Octopus Energy electric vehicle tariffs.

Plus grab yourself a smart EV charger for home.

Octopus Energy offers 4 tariffs that make charging off-peak cheaper and greener, Octopus Go, Octopus Go Faster, Intelligent Octopus, and Octopus Agile.

This is the latest Octopus offer for a home charger. The Ohme Home Pro charger which Octopus Energy is installing for £499 HERE. It’s important to note that there’s no wifi option with this unit. (A slight deal-breaker for me as I have really bad reception BUT it’s a very clever unit!) It communicates via a mobile sim card. It works perfectly with all the Octopus smart tariffs and is quite one of a kind in its integration.

For a full range of home chargers for your electric vehicle, you can check out Right Charge below.


My daughter with Charlie the founder of Right Charge at The Fully Charged Show. Keep up the good work Charlie!! 💚