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If you are considering switching to Octopus Energy I am an Octopus Energy geek so please read on!! I have been with Octopus for six years and know their tariffs inside out! Octopus Energy are one of the best run company in the energy sector. 💚👏. I've seen Octopus go from a small start up to the second largest energy supplier in the UK. Winner of Which? Recommended Energy Supplier 2024. Octopus has won this award for seven years in a row! We need companies like Octopus Energy to shake up the energy market for the better! Get an online new customer quote by answering a few basic questions and switch to Octopus with this £50 new customer offer.



If you have found my blog hopefully you are considering a switch to Octopus Energy or you want to add some green technology to your home. I am passionate about sustainability and saving money. I have been an Octopus customer for six years and have reviewed all of the Octopus tariffs with step-by-step tips to save money on your bill. I have also had an Octopus Energy solar installation. There's not a lot I don't know about this firm or what they can offer customers. I am a mum with 3 teenage kids, saving money and helping the planet is my goal. You won't be locked into any Octopus tariff. (No exit fees) 💚Switching to green energy has the biggest impact on reducing your carbon footprint, can save you money and it's quick and easy to do. (We'll get £50 each if you switch supplier and £100 each if you go for a solar or heat pump installation. Any questions just ask!)


The Benefits of Switching to Octopus Energy: WARNING saving money on your energy bill and using renewable energy can be addictive! (3 minutes voice note from me.)

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Home My Journey to Cheaper, Greener Energy –  Switching to Octopus Energy Changed Everything. Octopus Energy Tariffs 2024 Reviewed  Could a simple switch to Octopus Energy in 2024 unlock savings and support a brighter future? Let’s


What is the quickest way to switch to Octopus Energy?

The quickest way to switch to Octopus Energy is by switching online. You can start the switch from your smartphone, mobile device or computer in two minutes.

You don’t need your utility bill to hand to start your switch to Octopus and you don’t even need to know who your current supplier is.

Octopus Energy will handle the switch with your current supplier. If you need any support they offer great support via email and social media messenger, so there’s no call centre nightmare if you need to get in touch.

Make the switch to Octopus Energy.

What is the latest new customer offer or deal with Octopus Energy? 

The new Octopus customer offer is a £50 credit on your energy account. You’ll need to switch using an existing customer’s Octopus link and the credit will be added after your first direct debit is taken. Here is my Octopus referral link just click to switch or use the referral code Sarah- C.  (I would be delighted if you used mine.)

In addition, if your switch is not completed in 5 working days you can claim £30 compensation.

Octopus Energy offers both fixed and flexible tariffs at the point of switching and as soon as your switch starts you will get your own customer link to share with friends who would like to switch too.

I am super geeky and keep this Octopus blog updated usually on a daily basis so you won’t miss a deal. Follow me on X where I share even more tips on electrification and get super excited about the new Octopus Energy innovations. (I am a mum with 3 teenage daughters just trying to make it easier to understand if you want to save money and go green.)

One of my ideas Octopus listend to. Now you can hear it too.

octopus energy ratingGreg Jackson the CEO of Octopus Energy claims he is always on hand to personally help customers resolve issues. So I messaged him to say I don’t like my on hold music. (they play you the song that was #1 when you were 14 for a bit of nostalgia) I didn’t expect a reply but HE CHANGED IT FOR ME AND ADDED A FEATURE SO ALL OCTOPUS CUSTOMERS CAN CHANGE THIER MUSIC TOO!! 🤩🎸 This is why Octopus are the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK. They listen!!

Maybe, Wake me up before you go, go should be some other energy suppliers on hold music!!

Thank you Greg – Sarah 🏆 🐙 🎶

🥁 89% of Octopus Energy reviews on Trustpilot score them 5/5  ranking them as excellent


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How to save money with Octopus Energy in 2024.

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it but with Octopus Energy you really can.

If you choose Octopus Agile, as an example, when energy is abundant you could get paid to use your oven. Cakes taste much better when the energy is free!

