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It is a valid question. Who do you trust to save you money? Personally, if it was a choice between Martin Lewis, from Money Saving Expert, or the Government I would without doubt pick Martin every time. He has saved me thousands and I even got a cashback from a mis-sold endowment mortgage.  Yet I ignored him for years when he went on and on about switching energy provider.  Why? I didn’t think it was worth the effort for a few pounds. I just dismissed his advice and it appears I was not alone.

Misplaced Loyalty

A lot of people are loyal to the Big Six energy provider, as was I, and are afraid to try a smaller supplier. I was with British Gas for ten years. They offered me very little incentive to stay but I did.

The government I fear is adding to this misplaced loyalty by the introduction of the energy price cap. Customers feel I suspect, that as energy prices have been capped they are not overpaying for their energy but they are as explained by Martin Lewis this week.


The price cap came into effect on 1st April this year and was set at £1254.  The price cap will last for six months and Martin feels this has stopped people switching.  Consumers believe the price must be reasonable as it is capped BUT prices have dropped. Octopus Energy reduced their prices, as an example, from the 1st May 2019.   Some people will always pay more but who are the acceptable victims who should be allowed to overpay, Martin, asks?

Are you an acceptable victim?

Martin is right people who don’t take on-board advice and don’t even attempt to research will pay more but no one should overpay for energy. It is a valuable commodity we just can’t live without. The government price cap has added to the issue as people feel they can’t be taken advantage of but they quite obviously can.  No one should overpay for energy especially when it offers no additional benefits. It just adds to the profits of the supplier.

Fast forward to the 21st century

We have gadgets galore. iPhones, ipads, apps, smart TVs, doorbells which you can answer even when you’re miles away and yet the biggest commodity which all these run on we are ignoring. We have an abundance of wind, water, and sometimes sunshine in the UK. surely we can use this to power and technology to run our homes and reduce energy bills?  The answer is you can. Even without buying solar panels you can reduce your bill and take advantage of 100% renewable energy.

The planet is in crisis, we have people protesting on the streets to affect climate change and we have the technology as individuals to make the biggest impact on reducing our own carbon footprint by switching to 100% renewable energy.  We can wait for the government to act on both climate change and energy pricing but we can jump ship and go green at home. It takes just two minutes to switch to a new provider.

Cheaper bills and greener energy

There are several green energy suppliers in the UK most of whom would give the big six a run for their money in terms of pricing. We chose Octopus Energy as we loved its approach to renewables. They invest heavily in technology and not only offer cheaper tariffs than the big six but they reward their customers for using energy when there is less demand on the national grid making it even greener.

We opted for a super green tariff where we pay slightly more than their standard tariff to offset our gas supply.  They invest in carbon-neutral projects such as Renewable World.

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So how can Amazon Alexa save you money?

I asked who would you trust to save you money, the government, Martin Lewis or Alexa?  How does Alexa fit in?

Octopus Energy has teamed up with Amazon to become the first energy company to provide voice automation with Alexa to provide real-time energy pricing.

If you’re on the Agile tariff you will be able to use Amazon Alexa to find out when energy is at its cheapest.   (The Agile tariff tracks energy prices throughout the day. )  So using the voice automation provided by Amazon you could ask Alexa when prices are cheapest.

Alexa, ask Octopus when is electricity cheapest today?amazon and octopus energy

Based on this information you could turn on, for example, your washing machine or charge your devices when energy is at its cheapest. You can even automate this too!

I haven’t switched to Agile yet as we are on Super green but it may well be on the cards for us later this year. To go for the Agile tariff you need a SMETS 2 smart meter which we are waiting to roll out nationally.

Who do WE trust?

Without a doubt Martin Lewis. We also now, after almost a year with them, trust Octopus Energy and their CEO Greg Jackson.  Mr. Jackson personally resolved an issue we had when I emailed him several months ago. The firm is very transparent and open about their prices which is amazingly refreshing and more importantly, they are saving people money and helping to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.


How can I get a free cuddly Octopus from Octopus Energy?

octopus energy cashbackOnce you have signed up to Octopus Energy if you want to get your hands on a free cuddly Octopus they will send you one in the post, although it can take a few weeks depending on stock. Her name is Constantine. (I am not joking)

Borrow a free thermal imaging camera from Octopus Energy.

If you would like to borrow a thermal imaging camera to find out where the heat is escaping from your home or workplace you can request one here.

Spin to win.

Also, don’t forget you get a chance to win a cash prize when you enter your meter reading with “spin to win.” 


The Green Friday prize draw to win a funky green electric VW Beatle has now ended but keep an eye on their social media for more competitions. (The big competitions usually appear in your Octopus Energy dashboard)

Octopus Energy Refer a friend.

Once you have chosen to switch to Octopus Energy as a new customer using a referral link, you’ll be given £50 credit on your first bill and your own personal referral code to share with friends and families. For every person that switches with your code, you both get £50 credited towards your next bill. It takes just two minutes to switch and your code is effective immediately. (I would be delighted if you use mine to get you started, thank you!)

