Why get a smart meter?

This is an update to a previous blog post where my mother asked me the question below. 

My mother asked me this question a month ago. I switched to a smart meter when I moved home. I had to have my old one removed and a new SMETS 2, smart meter, added. My mother, on the other hand, has been reluctant but due to the energy crisis, she is looking at all possible ways to save money on her energy bill.

@sarah_go_green I have a #smartmeter and this month i told my mum to get one too. You should apply NOW as there are savings coming this winter. #moneysavingtips ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

My answer was quite straightforward, change is coming!!  I took part in an Octopus Energ trial into time-of-use tariffs at the start of 2022. It was a joint trial between Octopus and the National Grid. I was sent a text advising me I could save money if I didn’t use energy on a specific day at a set time. I usually had around 24 hours’ notice. Without question, I did all I could to avoid these times as much as possible so I could get a credit on my energy bill.

Fast forward to winter 2022.

There is an energy crisis where supply looks like it will fall short of demand. Putin is restricting the supply of gas so that the west suffers. In order to stop blackouts, the national grid will have to manage supply somehow. How about using the same strategy as used in the Octopus Energy trial and paying people not to use energy at specific times?

I didn’t specifically guess this would happen but I imagined something very similar would happen. This is why I urged my mother to get one.

Last night an article appeared on BBC business news, Plans to cut energy bills if peak-time use avoided. I hate being right in such circumstances but it was inevitable some action would be needed.

There isn’t much information available yet online as to how the National Grid will implement they say this should be available in the next 2 weeks.

On that basis, my advice would be either to watch this space if you already have a smart meter or apply for one now if it’s something you would be happy to have in your home.