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Octopus Energy is spreading some Christmas cheer with their “Shoptopus”. Working with Ranpuni clothing Octopus are offering a selection of T-Shirts and hoodies along with tote bags with the slogan, “Gas Boilers Suck” 🤣

There’s something for all kids, big and small, with a toy Octo van and a Going Green with Constantine book.

Who are Ranpuni and why is the Shoptopus a good idea?

Ranpuni clothing has great eco-credentials. They only use organic cotton and are plastic-free. T-shirts are printed to order in the UK using water-based inks one at a time and in real-time, so there’s no waste from over-stocked designs and sizes. Their products are designed so they can be easily returned for recycling into new clothing. 👏  All the profits from the Shoptopus will be going to two brilliant charities: Renewable World and Papyrus. 💚

Why I have just bought a hoody.

octopus hoodie for saleI opted to buy a Power and Love hoody. I am a big Octopus fan and it will make me giggle when I see the logo staring back at me in the mirror but most importantly I like both of the charities Octopus are supporting.

There’s a lot of information on the Octopus website about Renewable World. If you are on the Octopus Super Green tariff you make a donation to Renewable World each month.

Papyrus is a charity I hadn’t heard of before, that aims to prevent young suicide.  I have spoken to young people a lot about suicide. I was in the national press, at one stage several years ago, because of my work.  It’s a subject people really don’t like to address. It is unimaginable that a young person would commit suicide but they do and we need to talk about it. More importantly, young people need to talk about it!

By buying my hoodie from the Shoptopus I will bring light into my own life and hopefully help someone else smile too. It is a subject very close to my heart. If you can help by buying something from the Shoptopus too that would be wonderful.

Well done Octopus, Happy Christmas!!

Visit the Shoptopus today.