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Should I buy an Electric Vehicle ?

i want a resla


The UK should lead the global fight against climate change by cutting greenhouse gases to nearly zero by 2050, a report says.

The government has set a target date of 2040 beyond which conventional car sales will be banned. However, the committee says that deadline should be 2030.  So it seems that change is well and truly on its way.

An electric vehicle (EV) has been on my bucket list for a number of years.  It would be an ideal way of reducing my carbon footprint and fuel bill. A the moment I drive a diesel car.  I bought it when we were all being told by the government that it was the right thing to do.  Now they have committed to banning them. I feel quite stupid now but I am hoping that an electric car, will be a smart move.


I researched extensively before committing to any purchase. I got slightly sidetracked, however, when I spotted the new Tesla model 3. This EV seems to do significantly more miles than it’s competitors.  i want a reslaThe car can auto find you in a car park!!! I now have an image of me, like The Hoff and Kitt, suddenly swinging into Marks and Spencers.  The car pulling up and me jumping in with my meal for a £10.  This could be a reality!

I am not sure if it is quite yet in my budget but from the buzz on social media quite a few people have similar plans.


I am not sure that with UK roads being so different from those in the US I will get the change to call my car to pick me up. It would most likely get stuck on the roundabout in a massive line of traffic and I would have to walk home but I do see us all in the future driving electric vehicles.  The idea of a car that auto drives doesn’t really appeal to me that much. There are just too many things that could go wrong. but the car does seem to outperform others on miles per charge and that is very attractive


I think any car can contribute too pollution be it diesel, petrol or EV.  The car still has to be manufactured and once in use fuelled.  I think the key factor is how green your electricity supply is. Unless you have your own solar panels you will have to tap into the national grid to charge it.


I use 100% renewable energy at home.  I am with Octopus Energy who replace every kWh I take from the national grid with a kWh of renewable energy be it wind, solar or AD.  Octopus offers a tariff specifically for EV owners called Octopus Go.

Octopus Go is an electricity tariff with a bonkers cheap 5p / kWh rate for four hours every night (between 12.30 and 4.30am). It was designed with EV-angelists in mind as charging can be done very cheaply whist your asleep. This can help keep fuel costs to around 1p per mile.

If you lease a car with Octopus EV and take OctopusGo, Octopus Energy will credit 8000 miles to your energy contract. Top that with a £50 amazon voucher when you buy or lease an EV using my Octopus EV referral code OEV-SC579 and it all starts to look rather attractive.

For now, I will carry on cycling and saving my pennies but I do hope a Tesla ends up on my drive someday soon.

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biogas at home


When switching energy suppliers we wanted 100% renewable energy because we wanted to reduce our environmental impact. We had two green energy companies in mind both offering renewables. I could understand how my electricity could be renewable. The energy provider simply generates green energy and plugs it into the national grid. It replaces every kWh of energy I take from the grid with a kWh of renewable energy. Quite straight forward BUT how do they make my gas supply renewable?

The simple answer is they can’t. There is a carbon-neutral gas called biogas. Biogas is made by a process called anaerobic digestion. In the UK, however, there simply isn’t enough AD plants to generate the supply needed. One of the two energy suppliers we had selected stated it supplied 10% biogas to your gas fuel mix and 90% natural gas, the other 0% but they converted it to electricity. In order to offset your use of natural gas, they both invested in carbon reduction projects.

Here’s a map of all the AD plants in the UK.  I found it really interesting. My local authority seems to take our food waste and create biogas which I assume they then use locally. Some local authorities run public transport on it.

I found this video to be very helpful in understanding the process of generating biogas.


We decided to switch to Octopus Energy. They don’t supply biogas directly to their customers.  Instead, they produce and then burn biogas to generate electricity.  Octopus then sends this to the national grid.   The anaerobic digestion makes up 49% of Octopus’ renewable energy.  This allows them to produce energy even when the sun is not shining or the wind not blowing.  Octopus Energy offsets your gas use with carbon reduction projects. In their mix of waste, Octopus Energy does not include meat food or farm waste in their AD process, unlike some other suppliers.

So quite simply biogas can be made but not in large enough quantities. Well not yet anyway. The best we can do, if we need to use gas, is to switch to a green energy company who makes the best use of the biogas available and offsets any natural gas consumption with carbon reduction projects.


The main carbon offset project for Octopus Energy is through Renewable World. These guys tackle poverty through renewable energy.  They improve incomes, health and education in fuel-poor areas by introducing tech that’s driven by renewable energy.  Their projects empower local communities with innovation in clean energy tech. OCTOPUS ENERGY GAS RW’s clean energy hubs provide whole new careers and income streams in the communities they work with and return agency to local people and businesses who’ve been constrained by unreliable, high-polluting energy sources.

Funding from Octopus Energy carbon offsetting now goes directly towards Renewable World’s Global Programmes.

If you decide to switch to Octopus Energy you will get £50 credit on your first bill by using our link.

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