Wonderful news Octopus Energy has bounded up the Top 50 Organisations list for offering great customer service.  The survey conducted by the Institute of Fiscal Studies analysed 45,000 customer experiences. It’s the most comprehensive survey of customer service across all sectors and saw Octopus Energy jump 12 places this year.  That’s not a bad result when you consider Octopus Energy has also expanded its customer base by nearly 1 million customers in the same time period! 🛼🎉

CEO Greg Jackson took to Twitter last night to congratulate his staff and customers for an incredible team effort.

The most comprehensive survey of customer service across sectors has @OctopusEnergy rising 12 places. Still the only energy company in the Top 50. And that’s whilst growing at almost 1m customers/yr through the pandemic. Kudos to incredible team and ❤️ 😍 ❤️to wonderful customers.

I am sure when Octopus Energy was founded in 2015 they had their eye on changing the perception of energy companies in the UK.  You can sense it in everything they do and why shouldn’t an energy company offer you even better customer service than M&S? You can live without chocolate eclairs but you’d struggle to go without energy at home. So why not demand a great experience? Well done Octopus Energy!! We think you’re pretty great too. 💚

Posted by Sarah at www.www.octopusreferral.link

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