Octopus Energy is calling for the government to consider greater assistance.

Octopus Energy is constantly trying to make the energy market better for customers. Today, Greg Jackson, the CEO of Octopus Energy was on BBC Radio 4, Best of Today, setting out how he thinks the government should step in and take action to help ease the energy crisis;

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Greg Jackson listed 5 things the government should do;

    1. Provide more significant support for customers.
    2. An energy efficiency program eg Advise customers on reducing their energy use by reducing the flow on their gas boiler.
    3. In the medium term – Provide an insulation program.
    4. Energy Reform – Decouple the price of electricity from gas.
    5. Investment in more renewable energy. The National Grid needs to be reformed to make this happen quicker.

Greg Jackson has been talking to the government about decoupling the price of electricity from gas for at least the last year.

Octopus Energy is always fighting for change but they can’t do this alone! Well done Octopus!