Octopus Tracker, another smart tariff, has saved me a small fortune over winter and has allowed my mum who is in her 70s to have the heating on more often. It follows wholesale energy prices and has been well below the Energy Price Cap for the last year.

The Ofgem ban on new customer offers doesn’t stop Octopus Energy from being streets ahead with their smart tariffs. Octopus are on a mission to help both their customers and the planet.

Everyone can switch and claim your £50 new customer credit by using my referral link. The £50 cashback will be credited to your Octopus account after your switch is complete and you have made your first payment.

There’s no exit fee or long-term lock with Octopus Energy. The switch is usually completed within 15 days. (This is about to get quicker.)

It is going to get even quicker to switch to Octopus in 2024.

From 1st April 2024, Octopus now aims to switch new customers in 5 days instead of 15 days. If they don’t  £30 compensation is up for grabs.

As a new Octopus customer, you get cashback in the form of a £50 credit on your Octopus Energy bill when you switch. (no code required just use the linked pages.)

How does it work?  Use my Octopus referral code by following the link when you switch to Octopus Energy.  After making your first payment to Octopus Energy £50 will be credited to your Octopus account. (Business’ can claim £100 credit)

octopus new customer offer

New Octopus customer switch offer for 2024 explained.

Once you have chosen to switch to Octopus Energy as a new customer in 2024, you’ll be given  £50 credit on your first bill and your own personal referral code to share with friends and family.  You’ll see the £50 credit pop up in your “Octopus balance history” after your first direct debit has been taken.

Simply log into your Octopus account and at the bottom of the page you will find your own unique link to share. (It’s the banner of the two octopuses sitting together on a bench.) For every person that switches with your code, you both get £50 credited towards your next bill.

This Octopus new customer offer is open to everyone! You can also claim the credit if you have a pre-payment meter.

It takes just two minutes to switch and your code is effective immediately. (I would be delighted if you use mine to get you started, thank you!)  CLICK HERE.🥳⟵

If you are a business the credit increases to £100 for switching to Octopus Energy..a

£50 bonus when you switch using my 2024 Octopus referral code and your switch should be completed in around 5 working days which is amazing! Please reach out to me if I can be of help in picking the right tariff for you. 


I am the author of this website, Sarah Chambers.I’VE BEEN A HAPPY OCTOPUS ENERGY CUSTOMER FOR 6 YEARS.

I’m Sarah, and as a mum of 3 daughters, I want to save money and do right by the planet. This led me down a rabbit hole of researching tariffs, smart meters, and renewable options.

You can find me on X and TikTok where I connect with around 7,000 followers looking for practical ways to electrify their homes and reduce energy bills.

Feel free to follow me Sarah_Go_Green and join the conversation – I’d love to hear from you!

I’m also featured on the Octopus website and their YouTube channel as a solar customer. I’ve been on the BBC News, Radio Wales, published in the Telegraph for owning part of a wind turbine and had a feature in Bloomberg.

I genuinely want to help you understand your options and make smarter energy choices. It’s that simple, I have become very geeky about my home energy and I can help you too.


My website is not managed or owned by Octopus Energy. It is just a website created by, Sarah Go Green, a mum,  home energy geek and a very happy Octopus Energy customer.

You can read further independent Octopus Energy reviews on Trustpilot where 89% of customers give them 5 stars.

Should I switch to Octopus Energy? Yes, you should according to Octopus Energy customer reviews.

Octopus Energy charge fair prices, their website is very good (options are explained, prices and dates are clear, communication always happens in good time and they respond like the speed of light. My feeling is that the staff seem to like and value their customers and they offer 100% renewable and carbon offset energy tariffs. It’s great getting a little cashback on your Octopus Energy switch too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Octopus Energy Reviews

At 72 I now have a smart meter and have switched to Octopus Tracker Tariff. I have saved a lot compared to my neighbours. I love the fact I don't worry about paying too much for my energy bills as I am ahead of the curve with prices going down. I just check my account to check the daily rate. If I can do it, anyone can!! What's not to like? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Octopus Energy Reviews
Octopus Energy Reviews


Charge your home battery at the cheapest possible rates and export excess energy when it is best for both your pocket and the National Grid.




