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People seem to be super excited when they write reviews on Octopus Energy but are they really worth switching to? This is our family review of Octopus Energy and we will rate them as long-term customers.  In our Octopus Energy review, I will share why we switched to Octopus Energy, I’ll review our experience so far with Octopus Energy and decide if after two years we are planning on sticking with Octopus!


When we moved home nearly three years ago we were determined to save money and live a lot greener. We had previously been with British

Gas for at least 10 years. Naively I thought switching our energy provider wasn’t really worth the hassle. I hope you find our Octopus Energy review helpful.  (You can get £50 credit if you decide to switch to Octopus HERE. We get £50 too so a big thank you if you use our link!🥳)

Octopus Energy Review – Sarah and the Family 💚

Our rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Updated: 14th May 2021

Octopus Energy Reviews 

Based on Octopus Energy customer reviews Octopus has already won the following awards in 2021.

  • Winner of the 2021 Renewable Energy Awards.
  • Which? Recommended provider 2021 (4th year in a row)
  • U Switch Energy Supplier Of The Year 2021.
  • Not only did Octopus Energy win the overall energy supplier of the year they also won 7 of the remaining categories based on customer feedback. The next best company won 2 categories…. I think Octopus can call that a win!!! 👏

Just take a look at the Octopus Energy reviews on Trustpilot to see how popular they are.  Octopus Energy reviews on Trustpilot show that 91% of Octopus Energy customers gave them 5/5 and rated them as excellent. So there are lots of great Octopus Energy reviews to look through.🤩

Greg Jackson the CEO of Octopus Energy claims he is always on hand to personally help customers resolve issues. So I messaged him to say I don’t like my on hold music. (they play you the song that was #1 when you were 14 for a bit of nostalgia) I didn’t expect a reply but HE CHANGED IT FOR ME!! 🤩🎸 This is why Octopus are the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK. They listen!! Thank you Greg – Sarah 🏆

Comparing green energy suppliers.

octopus energy reviewsWhen we made our Switch to Octopus we found two green energy suppliers that could offer us a saving.  We felt comfortable either switching to Bulb Energy or Octopus Energy.  Both offered 100% renewable energy and had great reviews.

After much googling and research we decided to go with Octopus Energy.  Their ethos and transparency really seemed to fit well with our views on how a company should be. We liked the fact they were very responsive on social media and offered a variety of tariffs to save both money and energy. (Bulb offers just one tariff and has no incentive to use energy off-peak)  By switching, Octopus illustrated we would be saving 679 kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year compared to the typical UK supplier. That’s the equivalent of 364 trees. Their green gas which they convert into electricity does not include meat food waste and this was quite important for us too.

I made the switch to Octopus Energy whilst walking the dog! I did all the research beforehand but it just took two minutes of peace to get it sorted on my mobile! With kids and a busy life ticking one job off my list so easily was fantastic!

Octopus Energy review – How long does a switch to Octopus Energy take?

The switch is usually completed within 17 days and for us, it was really straightforward. We used an Octopus referral link and we had £50 credited to our account just after our first direct debit was taken. Here’s ours if you want to switch now. 

Who is Octopus Energy?

When we switched to Octopus they were a really small supplier with less than 300,000 customers. It was a real leap of faith as we had never heard of Octopus Energy before. Now they have over 2 million customers! Octopus Energy is still a fairly new energy company but as you can see their popularity is growing! They are the fastest-growing energy company in the UK. Octopus is different from other energy supplies because it hasn’t been built off the backs of fossil-fuel plants. It doesn’t run on systems that are decades old instead Octopus uses its own groundbreaking elec-tech software called Kraken. You can find out more about Octopus Energy here by reading a message from their CEO Greg Jackson.

Octopus Energy Tariffs 2021

At the time we switched to Octopus Energy there were no smart tariffs. The Octopus tariffs were;

  • Flexible tariff
  • Fixed tariff
  • Super green tariff

These are still the most popular Octopus Energy tariffs in 2021 and they are all green tariffs.

Octopus Energy Review – Which tariff did we pick?

We opted for a fixed 12 month Octopus Energy Super Green tariff.  The super green tariff costs a few pounds more a month (I think about £5) but we loved the idea that we could offset our gas supply by supporting various renewable energy-based projects at home and abroad.

The switch went very smoothly. It took 2 minutes online to switch to Octopus Energy.  Octopus took care of everything.  We just had to provide meter readings.

Our new Octopus Energy tariff (even the fixed rate) was £264 cheaper than British Gas.

Everyone’s energy usage is different but the carbon footprint for an average UK home using a years’ worth of this electricity is 574kg of CO2 per year.

The same home on any Octopus electricity tariff has a carbon footprint of 0.

octopus energy reviews

How much does Octopus Energy cost compared to British Gas in 2021?

I have done a comparison today between  Octopus Energy and British Gas I used their websites to obtain quotes on Friday 14th May 2021.

To illustrate why I made the right decision to switch to Octopus Energy here are some figures from today’s quotes. The energy usage is the same for both quotes above. I love the fact you can now get your energy fixed for 24 months!

Tariff ComparisonFlexible OctopusBritish Gas Variable
Electricity per kWh18.081p19.337
Standing charge Electricity23.289p24.878p
Gas per kWh3.0765p3.447p
Standing charge Gas19.635p26.601p
TOTAL FOR 12 MONTHS£1,050.20 🏆
Per month.£87.52👀🐙£96.85🤦‍♀️
24 Months Fixed Tariff Comparison 👏Octopus EnergyBritish Gas
Electricty per kWh18.9315p20.944p
Electricity standing charge23.289p25.057
Gas per kWh3.3285p3.956p
Gas Standing charge per day21p26.682p
£1,110.09 👈🏼🏆£1270.82
Per month.£92.51👀🐙£105.90🤦‍♀️

What does the future hold for us?

