The gist in 5 sentences…

Renewable energy improves your health and life expectancy by reducing air pollution (responsible for an estimated 40,000 early deaths every year).

Renewable energy will stabilise and lower your energy costs by reducing the UK’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Renewable energy creates jobs and improves the economy – the renewable industry employs 3 times as many as the fossil fuel industry, and a limitless domestic energy supply frees us from volatile fuel markets.

Renewable energy allows a distributed energy system, reducing the domino effect caused when a major power station or line has a problem – renewables are also far more resilient to extreme weather events.

Renewable energy prevents land degradation and destruction associated with fossil fuels, and when properly sited, protects the UK’s biosphere and local wildlife from harmful chemicals and habitat loss.


Octopus Energy was founded with a mission to change energy for the better. They’re bringing innovative technology to bear in disrupting a market that has been stagnant for too long, in the same way, Amazon has for retail or Uber for personal transport. But massive change doesn’t happen overnight. And as their founding principle is to deliver our customers value for the long term – not just a fixed term – they’ve built their business to last.

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