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Which? Recommended provider 2021 (4th year in a row). Winner of the 2021 Renewable Energy Awards AND U Switch Energy Supplier Of The Year 2021 👏 Let’s think of our future and the future of our planet. Save money and the planet today!

Octopus Energy bounded up the Top 50 organisations list for great customer service in July 2021 and is now ahead of companies like M&S, Waitrose, and Halfords. (you won’t find another energy company in the top 50 list!!)  👏

Is Octopus Energy any good?

If you have found my blog hopefully you are considering a switch to Octopus Energy. If you have a look around hopefully you will find my tips and advice helpful. Everyone’s needs are different but we all want a good price with fast and friendly customer service! We think Octopus Energy is a great way of switching to renewable energy.

Should you make the switch to Octopus Energy?

We have been with Octopus Energy customers for approaching 3 years. When we made our switch to Octopus they were a fairly unknown energy provider and it was a leap of faith to make the switch from British Gas. Our experience has been very positive and we aren’t looking at switching away any time soon. It’s a big 10/10 from us and we highly recommend Octopus Energy!

When we first switched to Octopus Energy they had less than 300,000 customers. We wanted to go green and Octopus seemed a young and energetic firm committed to making a difference to the planet. Now Octopus Energy has over 2 million customers and they just keep growing! Why? Because customers love Octopus Energy and they love us right back! They don’t hook you in on a deal and then move on they offer lots of amazing reasons to stay like smart tariffs, competitions, amazing value, and super green energy. CLICK HERE TO SWITCH.⟵💚


Before you try and tackle any switch you should make sure you understand the basic energy terms. Finding the best deal is far easier when you understand these.

Energy TermsMeaning
Dual FuelFuel means gas or electricity.
Dual Fuel means a supply of both your gas and electricity from the same energy provider.
TariffThis is the package you sign up to with the energy company. They usually name the tariff.

The two most common tariffs are fixed and variable. (Octopus calls it flexible)

Fixed tariff means you get the price per kWh of energy fixed for a period of time. So one kWh will always cost you the same. It could be fixed for 12 or 24 months as an example.
VATValue Added Tax. This is sales tax added by the government.
kWhA kilowatt is how energy is measured. (kWh) Like cm or inches, grams and kilograms. It measures energy. So you get charged per kWH you use.
Unit CostThis is the price you pay per kWh.
Standing chargeThis is a fixed amount you pay per day regardless how much energy you use. It pays for maintaining the supply to your home etc.
So your energy bill will show the amount of kWh you use per month and times it by the unit cost per kWh. Then they add on the daily charge eg 31 x 21p and VAT.


Compare Octopus Tariffs - 👀
Octopus Energy offers both fixed and variable tariffs. The fixed rate lasts for 24 months. There are NO exit fees on any of the Octopus Energy tariffs. 👏
Our Energy Review🧑‍💻 A quick review of why we think Octopus are so great.
Octopus Go / Go Faster Tariff🚘 The Octopus Energy EV tariff is Octopus Go and provides off peak charging for 5p per kWh.
Octopus Agile Tariff⏰ If you can shift your energy use you can make your energy even greener and cheaper with Octopus Agile hourly hourly pricing.
Octopus Agile v Octopus Go Comparison.?? Should you charge your EV by following half hourly energy prices or get a fixed off peak tariff like Octopus Go. I've done a quick comparison.

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Octopus Energy tariffs help customers to switch to renewable energy with simple and creative Octopus tariffs that help make the future look brighter. As well as ‘traditional’ Octopus fixed and variable green tariffs Octopus offers customers Octopus smart tariffs that

Octopus go v agile

Octopus Go v Octopus Agile. Octopus Go versus Octopus Agile is one of the most popular topics linked to Octopus Energy smart tariffs.  You’ll need a smart meter to access both of these Octopus Energy tariffs but once you’re ready

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OCTOPUS ENERGY IS GETTING IT RIGHT  Wonderful news Octopus Energy has bounded up the Top 50 Organisations list for offering great customer service.  The survey conducted by the Institute of Fiscal Studies analysed 45,000 customer experiences. It’s the most comprehensive

Energy prices are expected to rise in October 2021 when Ofgem reviews the price cap.  Energy prices are already at an all-time high. Dual-fuel energy bills, however, are still expected to rise from £1,138 a year to £1,250 a year,

Octopus Energy Agile price rise 2021 Since February 2021 wholesale energy prices in the UK have risen by over 50%. If you are on a fixed tariff and have been for a while the rise in energy costs may not

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Octopus Energy joins forces.  Time of use tariffs will be put under the microscope. Can they really change customers’ energy use? Octopus Energy leads the way in smart tariffs. Octopus Energy and Ohme have partnered for quite some time. They

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OCTOPUS ENERGY SMART METER SMETS 2 According to a tweet by Octopus Energy’s CEO, Greg Jackson SMETS2 smart meters have arrived  @g_j (March 2019) What’s that – a crate of SMETS2 meters destined for @octopus_energy customers?! (in the South –


THE ENERGY PRICE CAP DROP COMES INTO EFFECT OCTOBER 2019 Last week Ofgem, the energy regulator for England, Wales, and Scotland announced that annual energy bills will go down by £75 on average for 11 million households on standard tariffs

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OCTOPUS ENERGY AND AMAZON ALEXA Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing. HOW DOES AMAZON ALEXA WORK WITH OCTOPUS ENERGY? If you’re on

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SPIN TO WIN – OCTOPUS ENERGY METER READING Switching to a green energy provider like Octopus Energy takes away that element of chance. The chance that all will be ok if we just keep on burning fossil fuel.  The biggest

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