Now we have been with Octopus for more than two years and know the bills for our new house we now feel more confident on a variable tariff and are considering  Octopus Agile.   With Agile you get rewarded for using energy when the prices rise and fall throughout the day depending on demand. This helps to use greener energy.  The Agile tariff encourages you to use energy when consumption is low bringing down prices to a minimum, sometimes even free. Plus “plunge” pricing when wholesale prices go negative, you’ll be paid to use power and reduce your environmental impact. Imagine being paid to do your laundry!

Octopus Energy is changing the energy market for the better!

Octopus Energy is really shaking up the energy market. It is reimagining the process of supplying and using the energy within our homes.  You only have to look at Twitter or YouTube to see extremely passionate Octopus Energy reviews made by customers who have embraced tech to shift their energy usage to help make the national grid greener.

There is without a doubt, a growing group of Octopus Energy customers who are embracing the tech put forward by Octopus. They are turning their newfound awareness of en-tech into action to make their lives more sustainable. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of ways Octopus Energy customers can get creatives with their energy use. It’s simply amazing though that Octopus Energy is disrupting the energy market by offering customers so many alternatives to go green!

I have a review of these smart tariffs in my blog. They are simply groundbreaking!

There’s an in-depth review of the Agile tariff here and also a review on ALL Octopus Energy tariffs.

How about this? When the wind starts blowing locals can get cheaper energy.


⭐️ 100% Green Energy.❌ Octopus Energy App isn't great for monitoring smart tariffs! (BUT and this is a massive BUT they share customers API so they can create their own apps!! There are some really great apps made by customers on the app store / google play.💚
🌟 No exit fees.
🌟 They tell customers if there is a cheaper Octopus tariff. (it's highlighted on a customers monthly bill)
🌟 Great customer service. Which? Recommended Provider 2021. (for the 4th year in a row)
🌟 Easy to update meter readings.
💚 Smart tariffs eg Octopus Agile.
💚 EV tariffs.
💚 Outgoing tariffs for solar.
💚 Lots of customer competitions and promotions for existing customers.
💚 Lots of customer engagement!!
💚💚💚 Octopus Centre for Net Zero launched!


We simply love Octopus Energy. I never thought I would have such a passion for my energy supplier but we are in a global crisis and they are leading the way in the energy market. I haven’t got the skills to do this but my supplier has and that makes me extremely happy!

Octopus has now launched an entech-led research organisation dubbed the Octopus Centre for Net-Zero.  (OCNZ) 🌍 Funded by Octopus Energy it is the first of its kind in the world. All technology from the facility will be made public.  With the climate emergency being upon us anything that brings together the energy industry, technology, and policymakers is simply amazing in my books!

Will I need to constantly review my Octopus Energy tariff?

octopus energy billIf you are on a standard Octopus Energy tariff each month Octopus Energy tells me when I could pay less. Each time I receive my bill via email I also get an update if there is a cheaper Octopus Energy tariff I could be on. They highlight how much I could save on each new tariff. Even if you opt for a 12-month fixed tariff you can still switch to this cheaper deal. You just email back and they do it for you! I have done this a couple of times!  I have never had a company tell me I could pay them less before AND there is no catch. No exit fees!! This is a complete winning formula for me! There is no need to keep checking if there are cheaper Octopus Energy tariffs available. They just tell you!

If you opt for a smart tariff eg Octopus Agile and you realise it’s not for you and you want to switch to another tariff Octopus usually switches you within 24 hours. You just can’t switch back to the Octopus Agile tariff for 30 days.

You can leave Octopus Energy at any time with no exit fees.

As you can tell we are extremely happy customers!

We are more than happy to recommend Octopus Energy.

The CEO of Octopus Energy on television last week objecting to the increase in the energy price cap which will see many people’s bills go up.  We need to look after each other and the planet. Well done Greg Jackson!! Keep up the hard work.

Thank you and keep safe 💕

Sarah and The Family

octopus eNERGY


ripple energy referral code.


How easy is it to get through to Octopus Energy?

When we have needed to call Octopus they have always answered the phone really quickly. The telephone lines aren’t open on the weekend but they are super speedy at getting back to you if you direct message them on social media. We use Twitter and we’ve had a response from both Octopus Energy and their CEO on there really quickly.

The consumer website Which? reported that “it took us 2 minutes 4 seconds, on average, to get through to a human on the phone to Octopus in our energy company response times undercover investigation in September and October 2020. This is significantly faster than the average (5 minutes 57 seconds) and Octopus was the sixth fastest firm overall, out of 31 firms we called.”

Does Octopus Energy have an app?

Yes, Octopus does have an app but it’s doesn’t supply that much information and only has a rating of 1.6 on the app store. We prefer 3rd party apps for Octopus Energy and there are lots of them to choose from! Octopus allows anyone to access their API. This is really unusual. It’s free and if your techie you can create all sorts of data analysis. There are quite a few apps created by Octopus Energy customers in the app store!  It’s a clever move by Octopus as customers know what they want from the data and they allow them to create and share it! Check out the Octopus Watch app.  Watch refers to looking rather than a smartwatch.

Has the price cap increased Octopus Energy prices?

Prices did go up in April 2021 BUT Octopus Energy sets its prices BELOW the price cap.

Do you need a smart meter to switch to Octopus Energy?

No, you don’t need a smart meter to switch to Octopus Energy. We didn’t have one when we switched. You don’t need one for the standard tariffs.  A few months back we did ask to have a smart meter installed and now we do have one. We made that decision as we are quite attracted to Octopus Agile and for that, you need a smart meter.