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Octopus Energy Outgoing & SEG Tariff Review.

Which? Recommended provider 2021 (4th year in a row). Winner of the 2021 Renewable Energy Awards AND U Switch Energy Supplier Of The Year 2021 👏 Let’s think of our future and the future of our planet. If you have solar panels here’s all you need to know about Octopus Energy Outgoing and SEG tariffs.

Octopus Energy offers a variety of Outgoing tariffs. Octopus Outgoing and SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) tariffs allow customers to solar energy back to the national grid.

Since 2019 Octopus Energy customers have generated over 7352985 kWh of solar electricity. 👏

What does SEG mean?

The smart export guarantee (SEG) is an obligation set by the government for licensed electricity suppliers to offer a tariff and make payment to small-scale low-carbon generators for electricity exported to the National Grid, providing certain criteria are met.

How much will I get paid to sell my excess energy to Octopus? 

Octopus has three outgoing tariffs:

  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
  • Octopus Outgoing Fixed.
  • Octopus Outgoing Agile.
Octopus Energy Outgoing Tariffs Rates. (
Per kWh Exported
Octopus Outgoing Fixed tariff. (cannot be combined with Octopus Go import)7.5p
Octopus Outgoing Agile.Variable - half-hourly pricing based on day-ahead wholesale rates. (see table below)
Octopus Outgoing Go.4.1p
If you own a Tesla Power Wall.CLICK HERE.
Octopus SEG - (If you have NO Import tariff with Octopus Energy) 4.1p

The Octopus SEG base rate increased on the 1st February 2022 from 3p per kWh to 4.1p per kWh. The Octopus Outgoing Fixed also increased from 5.5p per kWh to 7.5p per kWh.

Octopus Agile Outgoing.

Octopus Agile Outgoing Tariff - 29/06/22National Average Price.
Min:14.3p per kWh (00.30)
Max:41.3p per kWh (18.30)
Avg:22.8p per kWh


UPDATE 7th October 2021: OCTOPUS ENERGY HAS STOPPED PROVIDING ONLINE QUOTES! YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SWITCH. (for those new to my site you can check this isn’t a spam link by going directly to the Octopus Energy website. Any attempt to quote as a new customer will bring up the telephone number 08081693274.)

octopus energy ratingIf you call and decide to switch to Octopus let them know you have been referred by Sarah-C. If you are asked for the unique link it’s Sarah-C.Octopus.Energy.  You’ll get £50 credit on your first bill and I will get £50 credit too.👏💚🎉 – Thank you, Sarah.🤗

Martin Lewis yesterday warned that Cornwall Insight who provides an independent analysis of energy markets told him it predicts the price cap in October 2022 the new forecast predicts a £929 rise in the October price cap. This is on top of the April price increase. If the prediction is correct the new energy price cap in October will increase from £1971 to a whopping £2900 a year!  It’s yet another reason why we need to increase our own homegrown green energy supply in the UK so we aren’t so reliant on other countries.🥺😢

If you call and still decide to switch please let them know you have been referred by Sarah-C. Please read all the information below and take on advice given by Octopus. Let’s hope this all ends really soon!!💚🥺🤯

Can I mix and match Octopus Import / Outgoing Tariffs?

Yes, you can. As an example, you could opt for a standard Octopus 12 month fixed tariff to import energy and combine it with Octopus Agile Outgoing. So you’ll get a variable rate for export based on wholesale prices. The only tariff you can’t mix and match with is Octopus Go. If you choose Octopus Go to import electricity then you have to be on Octopus Go Outgoing which pays 4.1p per kWh.

The Intelligent Octopus tariff doesn’t support an outgoing tariff.

Read more about Octopus Agile. (It’s popular with solar panels owners ☀️)

It is important to remember 4.1p is the lowest available price Octopus will pay you to export energy back to the grid and applies to the Octopus Go tariff or outgoing customers who aren’t signed up with Octopus for import. Every other customer can get at least 7.5p per kWh. (It will vary on Agile Outgoing!)

What do I need to switch to an Octopus Energy SEG tariff?

  • Smart Meter – (Smets 2 or Secure Smets 1)
  • MCS Certificate.
  • DNO response.

You must not be receiving deemed export payments from a feed-in tariff (FiT)

How do the Octopus Outgoing rates stack up?

There has been a lot of discussion about the SEG rates across the board. It seems that anywhere between 3p and 5p per kWh is quite normal. This has caused frustration as wholesale energy prices rise but SEG rates remain static. I would suggest if you have the time Octopus Agile Outgoing is a great way to try and boost those figures!

Can I stay with another company for importing energy?

Yes, there’s no need to shift your current domestic energy supplier. Any Octopus Outgoing tariff can be stand-alone BUT you only get the flat rate of 4.1p per kWh.

What’s the best Octopus Outgoing tariff?

The answer really depends on your home setup and requirements but here’s a generalised answer for those switching to Octopus Energy for both import and export tariffs.

  • If you frequently generate more than you use I’d suggest taking a look at Octopus Outgoing Agile. As an example, if you have solar and battery storage with very little import needs (no EV), some Outgoing Agile customers are reporting averaging >10p /kWh export. 👏
  • For electric vehicle owners who frequently use most of their generated energy, I would suggest Octopus Go.
Energy Price - Octopus Agile Outgoing Tariff    
National Average per day.Minimum:Maximum:Daily Average
Wednesday 29/06/2214.3p per kWh (00.30)40.1p per kWh (18.30)22.8p per kWh
Tuesday 28/06/2211.8p per kWh (05.00)24.4p per kWh (17.30)16.2p per kWh
Monday 27/06/2212.2p per kWh (01.00)29.7p per kWh (16.30)20.3p per kWh
Sunday 26/06/2210.4p per kWh (13.30)22.2p per kWh (18.30)14.3p per kWh
Saturday 25/06/2211.7p per kWh (05.00)23.9p per kWh (18.30)15.2p per kWh
Friday 24/06/2214.2p per kWh (02.30)25.1p per kWh (17.30)18.7p per kWh
Thursday 23/06/2215.9p per kWh (00.30)49.1p per kWh (17.30) 22.5p per kWh

If you want to find a place to chat further about SEG or Outgoing tariffs there’s a very active Octopus community on Facebook and Twitter. This Facebook group in particular has lots of chat and advice. Greg Jackson, the CEO of Octopus is a good one to follow on Twitter as well as @agile_phil.

Octopus Energy Outgoing FAQ. For further information Email [email protected] for more information.☀️


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