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Octoplus Saving Sessions
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Octoplus Saving Sessions

The National Grid (ESO) relaunched its Demand Flexibility Service this week. Energy suppliers throughout the UK responded to the call for assistance today. Octopus Energy passed this request from the National Grid to its customer through their Octoplus alert. They called for customers to take part in the first Octoplus Saving Session of winter 2023.

Written by Sarah Chambers 

How Do the Octoplus Saving Sessions Work?

You are told a specific time slot when the National Grid needs assistance. The notifications usually come from Octoplus 24 hours before a planned Octopus Saving Session but it could be sooner. You can choose to take part by opting. (That’s really important to do.)

If you take part you will earn Octopoints by reducing your demand or exporting your stored energy. The Octopoints can be turned into credits on your Octopus energy bill.

What is Octoplus?

Octoplus was launched on the 19th of October 2023 and is a new reward scheme for Octopus Energy customers who have a smart meter.

You have to opt into Octoplus but by doing so you’ll be rewarded for using energy when it’s abundant or when the National Grid needs a helping hand.

  • Free Energy Sessions.
  • Get paid to NOT use energy during Octopoint Saving Sessions. You can also export energy and get paid this year!
  • Addition credits for spinning the Octo wheel of fortune or referring a friend to Octopus.
  • More benefits to come….

This year is slightly different as solar and battery storage customers can take part by exporting energy to the grid during the Octopus Saving Sessions. For every kWh you export beyond what you’d normally export for the time of day, you’ll earn Octopoints.

How do you opt into Octoplus?

You should see a link to Octoplus in your online account either on the home screen of the web portal or your Octopus app. Simply click to accept and join and Octopus will take care of the rest.

When I opted in a new icon appeared at the bottom of my home screen of my Octopus app. There is a coin which says Octoplus. If you click on this you’ll land on the Octoplus page and you can check your Octoplus current points and look for any news or additional promotions. It’s a bit like a loyalty card for using your smart meter.

If you don’t have a smart meter my advice would be to try to get one. You’ll see a link to request a smart meter installation in your Octopus Energy account.

How much will you get paid to help the National Grid with the Octoplus Saving Session?

Each Octoplus Saving Session will attract a different rate. Tonight consumers are being paid £2.25 per kWh either to not use energy or to export energy.

Is it fair to pay customers a premium for exporting energy during an Octoplus Saving Session?

This year is the first year that the National Grid are paying customers a premium for exporting more energy than they normally would during a Demand Flexibility Service session.

Last year I took part in the Octopus Saving Sessions and simply reduced my demand but this winter I can do more as I have just had solar panels and battery storage installed. I feel very privileged that I have been able to afford to do that as I know it is out of reach for the vast majority of people.

So should those who can afford this green tech also get paid a premium to export it to help the National Grid, here are my thoughts about this.

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This new article highlights how power stations have been playing games and as a result, we have all been paying more for our energy.

Here is a closer look at what I exported to the National Grid during the first Octoplus Saving Sessions.

I hate looking at graphs. Wherever possible I try to avoid boring people to death with them but it is a good visualisation of how much I exported last night and how much power I had in my battery before and after the Octoplus Saving Session.

I am guessing that I made around £10.80 exporting more energy than I would otherwise between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm tonight. I think I didn’t make a vast amount more than that in the 2022 Saving Sessions before I had the battery installed BUT it is the taking part and the group effort to balance the National Grid that counts!

Just remember I paid thousands for this system and as a result saved £10.80 last night :-0. I couldn’t reduce my demand as I live consistently off the stored energy in my battery. If you don’t have solar and battery you are not alone! Only 4% of the UK has solar panels. Most of the people taking part in the Demand Flexibility will be reducing demand and not exporting.

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Any questions about the Octoplus Saving Sessions?

Everything is explained on the Octopus website. There are lots of different Octopus communities on social media. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to join in. Ask fellow Octopus customers questions about their experience, after all we are all trying to help the same cause. You can find me very easily on Twitter.

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