gas. At the moment day ahead prices have dropped and if you switch to this tariff for gas you could beat the energy price guarantee. This obviously changes so before you switch do the maths and see if you still think it applies.

You remember to keep a close eye on the average price you pay per kWh per month and switch back to the Octopus flexible tariff if you start paying more per kWh than the energy price guarantee. There is no point in spending more than you need to!

@sarah_go_green You could get your #gas price cheaper than the #energypriceguarantee on the #octopustrackertariff. #moneysavingtips #energybills #gasheating #reduceenergybills ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

Octopus decided to pause new signups to the tracker tariff on 22nd October 2022. The NEW October version 1 is under review. I will update this page when they are back online.

Octopus Gas Tracker Tariff – Price per kWh in South Wales.

You have to keep a very close eye on this to make sure you are not spending too much. Your day ahead rate is shown on your Octopus Energy dashboard.

Sat 01/10/22 7.92p/kWh
Sun 02/10/22 7.92p/kWh
Mon 03/10/22 7.73p/kWh
Tue 04/10/22 6.89p/kWh
Wed 05/10/22 5.71p/kWh
Thu 06/10/22 5.79p/kWh
Fri 07/10/22 7.92p/kWh
Sat 08/10/22 7.61p/kWh
Sun 09/10/22 7.61p/kWh
Mon 10/10/22 7.64p/kWh
Tue 11/10/22 7.35p/kWh
Wed 12/10/22 7.64p/kWh
Thu 13/10/22 7.82p/kWh
Fri 14/10/22 6.44p/kWh
Sat 15/10/22 4.68p/kWh
Sun 16/10/22 4.68p/kWh
Mon 17/10/22 4.49p/kWh
Tue 18/10/22 3.69p/kWh
Wed 19/10/22 1.95p/kWh
Thu 20/10/22 3.24p/kWh
Fri 21/10/22 4.88p/kWh
Sat 22/10/22 3.62p/kWh
Sun 23/10/22 3.62p/kWh
Mon 24/10/22 3.66p/kWh
Tue 25/10/22 2.75p/kWh
Wed 26/10/22 2.52p/kWh
Thu 27/10/22 2.98p/kWh
Fri 28/10/22 3.55p/kWh

The cap set by Octopus on the gas tracker is 30p per kWh.

Octopus Electricity Tracker Tariff – Price per kWh in South Wales.

Sat 01/10/22 20.72p/kWh
Sun 02/10/22 29.25p/kWh
Mon 03/10/22 34.65p/kWh
Tue 04/10/22 28.67p/kWh
Wed 05/10/22 22.65p/kWh
Thu 06/10/22 17.67p/kWh
Fri 07/10/22 21.47p/kWh
Sat 08/10/22 27.11p/kWh
Sun 09/10/22 22.97p/kWh
Mon 10/10/22 25.89p/kWh
Tue 11/10/22 31.40p/kWh
Wed 12/10/22 29.04p/kWh
Thu 13/10/22 33.64p/kWh
Fri 14/10/22 30.92p/kWh
Sat 15/10/22 23.53p/kWh
Sun 16/10/22 21.03p/kWh
Mon 17/10/22 22.04p/kWh
Tue 18/10/22 26.05p/kWh
Wed 19/10/22 15.83p/kWh
Thu 20/10/22 19.98p/kWh
Fri 21/10/22 20.38p/kWh
Sat 22/10/22 21.41p/kWh
Sun 23/10/22 18.64p/kWh
Mon 24/10/22 16.29p/kWh
Tue 25/10/22 18.12p/kWh
Wed 26/10/22 16.60p/kWh
Thu 27/10/22 18.00p/kWh
Fri 28/10/22 17.77p/kWh

The cap set on the Octopus electricity tracker is 100p per kWh.