Octopus Energy electric vehicle tariffs.

Plus grab yourself a smart EV charger for home.

Octopus Energy offers 4 tariffs that make charging off-peak cheaper and greener, Octopus Go, Octopus Go Faster, Intelligent Octopus, and Octopus Agile.

This is the latest Octopus offer for a home charger. The Ohme Home Pro charger which Octopus Energy is installing for £499 HERE. It’s important to note that there’s no wifi option with this unit. (A slight deal-breaker for me as I have really bad reception BUT it’s a very clever unit!) It communicates via a mobile sim card. It works perfectly with all the Octopus smart tariffs and is quite one-of-a-kind in its integration.

For a full range of home chargers for your electric vehicle, you can check out Right Charge. They arrange a quote and installation.

My daughter is with Charlie the founder of Right Charge at The Fully Charged Show. Keep up the good work Charlie!! 💚