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According to a tweet by Octopus Energy’s CEO Greg Jackson SMETS2 meters have arrived 

@g_j (March 2019)

What’s that – a crate of SMETS2 meters destined for @octopus_energy customers?! (in the South – North not quite ready yet, and it’ll take a couple of weeks to get in swing – but great to see them!) Thanks to Landis & Gyr for pulling out the stops…

The CEO, in his March tweet, goes on to say that testing is still ongoing but they will be starting to roll out in several weeks. Customers quickly replied asking if the SMETS1 meters would be upgraded too. It seems that an upgrade will not be needed once updates have been made to the system as there will be little difference between the two.

For all of those waiting for Octopus Energy smart meter installation, I am sure they will be delighted to take advantage of Octopus’ more techie tariffs such as Octopus Go, (which is intended for electric vehicle owners) and Octopus Agile (which tracks electricity prices) a smart meter is needed.  You don’t, however, need a smart meter to switch to Octopus Energy. I am currently on the Super Green tariff and don’t have a smart meter. I will only need one if I switch to Agile.

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If you’re thinking of switching to Octopus should you do it without a smart meter?

I would say it is but you should be aware you will have to wait for installation.  The smart meters are free as is installation but they are prioritising installations. So you will get one but the question is when.  I believe their website states they have currently paused installation.

  • If you simply want to go green and get renewable energy you don’t need a smart meter. If you would like one any way you can request one and will be added to a general waiting list.
  • For electric vehicle owners who specifically want Octopus Go (which is a very attractive 5p per kWh during specific periods) while you wait for a smart meter to be installed, you are going to have to wait on a tariff priced higher than Octopus GO. So it depends on the deal you have now.
  • For those who want to switch to the Octopus Agile, it’s a similar story. You need to weigh up what’s best for you in the short term while the installations roll out.

I am on Octopus Energy’s Super Green tariff and am happy to wait for a smart meter. It, however, depends on your reasons for switching.

smart meter installation ukIf you want to switch to Octopus Energy as you have an electric vehicle and really need the smart meter to get the GO or Agile tariffs as I understand it they will prioritise.  Just be aware you may have a delay.  Greg, the CEO is very approachable and responsive on Twitter and email.  If your offered a SMETS1 don’t panic, as I understand it, they will link to the DCC too, the same as the SMET2.


The smart grid will be critical for our society to move to greener energy affordably. Unlike other energy companies who rent systems from third parties, or who have legacy systems which they’ve failed to update, Octopus has engineered a completely new system over the last couple of years which is designed specifically to deliver the smart grid.

So at the moment, Octopus Energy is ahead of the curve. They have the tariffs to bring an even cheaper greener experience to customers with Electric Vehicles.  The meter installations just need to catch up.  Octopus Energy realises that the key is to reward customers for using energy when there is less demand on the national grid.  Spreading the demand makes it greener but the smart meters, which Octopus aren’t fully in control of, are holding them back a little.OCTOPUS ENERGY SMART METER INSTALLATION


The government has now agreed that the SMETS1 meters can be updated so they can use the same system, called the DCC, which enables your smart meter to stay smart if you switch to another supplier. (SMETS is an acronym for Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications) Previously only SMETS2 meters could be connected.

Who are the DCC?

The DCC (Data Communications Company) is an independent platform that shares data.  It centralises your smart metering communications by sending and receiving information from your smart meter to your energy supplier, energy network operators and energy service companies. It is regulated by Ofgem and is paid for by consumers through the energy industry. All energy companies in the UK have to link their new smart meters to this network. The government wants all households to be connected by the end of 2020.  This will allow customers to switch energy suppliers while retaining their smart meters.  The key to this is the DCC, the energy companies don’t own the DCC network they simply link to it. If you choose a new supplier you switch and your smart meter just stays connected through the same system, the DCC. 

Do I need a SMETS1 or SMETS2 smart meter?

So without getting too technical if you are offered a SMETS1 it will work just fine too.  It can now be linked to the DCC just like the SMETS2 smart meters. The SMETS2 is still taking much longer to get out due to technical issues linking the meters with the network and I believe Octopus has paused installing them for now until this is resolved.  (If you’d like a full explanation please read Greg’s blog post)

A big thanks to CEO, Greg Jackson for the tweets and the latest blog post which as always aims to keep all customers fully informed. I


SMETS2 is rolling out but there is still a delay.  This is across all providers as far as I can tell in my area.   Greg as always is very active on Twitter keeping customers up to speed.

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