Greg Jackson Reforms

Greg Jackson fighting for Energy Market Reforms?

Greg Jackson is the CEO of Octopus Energy. He gave evidence to a parliamentary committee in October last year. In summary, the committee was looking into how to tackle the energy crisis, He said we need energy market reforms.  Greg Jackson suggested it was possible to bring down the cost of electricity for customers. We need to change how the energy market works as it is outdated.

@sarah_go_green We need energy market reforms and we need people like @octopusenergy and #gregjackson. #costoflivingcrisis #energypricerises #energybill #energyprices ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

Fast forward almost 10 months and last week we saw Greg Jackson explaining to customers in a video message why renewable energy is expensive. We need energy market reforms he said!! He is still saying the same thing but he can’t make these changes happen the government has to do it!

Change might be on the horizon but I can’t see the enthusiasm for getting the job down quickly.

As autumn approaches we really need to have more options on the table. We managed to speed up implementing change when covid struck and I think momentum is needed for dealing with the energy crisis.

Let’s hope we have some news in early autumn when the interim report is published by the Review into Electricity Market Arrangments.