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Ripple energy updated review

Here we go again. Updated Ripple Energy Review.

Well, I have done it again and have bought another stake in Ripple Energy. Previously I bought 187 watts which are 10% of my annual energy use BUT with energy prices rocketing I think adding more is a good idea. So I have done an update to my Ripple Energy Review.

If this energy crisis teaches us anything it must be that we need to generate more green energy in the UK. Ripple Energy allows ordinary members of the public to pool together and co-own their own wind turbine. Read more about it in my original Ripple Energy review.

As well as helping to generate more green energy I am also thinking about saving costs. With energy prices skyrocketing generating your own energy you can sell to offset your own energy costs seems very attractive!

Well done to Sarah for winning the Green Business Leaders award 2021 at the Entrepreneur of the year awards last night! Well deserved!! 💚

If you would like to invest in Ripple Energy you can use my friend’s link. By using my Ripple Energy referral link Ripple will give you £25 credit to your bill when the wind farm starts operating. I will also get £25 credit on my bill as a thank you. (so if you use it that would be really great, thank you!) You can start sharing your code amongst friends once you have joined. Ripple Energy – Minimum investment £250 for the £25 credit to be applied.

ripple energy review