I have recently had solar panels and battery storage installed by Octopus Energy in my home in South Wales.

Follow my step-by-step review, from the Octopus Energy quote to the installation of my solar panels and battery storage. (I am still very excited about generating my own energy.)

You can now claim £100 discount on your Octopus heat pump or solar installation using my Octopus Energy heat pump and solar installation referral code which is 95460. Just pass the code to the Octopus specialist who’s handling your quote.

Read my Octopus Energy Solar panels and battery storage installation review.


Switching to green energy is one of the biggest ways you can help tackle climate change. Even without investing in green technology such as solar panels or battery storage Octopus enables its customers to save money when there's lots of renewables on the grid or when it needs a little help. Octopus Power-ups offers free energy at specific times (limited to the South East at the moment) or rewards to for using less energy during their Octopus Saving Sessions. If you are looking for innovation that can help the planet and your pocket Octopus is leading the way. Switch to Octopus Energy and help the grid become greener. You'll get great customer service, a little inspiration on your electrification journey and opportunities to reduce your energy bill.


Intelligent Octopus Flux Tariff.

Intelligent Octopus Flux. Take the hassle out of exporting excess energy from your home battery with the Intelligent Octopus Flux tariff. Intelligent Flux is a next-generation tariff that uses Octopus’  Kraken software to optimise your GivEnergy

When the wind is blowing and the sun is shining how do we get all that green energy to our homes? Like every other form of energy, it has to pass through the National Grid which transfers it around the country. The National Grid makes sure our demand for energy is met in our day-today-day lives but at what cost to the planet? If more power is needed at peak times the grid can turn brown rather than green!

💚🌍☀️🥳🏭💡Octopus Energy is leading the way with its innovative tariffs. When there’s an excess of green electrons they want to make it easy for customers to make the most of cheaper green energy. Their platform Kraken makes the smart grid possible. It’s so unique other energy suppliers are now paying Octopus to sign up and use it, EDF is the latest!! 🏆🐙 We can all do our bit by shifting some of our energy use. When you use energy off-peak it helps balance the grid making it cleaner, greener, and more affordable to use, so it’s a win, win. 💚

Own an electric car? Octopus Energy has 2 dedicated EV tariffs that make charging your electric vehicle off-peak better for both your pocket and the planet. There is also a new Air Source Heat Pump Tariff plus if you have solar panels they’ll buy your excess energy. You can’t beat driving on sunshine but with Octopus Outgoing you can share it with others too. ☀️🚙 🌍

Octopus Energy Heat Pump

Octopus Energy Heat Pump Installation. Octopus Energy has just launched an Octopus heat pump and solar panels referral scheme. They are installing heat pumps in the UK and there is a lot of interest. As a trusted energy supplier, who […]

Can you get your energy cheaper on the Octopus tracker tariff?

Octopus Tracker Tariff Prices

Octopus Tracker Tariff Prices. A complete guide to the Octopus tracker tariff. The Octopus Tracker Tariff follows wholesale energy prices. Every day at midnight Octopus Energy updates the price you pay per kWh. You can choose the Octopus tracker tariff […]


The Cosy Octopus tariff is a super smart, super green tariff available to Octopus Energy customers who own a heat pump. It provides 6 hours of off-peak electricity and is designed to help heat pump owners keep their homes cosy while spending less.



The Octopus Energy Agile tariff allows you to use energy when consumption is low bringing down prices to a minimum, sometimes even free. Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money and use cleaner, greener energy when there is less demand on the grid. Plus "plunge" pricing when wholesale prices go negative could even pay you to use energy. There are so many ways you can save money and put less pressure on the National Grid at peak times. When energy prices are at their cheapest and the wind is blowing Agile customers preset their washing machines and dishwashers. They heat water, charge Electric Vehicles and even store energy via batteries. They use and store as much energy as they can. It makes sense to use energy when there's an excess in the supply but it's outside our normal habits. Change is needed so it does make sense! This is the Octopus Energy tariff for you if you can get creative with your energy use to help reduce the peaks in supply that cause power plants to come online. 💚

switch to renewable energy


When I sit and watch David Attenborough speak about the damage we are doing to the environment I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. Can my actions really make a difference?  The answer in part is yes and as



