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When I sit and watch David Attenborough speak about the damage we are doing to the environment I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. Can my actions really make a difference?  The answer in part is yes and as a family, we have been trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  Although we can’t always be perfect, we are trying!

One of the easiest and biggest ways we have reduced our carbon footprint is by switching to green energy.  We are not in a position to buy solar panels or live on our own smallholding with wind turbines.  What we have done, however, is switch to Octopus Energy who supply 100% renewable energy. (LED lightbulbs also help)

Food is about one-quarter of our carbon footprint in the U.K.  We have tried to half this by:

  •  Eating everything we buy and avoiding wasting food
    Avoiding air-freighted food
  •  Reducing our meat and dairy consumption (especially beef and lamb) Two of the household are vegetarians.
  •  Buying locally.

octopus energy is our supplier

As a family, we try to reduce our car journeys and walk where possible but it isn’t always that easy for the general commute.  An Electric Vehicle would be a great addition to the family but that’s on the bucket list. We buy significantly fewer clothes and try to make do and mend where possible.

If you are thinking of switching to a green energy supplier I would highly recommend Octopus Energy. There are other green energy suppliers in the UK but for us switching to Octopus Energy ticked all of our boxes.  It wasn’t just about renewable energy it was feeling happy with the ethics and transparency of the energy supplier.   Bulb also supplies green energy but they just offer one tariff and have no incentives to use energy off-peak.

If you decide to switch to Octopus Energy you’ll get £50 credit on your first bill when you use our referral link.

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octopus energy cashback