Do you love green tech? Since Switching to Octopus Energy we’ve been inspired by Octopus' enthusiasm for decarbonising the grid and customers homes. Since switching to Octopus we swapped our car for an EV and have installed Octopus solar panels and battery storage. Octopus pay it forward and now run an Octopus heat pump and solar referral scheme. You can use our referral code 95460 for £100 off a solar or heat pump installation. They loaned us a FLIR thermal imaging cameras for free the results of which forced our new home builder to install more insulation in our loft! The free FLIR camera scheme gives customers the opportunity to find out where heat is escaping around their home. Octopus makes energy use fun and easy to understand. For a real shot at a sustainable world, more green energy alone, won’t be enough. We need innovate and Octopus has that in abundance. The Octopus Saving Sessions have helped us contribute to decarbonising the National Grid whilst also reducing our winter energy bill considerably. We were credited more than we were debited on our January 2024 bill thanks to Octopoints earned during Saving Sessions!

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Which Octopus Tariff is best?

Which Octopus Tariff is best for you? Have you considered switching Octopus tariffs with the seasons? If you have solar panels or a heat pump it may be time to give this question some thought. These are some questions that […]

Octopus has launched an entech-led research organisation dubbed the Octopus Centre for Net-Zero at a cost of 5 million pounds(OCNZ) 🌍 Funded by Octopus Energy it is the first of its kind in the world. All technology from the facility will be made public.  They have also invested 10 million pounds creating the UK’s only low carbon heat research and development centre. 👏 With the climate emergency being upon us anything that brings together the energy industry, technology, and policymakers is simply amazing in my books! As a customer, I am delighted that Octopus Energy is pioneering such great green products and services. Battery storage and shifting our energy use so there is less demand on the National Grid has to be one of the answers and Octopus Energy is making strides to help us do this.


How to contact Octopus Energy.

Octopus Energy Email 👉 hello@Octopus.Energy

Octopus Energy Free Telephone number 👉 0808 164 1088 (Monday to Friday: 9 am-5 pm) UK based staff.

Octopus Heat Pump Enquiries.

Call us: 0808 196 6842
Email: heat@octopus.energy

Octopus Solar Installation Enquiries.

Call us: 0808 196 6842
Email: solar@octopus.energy

Quote Octopus referral code 95460 to get £100 off your Octopus solar or heat pump installation.

I have always had a very speedy response from Octopus Energy when I have contacted them. They are very friendly on the phone and responsive on Social Media or Email.

How long does it take to get through to Octopus Energy after you’ve made contact by telephone or Email/DM? You can read the current response times on the Octopus website contact page.

Octopus Energy DIY solutions.

You can login to your Octopus Energy account here. Human interaction is great but you can request a smart meter, update your payment details, check what tariff you are on, and lots more from your Octopus dashboard.

Snail Mail – Octopus Energy Address: 2nd Floor, UK House, 164-182 Oxford Street, London. W1D 1NN

octopus eNERGY

Octopus Energy Contact

I do not work for Octopus Energy. I have been an Octopus customer since 2018. When I joined they were a new energy company that had less than 300,000 customers. Now they have around 6.5 million BUT they haven’t lost that personal touch!

I blog about their tariffs and innovations. I share their passion for renewable energy and enjoy passing on tips to help make home energy cheaper, cleaner, and greener. I am more than happy to chat via email if you drop me a message.

What is the new customer offer right now with Octopus Energy?

The new customer offer on Octopus Energy is a £50 credit when you switch using my 2024 Octopus referral link or referral code. Click to switch and you will receive your £50 joining credit after you have made your first direct debit payment. (The credit usually takes a few days to appear after your payment is made.)

If you need any tips or advice on picking the right tariff,  message me on my social media or blog contact page.  I hope my content has been of help.